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To provide the best project and resource management system in the world that is mobile, intuitive and connected to other products, at prices everyone can afford.

We strive to keep your ongoing eTrack costs low, provide outstanding support, to keep up with technology and develop a feature rich product that is one step ahead of your business requirements.


eTrack Products Pty. Ltd. is an Australian private company founded in February 1999 dedicated to develop, distribute and support the eTrack all-in-one portfolio, project and resource management application.

The company started as a project management system used by software companies and IT departments of banks and insurance companies etc. It included timesheets, job costing, scheduling and resource management as core functionality. It was an exciting time with much recognition from the Project Management Institute.

In 2003 eTrack was enhanced to cover core aspects of practice management (a superset of project management) that included account management, contact management, invoicing and QA/Governance.

In 2006, eTrack started selling to government departments including Audit Offices with hundreds of staff managing 1000 projects a year and invoicing $millions; the product quality and company maturity growing as a result.

During the relatively quiet GFC of 2008 eTrack’s features were significantly extended to cover new demands of ERP, Portfolio, Resource and Project Managers such as document & file management, contract administration and the technology platform was updated.

In 2012 the eTrack cloud based solution was established and extensively taken up, particularly by Macintosh users.

2013 saw the launch of built in Email and the intuitive creation of Dashboards.

Today, eTrack is mature, complete, robust and fast! eTrack Products Pty Ltd is growing rapidly in many countries and is committed to fulfilling the ever demanding needs of a portfolio, project and resource management system.

Development Path

The key development activities include the following.

  • Enhancements to be fully Intuitive with ultimately no training costs.
  • Development of smart phone and mobile apps.
  • Calendar integration with third party products.
  • Further integrate reporting with document management to give you powerful control of your outputs.
  • Enhanced documentation, training videos and e-learning.
  • Extend Value added inclusions such as project, invoice and document templates, QA checklists and custom reports, graphs and dashboards.

eTrack is proud that its core team is the same as when it was founded in 1999. We have all put a large part of our life into eTrack and are committed and excited to see it grow and strive towards becoming the defacto standard around the world!

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