Release Type Reference Area Summary Description
949 Issue E#1200 Timesheets Timesheet Status email notification There is a new system user called Service Account that us added with the 949 eTrackconsole upgrade. It appears in the tree under eTrack Settings. When selected in the Tree all the options under My Settings are hidden except for Email. MANUAL STEPS Please configure an email account for the Service Account user. This account will be used for timesheets notifications if the timesheet user does not have an email account. Warning: If the timesheet user does not have an email account and the Service Account email account is also not configured then the timesheet notification will not send (there is no error). Timesheet notifications are not lost though and will all be sent once the Service Account is configured.
948.9 Issue E#790 Expenses/Disbursements Person Expenses tab Enhancements to Expense or Reimbursables tab on a Staff Member: • List updates correctly when start or end date are changed. • Filters are always shown (previously hidden if no expenses to list). • Fixed the total row display glitch when adding a new expense. • Changed so after adding a new expense, the grid scrolls to bottom of the list and select newly added expense.
948.5 Issue E#1006 Invoices Supplier Invoice tax and total calculation On the Supplier invoice screen, in the expenses table the Tax and Total columns are now correctly calculated using Cost and not Charge.
948.5 Issue E#1114 Documents Documents move and copy corrections (including copy revision) Fix for errors when moving documents.Fix for Revision getting created with no file extension. This was happening with documents where Tree name did not have file extension and so the revision file name did not have file extension.Disabled Cut, Copy and Move To for revisions.Proper handling of these cases when using right-click > cut and paste • when user tries to move a document to itself• when user tries to move a document to the same location• when document is moved from one job part to another then back againMove To will now show an error like Paste if the linked file does not exist and will not move the document
948.4 Issue E#355 Invoices Invoice Percent Calculation When creating an invoice entry in the Accounts on a Fixed Price work item that has Expenses with Add to Price NOT ticked, eTrack correctly calculates the invoice% for the entered invoice$ and vice versa.
948.12 Issue E#1012 Transmittals Transmittals Contact Type can now be selected from a dropdown. If the contact is in the project contacts table it will default to what is selected there, if anything. Changed right-click > Add Contact so Find does not auto run. Fixed error when opening transmittal document (cover letter) for editing.
948.12 Issue E#1245 Notes Progress Notes Spellcheck and Editing tools The Tools ribbon is now available in Progress Notes. This includes Spell check whose icon is AB in a Tick on the right of the ribbon. SETUP. To Set up please do the following. a) Logon as anyone (you only need to do this with one person’s login) b) Select any Job and the Details icon. c) Click Add Progress Note bottom right d) Type a nonsense word e) Click Spell Check AB icon in tick to the right of the ribbon. f) Click Options button in dialog that pops up. g) Select Language tab and in Language Settings select English (Australian)
948.10 Issue E#1048 Timesheets ‘Update Timesheet Status’ utility skips over empty timesheet weeks This utility has been enhanced so that it updates the status / lock for all weeks in the given date range whether or not an entry exists in the Timesheet table of the database. Previously it would only update the weeks for which a table entry has been created (that occurs when that week is opened in the Timesheet). The change allows future timesheets to be locked preventing staff from booking hours until such time that they are unlocked.
948 Issue E#1098 Utilities Recycle Bin changes When deleting a project eTrack will first check if there are timesheets and / or expenses associated with any work items under it. If none, the project is deleted with its structure preserved (this makes it easier to restore). Otherwise the user is warned that there are timesheets / expenses that are preventing the deletion to proceed. The user must either move the timesheets/expenses to another project or delete them then try again to delete the project. This prevents the problems with reports showing different results depending if Timesheet based or Work Breakdown Structure (ie. ‘Tree’) based.
947.33 Issue E#1164 Accounts Prebill and Adjustment Type displayed. Prebill Adjustments are those created for Time Based work (Not FP) when an Invoice $ greater than the ‘Unbilled Charge (WIP)’ is entered. The Adjustment is automatically decremented as new Time is booked until it reaches $0 when it is removed. This requires [Options]Prebill=1 in eTrack Settings. The Adjustment name in Accounts changes so the user can see what type of adjustment it is: Adjustment Prebill Adjustment DM Adjustment DM Prebill Adjustment
947.25 Issue E#631 Utilities Print / Export to PDF Fixed issue when using Classic Print that the last few rows of data were missing. This was happening in reports and Print button in Accounts.
