Why eTrack is Uniquely Flexible

In many cases an out-of-the-box configuration is recommended as proven and stable and easy to support.  However, if you can’t find a product suitable for your specific industry that uses your terminology, structure and granularity then eTrack is perfect.

All software is ‘configurable’ but eTrack’s claim goes beyond the norm.   You can start with a blank canvas and design your own ‘meta-model’ through the user interface with no code changes using eTrack’s built in ‘Configurator’.

This is possible thanks to an object design that extends the power of a standard SQL relational database.   Instead of database tables being called staff, client, project, eTrack has tables representing Object and Relationship.   You define any ‘object’ you like and how they ‘relate’.

This is much more like the real world.  For example, ‘client’ and ‘supplier’ are actually relationships and in eTrack they are represented as Companies.  The same Company may be a client and a supplier.  Similarly, a ‘Contact’ may be a manager to one company and a board member of another.  In eTrack you enter the contact details of the Company and Contact once and enter other information about their ‘relationships’.

To try and show just how flexible this is, consider this fun example of tracking a wedding and have a think about how eTrack may be configured for your business.

The Wedding Tracker

You’re getting married, everyone is talking and there is already a ton of information so you decide to use eTrack Cloud to track everything.

You start with a clean eTrack and create objects called venue, wedding party, guest, gift, table. Then track contact details and correspondence with potential venues, food suppliers and car rentals.  Enter all budgets and track actual costs and who you have paid.   Design relationships such as who can (and can’t!) sit with who, who brought which gift and guest information such as ‘bride or groom’, dietary requirements or travel details.  Keep track of tasks and who is assigned with due datesDocument the speeches and file wedding dress photos (with appropriate security of course!) and create ‘on the day’ checklists.  Track all related emails and create tasks from them.

You get the idea.  Writing this I’m not sure how I did it without eTrack!