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eTrack’s Document and File Management is a general repository for any ‘document’ such as Contracts, Certificates, Pro formas, Policies, Procedures, Drawings, Emails, Letters, Faxes, Specifications, Reports etc.

eTrack indexes and references your existing file system so no changes are required.

Key Benefits

  • No change to your existing filing system required.
  • Built in word editor.
  • Create templates and insert database fields, custom reports and graphs.
  • Easy emailing of documents with full audit trail and transmittal.
  • Easy navigation and powerful search by any item in the eTrack tree.

Document Management

Whatever you search for or select in the eTrack tree, you can view the documents associated with that item and everything under it.  For example all documents to do with a Client, a Job, a Supplier, an individual, or a custom group of Documents.   Alternatively you can search for any document in the system by number or any part of the name.   You can then filter, sort and edit the documents.

Document Management tab

Edit Documents

eTrack has a built in document editor. Insert text, images, tables, headers and footers. You can quickly insert common fields and there is an advanced page to insert any field from the database. You can also insert custom reports and graphs.

When a document is created, all inserted fields and reports are automatically populated. These are then locked but can also be refreshed.

Documents editor


Folder and File Management

Document Templates Workflow

An important benefit of eTrack is that it works with your existing folders and files on your file server.   You will still be able to access your files on the server.


When a project is created, folders are created on your file server depending on the project template selected.   Documents are typically created from an eTrack template and stored in eTrack and on your existing file server.   The location under a project on the file server can be pre-defined for each document template.  Existing files can also be attached and managed in the same way as internally created documents.  When an attached file is opened, the relevant program is launched to edit it.

Version Control

Some document types may benefit from simple sequential version control. For these documents, each time it is edited, its status is changed to locked and the currently logged in person, date/time are recorded. Other staff can not edit this document (via eTrack) until it is replaced and ‘unlocked’, either by the same person or the administrator.

A version number is assigned to each revision of the document.


eTrack has powerful workflow. Predefined workflows can be designed as templates with previous and next steps and security provided on who can approve a step.  Different workflows can be associated with different document types or any other type in etrack such as jobs, opportunities, issues and risks etc.