Why use the eTrack Practice Management System

  • Keep a step ahead of your competition.
  • Aspire to be a “Best Practice” firm that your employees will be proud of.
  • Invoice everything, accurately so you can decide whether invoiced or ‘goodwill’.
  • Maintain a high level of auditable Quality Assurance
  • Minimise bad debts thanks to accurate, detailed invoices.
  • See who your profitable clients are over multiple projects.
  • Systemise your office to so you can grow.
  • Graphically ensure staff are fully utilised.
  • Immediately see the effect of changes to projects and staffing on other projects and staff.
  • Maximise staff productivity by minimising task switching thanks to clear graphical schedules
  • Build a knowledge base of everything.
  • Be able to sleep at night with nothing to ‘remember’ and no sticky notes.

Evaluation Checklist

To help you identify and collate your requirements please download the Evaluation Checklist.xls and edit it to match what is important to your company.

Key Benefits

There are many benefits of using the eTrack all-in-one practice management system. Some key benefits follow to help you with your business case.

Priced so all staff can use it at the same time

Practice Management software is a companion tool, allowing all staff to quickly view their schedule, enter time and disbursements, consult and tick off QA Tasks, send a document, look up a contact number or add correspondence. With no need to continually log on and off (as with concurrent licences) staff are motivated to use the system fully.

Future Proof

eTrack can be installed locally or hosted in the cloud.   It can be used with both Windows/PCs and Macintosh computers.   The backend is a Microsoft SQL Server database capable of supporting almost unlimited growth.

World class scheduling, resource management and forecasting

eTrack’s flagship feature is its world class scheduling and resource management, without which a practice management tool would not be complete.   Manage a portfolio of projects and different groups of resources on one screen.   Schedules are automatically updated from Timesheets and resource allocations and utilisations are dynamically updated from the schedules.    View forecast hours or budgets by day, week or month.

Contract Administration

Contract Administration is integrated throughout the core eTrack product.  On one screen you can separately track the construction budget and the architect budget. Construction tasks and milestones can be scheduled, and registers maintained of RFIs, Adjustments of time and money, Progress Claims, Defects etc, all integrated with document and file management.

Portfolio of Reports and Graphs

eTrack has collated an extensive library of custom reports and graphs which are included complementary.   You can edit the reports, build your own, create graphs, drill down, group, sort, filter, print and export to excel pivot tables and dashboards.

Quality Assured by Government Audit Offices

The quality, maturity and robustness of eTrack is proven by large Government Audit Offices who provide stringent testing and quality control.

Longevity of support

eTrack is a long term investment and you need to know we’ll be there for you for years to come.   After 15+ years, with 5000 users in both public and private sector firms in 8 countries across a multiple industries, eTrack has proved it can continue to grow in this uncertain world.

Designed by 1000 architects

eTrack was not designed by a few individual architects but by continuously discussing requirements with many 1000’s architects over 15 years.   Extremely good software analysts have skilfully captured these requirements and continuously improve eTrack as demands and technologies change.

Australian made with support from original developers

eTrack is fully developed and supported in Australia and its core developers have been with the company since the start in 1999.    As a customer you have access to these developers when required for support and design of new customisations.