To provide a practice management system that meets business needs at a price everyone can afford.

We strive to keep your ongoing eTrack costs low, provide outstanding support, to keep up with technology and develop a feature rich product that is one step ahead of your business requirements.

Product History

eTrack Products Pty. Ltd. is an Australian private company founded in February 1999 dedicated to develop, distribute and support the eTrack project, practice and resource management application.

eTrack started as a project management system used by software companies and IT departments of banks, insurance and superannuation companies and included timesheets, budgeting, scheduling and resource management. 

In 2003 Architects and other Building Professionals started to use eTrack and it was enhanced to include practice management requirements (a super-set of project management) that included invoicing, contact management (CRM) and Quality Assurance/Governance.

Between 2006 and 2008, eTrack sold to government departments including Audit Offices with hundreds of staff managing 1000 projects a year and invoicing $millions; the product quality and company growing as a result.

During the relatively quiet GFC of 2008 eTrack’s features were significantly extended to cover new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) demands such as document and file management, contract administration and the technology platform was updated.

In 2012 the eTrack cloud based solution was established with all functionality available remotely from anywhere in the world.

2013 saw the launch of the Built in Email module and the intuitive creation of Dashboards.

Between 2014 and today all modules have been enhanced to provide the depth of functionality, seamless integration, performance, robustness and scope required by modern day businesses. All modules have been in production and continuously enhanced for over 5 years and so are very mature and proven by many industry types.

We have also dramatically reduced the deployment, setup and training times and invested heavily in doing all we can to reduce your whole of life costs by eliminating in most cases server, database licences and most IT costs if installed locally.

eTrack is growing and continuing to develop at a faster rate than ever before:

  • Expanding the functionality of its Smartphone ‘app’.
  • Extending dashboards into true Business Intelligence.
  • Seamlessly linking all modules together to provide common user scenarios.
  • Further improving the intuitiveness to reduce the startup time.
  • Providing utilities and intelligent support for our international resellers.

eTrack is proud that its core team is the same as when it was founded in 1999. We have all put a large part of our life into eTrack and are committed and excited to see it grow and be used around the world.