947.24 Issue E#111 Notes Notify button on Progress Notes Enhanced this feature so that it can be used in both hosted and local installations (previously only functional if local). It now utilises the built in Email functionality and is thus only available for databases where the email feature is enabled. Changed the Notify dialog into an Email dialog and renamed the Notify button to Email. The button was missing from the Notes tab and has been put back. A note can be emailed to another user – the email address of the selected recipient is shown as read-only text so the user knows where it will be sent. The notification date defaults to but can be changed to a future date. This date can be appended to the email subject – the checkbox to include date in subject is ticked by default. When a note is emailed to another user, that note is added to the recipients Notes screen on the specified notification date. There was an issue where notes did not get added until the next day and this was fixed (by removing time from notification date/time).
947.20 Issue E#1083 Timesheets Timesheet Robustness Improvements Changes to the process of adding timesheet entries to improve usability and ensure duplicate entries are not created.
947.2 Issue E#460 Invoices E#460 Invoice Due Date and Days Overdue Added a new column to the Invoices screen for Due Date and matching invoice template #tag ##INVOICE##DueDateFromInvoiceTab. Due Date is editable and defaults to Invoice Date plus N where N is the terms in days defined in eTrack Settings under [Options] InvoicePaymentTermsInDays=N. If the setting does not exist N defaults to 14. Please log out and in again for eTrack Settings to take effect.The column Days Outstanding has been renamed to Days Overdue and the calculation now uses Due Date (previously used Invoice Date).
946.4 Issue E#1119 Documents Document Performance improvements General changes to improve performance of the Document tab and the Document Link Utility.
946.1 Issue E#1110 Email Company email field not linked to card Fixed issue where updating the Email field of a contact was not being reflected in the Business Card display.
946 Issue E#519 Security Prevented Explore in tree that could be a security risk The following changes have been made:• removed the \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
944.5 Issue E#855 Reports Reports with Whole Office setting ticked are now hidden in the Gallery if the report is inactive.
944.2 Issue E#833 Invoices Corrected the date format on Import comments in the invoice note to be dd/mm/yyyy.
944.1 Issue E#668 Email Resolved two causes of Emails getting stuck in the eTrack Outbox. This is in addition to various other preventative measures added in prior releases. 1. When using distribution lists eTrack will resolve the email address before sending and show a warning if it cannot.
2. Resolved problem of forwarding an email where the attachment was open. Also now prompts to save when attaching a file that is open and handles opening multiple attachments with same name
Previous fixes are a) increased timeout and made configurable b) separated Send All from Outbox from background sync c) show warning if cannot connect to eTrackTasks d) if cannot connect will send directly e) added more options to Send and Receive menu.
944.1 Issue E#668 Email Emails no longer get stuck in the Outbox.
944.1 Issue E#712 Reports Fixes for Sample Dashboards and fix for sharing Dashboards.To share a dashboard, select the tab and click Tools and Share button.
944.1 Issue E#762 Reports Fixed black areas in grouped reports
944.1 Issue E#792 Accounts Removed the value of 1 in Actual Hours column of Accounts tab for expenses.
944.0 Issue E#338/E#209 Timesheets Resolved a multi user issue in the Timesheet and Accounts
944.0 Issue E#764 General The Document subtabs have been changed from all being ‘Details’ to appropriate names.
943.7 Issue E#506 Reports Grouped Reports now correctly show the Group Name when printed
943.6 Issue Info Items Fix for unnecessary Mandatory field prompt when selecting \'Find ...\' in a dropdown.
943.6 Issue Invoices Fixed Invoice Details Report run (by right-clicking in the Invoice tab) showing random numbers when the work item/person it refers to doesn\'t exist.
943.6 Issue Reports Reports in the Report Gallery with an ampersand (&) in their name now display correctly.
943.56 Issue E#769 General The Fee Type selection on the Project Budget tab no longer overwrites the price.
943.54 Issue E#515/E#714 General After creating a new project the Price Structure table now refreshes correctly to show the Stage.
943.5 Issue General Fixed incorrect Active/Inactive symbols used in Instant find (top left search bar).
943.48 Issue E#425 Email Select an attachment on an email in eTrack and select File Under and it correctly prompts for a location to save the attachment.
943.48 Issue E#425 Email With an Email selected in the Email tab, clicking on New RFI will create an RFI in eTrack and a folder on the file server and save any email attachments to it. You have the choice of opening the RFI to complete and print and email back.
