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eTrack Email Release

At last, after much anticipation, eTrack releases built in Email. This means staff are encouraged to have eTrack open all day and in the same program have the practice management tools to track time, budgets, resources, documents, contacts, quality and financials.

eTrack launches into India, Africa and Namibia

eTrack is very pleased to formally partner with CNJ IT Services and Empowered Security Labs Pvt Limited in Jayanagar, Bangalore to promote and support eTrack throughout India. “India’s vast and growing corporate world is in desperate need of a quality, mature resource management system and we see eTrack the perfect solution” says Saj Champanadi Jayapalan, CNJ IT Director.
eTrack makes sales to Architects in South Africa and the fast developing Windhoek, capital of Namibia.

eTrack sells to Chevron

The giant oil and gas company Chevron USA in Houston Texas has purchased eTrack for use by Dynamic Angola LLC on their 600 personnel floating ‘hotels’ off the coast of Angola.

eTrack Engineering Release

eTrack has collated the key features commissioned by engineers over the years into a new Product available to all new Engineering firms. This provides an ‘out of the box’ solution tailored perfectly to Engineers and Engineering consulting firms.

Xero Interface

eTrack now interfaces to the cloud based Xero accounting system. Simply click Export on the eTrack Invoice tab to export a file that is automatically made available in your Xero.