For a practice management tool to be successful in a company it needs to be quickly available to all staff all of the time.   By encouraging use, a tipping point occurs where it soon becomes the source of truth and used by all staff.   For this to happen every staff member has their own Licence (staff do not need to log out to free up a Licence for someone else as in the case of concurrent Licences).

Licence Types

Each staff member using eTrack has their own Licence. The price of each user licence depends on a) the Licence Type and b) the Additional Modules.

a) The standard Licence Types are…

  • User – all features used by core staff.
  • Manager – all User features plus create and manage projects and budgets.
  • Administrator – access to everything including security and setup (minimum of 1).

b) The Additional Modules are…

The features included in each Licence Type and Additional Module are shown in the tables below.

  • Each person has their own Licence.
  • Maintenance is included in the Licence Fee as defined here.
  • The Licence fee is per annum and can be paid annually or quarterly.
  • More Licences may be purchased at any time, one at a time.
  • Upgrades to licence types are charged at the difference in the Licence prices.
  • Other Licence Types may be configured to fit your needs and budget, please contact eTrack to discuss.
  • Each year you only pay for the Licences you are using depending on how business is going.

There is no contract, you can stop paying at anytime…and if you do stop paying, we will NEVER stop you accessing the data you have entered and you can reactivate at any time.

If you do wish to stop using eTrack, if installed locally all features and reports you have purchased will still be available forever, but you will not have write access to the database. If accessed in the cloud you will have read access for 3 months or can pay a small annual fee to have ongoing read access. You can renew the subscription at any time to restore write access.

We are proud of our prices and believe them to be very competitive. Prices are not displayed at the request of re-sellers. Please contact eTrack for a quote by emailing [email protected].

Licence Type Features

User Licence
eTrack is designed to be open all day like email. Staff view assigned work and schedules, enter timesheets and disbursements, look up contact details, add correspondence, complete QA checklists and in general view and record the progress of work.
View Work
  • View all work and admin tasks
  • Read Only view of Schedules (if purchased)
  • Powerful Search across all information
  • Enter Timesheets and add Comments
  • View and optionally update Hours to Complete
  • Approve Timesheets (security protected)
  • Track Flexi-Leave (optional)
  • Time Capture to auto populate Timsheets
  • Track Disbursements
  • Enter Disbursements directly into Timesheet and view against project (for invoicing) and person (for reimbursement).
Contact Management
  • Find and update all Contact Details: Clients, Consultants, Councils, Suppliers...
  • Synchronise with Microsoft Outlook
Update Progress
  • Record Correspondence & Progress Notes
  • Complete QA Tasks and checklists
  • Raise and track Issues, Risks and Assets (configurable)
  • Attach Documents
  • Run all allowed Reports (configurable)
  • Export to Excel, PDF, HTML etc
Manager Licence
Used by managers to create projects, define tasks, budgets and checklists and prepare quotes and proposals. Resources are assigned with estimated hours and compared with percentage based estimates. Margins and variations are tracked and adjustments made.
Includes all User Licence Features above. Create Projects and Variations
  • Create Projects from Templates
  • Prepare Proposals
  • Define all types of Job Costing including fixed Price, % based, fixed resources, time based, lump sum.
  • Create QA Tasks, Checklists and Registers.
  • Define unlimited data fields.
Track Progress and Update Plans
  • Approve Timesheets
  • Track KPIs: forecast, variance, margin, profit, unbilled work, WIP.
  • Auto update of estimates from timesheets
  • Manage Variations
  • Run all Reports and optionally graph display
  • View and interact with Dashboards
  • Sort, filter, group and apply run time selection criteria
  • Export to Excel, PDF and HTML for use in Sharepoint etc
Administrator Licence
Administrators create new people and maintain their security and create custom reports. They perform upgrades and configure the system guided by business owners and eTrack support. They may also maintain contacts and manage interfaces with other applications.
Includes all User & Manager Features  General Admin
  • Create Staff with login and passwords
  • Define Charge and Cost Rates & rate tables.
  • Setup Calendars for staff and company
  • Maintain powerful Security.
  • Define pick lists and reference data
  • Setup email Alerts
  • Define unlimited Information fields
  • Define unlimited Registers of anything
  • Define document templates
System Maintenance
  • Import contacts etc
  • Run Maintenance to upgrade eTrack, perform health checks and backup and restore database etc.
  • Install eTrack for new people.
  • Configure terminology and structures
Create Reports
  • Create your own reports with built in Report Writer
  • Create Graphs
  • Create Dashboards and share with staff

Additional Module Features

Scheduling and Resource Management
eTrack flagship feature is its world class scheduling and resource management, completely integrated with timesheets and budgets. This module provides full access to view one or multiple projects and your resource assignments and utilisation on the screen at the same time - great for planning a project and monitoring the availability and utilisation of staff.
  • Assign resources: Staff, Roles & Equipment.
  • Plan Schedules graphically
  • Define dependencies and milestones
  • Save multiple Baselines
  • View timesheet entries graphically
  • Auto update schedule from Timesheets.
Resource Management
  • View total hours allocated to each staff member
  • Expand to see what they are working on
  • Chose hours/day, hours or days/week resolutions
  • Show $ forecasts of both schedules and resources
  • Easy view of Resource over allocations in red
  • Real time update as timesheets entered and schedules are changed.
  • View future utilisation across resource groups
  • View past utilisation based on timesheets
Account Management and Invoicing
eTrack's Account Management and Invoicing Module is fully featured and very easy to use. Managers typically prepare invoices by viewing unbilled WIP and entering the invoice $, write off and adjustment amounts. Finance or book keepers may generate the invoices, print and track payments. Invoices may then be exported to accounting packages such as MYOB, Xero and other accounting packages.
Account Management
  • Plan Fee Schedules (Payment Plans)
  • View all time and disbursements
  • Enter $ or % invoice amounts
  • Enter write-offs
  • Add adjustments for fees in advance etc.
  • Create invoices in Excel populated from eTrack
  • Use standard or create your own templates.
  • Batch print Invoices
  • Create Credit Notes
  • Search invoices by #, Client, Project, Batch, Approved etc
  • Track payments and days outstanding
  • Export to Accounting Packages such as Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks and other accounting and Financial Management Systems.
Contract Administration
Integrated throughout eTrack are features to support contract administration. If security allows, staff can search and create RFIs, certificates, instructions, defects etc. Managers can create adjustments of time and fees and separately track construction and project budgets on one screen.
  • Progress Reports
  • RFI
  • Contract Instructions
  • Adjustments of Time
  • Contract Sum Adjustments
  • Defects
  • Certificates
  • Progress Claims
Construction Budget
  • Construction budget tracked separately to Project budget
  • Adjustment of Sums and $ summed and summarised on main project screen
  • Track Retention
Construction Project
  • Define Construction Project and Stages
  • Define and track Milestones and Dates
Document and File Management
This module includes document and file management. Create documents from templates with mail merge or attach documents. Save and manage files on your existing file server without changes.
  • Repository of all Documents eg. drawings, certificates, letters, contracts
  • Create Document Templates
  • Built in Microsoft Word style editor
  • Save documents to existing File Server
  • Attach files already on your File Server
  • Sort, search and group Documents
  • Create folders on your file server when a project is created
  • Automatically store Documents in defined folders
  • Copy file to secure area when document is created
Built in Email
Email can be sent and received inside eTrack by automatically polling your existing email system. Attachments are automatically filed and references made to all relevant work items, contacts and documents. Approve emails before sending and maintain a transmittal of every email sent and received.
Import Emails
  • Auto import emails from Outlook, Exchange, Google,
  • Apple Mail, Microsoft Entourage, SMTP, IMAP etc.
  • Auto reference to eTrack tree
  • Auto file Attachments
  • Auto reference sender and project
  • Auto reference to eTrack tree depending on user defined keywords in email subject
  • Define your own categories
Send Emails
  • Send emails from inside eTrack
  • Simple selection of contacts and documents relevant to project
  • Auto save references to project, document, To: Copy: Sender
  • User defined signatures
  • Very fast search of every email sent and received
  • Show all emails relevant to any branch of the eTrack tree
  • Search and filter by Categories