943.42 Issue B#943 Email Dramatically reduced the time to preview an Invoice.
943.36 Issue E#180 Email The correct contacts now appear when reply or forward an Email in eTrack.
943.32 Issue Tree Changes to Profile Picture now persist.
943.32 Issue Tree Stopped Favourites returning after being removed.
943.32 Issue E#184 Reports Fixed error that occurred when adding a field to a report via right-click > add field from report results or after accessing the report editor via the Edit button in the Gallery.
943.32 Issue GapK Documents When exporting a Document from the Documents tab, when selecting Yes to exporting latest revisions, some documents were being excluded from the list exported. This has been resolved
943.32 Issue GapK Documents When using ‘Create PDF from File’, in some circumstances MS Word makes changes to a document when Saving As PDF. This would cause the “Save As” dialog to appear even though no changes were made to the document content. This no longer happens.
943.3 Issue Documents When a linked document is opened, eTrack will launch the application associated with the extension. Previously this stayed behind eTrack but now the application is brought to the foreground.
943.3 Issue Documents eTrack now supports linked Documents that have a file path longer than 260 characters.
943.3 Issue E#532 Utilities DLU now handles apostrophes in Project Names.
943.29 Issue E#120 Accounts Changed so that after creating an invoice entry the Accounts do not collapse down to just the project.
943.20 Issue E#520 Documents Have fixed issues with the Document Find, specifically using the Find with the following ‘popular’ fields: Document #, Created Date, Job #, Document Template Type, Document File Type, Subject / Name, Author, Revision.
943.20 Issue E#520 Documents If Exporting documents where the local computer has no access to the document, the export was continuing and saying it had exported even if it couldn’t find the file. Now, If the export fails, an error message appears immediately (with the reason for the failure) and halts the export. So even if the issue was caused by something other than an issue with file access, an appropriate error message should now appear.
943.20 Issue E#520 Documents Improved the warning messages that appear if Microsoft Word is not able to be opened.
943.20 Issue E#520 Documents When a tree item is selected, Documents in any branch anywhere under the selection are now displayed. This is many times faster than it was previously. (Limits to 1000 documents). Note: Use Find ‘Directly Under Selection’ for the original behaviour.
943.19 Issue EC#5959 / E#122 Utilities Resolved issue with duplicate Projects being created on the file server when add a link to a file from a tree node under the Project.
943.16 Issue EC#5973 / EC#5892 / E#122 Info Items Fixed a bug when using the mouse wheel to scroll in a Memo field.
943.15 Issue E#351 Schedule Fixed Schedule error that occurred when right-clicking on Current Staff or a Project and select Schedule.
943.15 Issue E#351 Schedule Fixed error that would occur when selecting the little Details tab in Schedule and back to the little Schedule tab.
943.1 Issue E#298 Utilities The Document Link Utility now logs errors and continues processing other projects so no longer gets stuck. The performance of the DLU has also been improved.
941.1 Issue E#319 Reports Fixed Month and Year options in the gallery date selector dialog so that choosing another specific date deselects the previously selected one.
941.1 Issue E#341 Timesheets A rare issue where Timesheet cells could reappear after being set to 0 using the keyboard has been resolved.
940.9 Issue E#316 Reports The default Date Range for Reports where Date Range Criteria is on has been changed from ‘This Financial Year’ to ‘Last Month’, mainly for performance reasons. To change the default of custom Reports please find the Report in the tree. Then in the Report Details, click Date Criteria tab and change the ‘Default Date’ dropdown.
940.9 Issue EC#5990 / E#183 Reports Many errors have been resolved by fixing an issue when windows were resized. The errors occurred for example when moving the divider between the tree and tabs or opening Help etc. after running Reports.
940.2 Issue E#160 Reports The Payroll Report (or Staff Hours by Cost Centre) now will print the selected Start/End dates.
940.14 Issue E#337 Documents The Edit, Print and Email buttons in the Document tab are all now working and have help tips.
940.12 Issue Tree You can refresh the tree by clicking any item in the tree and pressing F5 (or right-click > Refresh). Now when a Refresh is done, all fields, Assignees, Contacts (and other Relationships) are fully refreshed. Previously only a partial refresh was done.
940.12 Issue E#192 Reports Fixed error when select Printer Settings in Report Gallery. Note: it may take a little while to display while it generates the preview.
940.12 Issue EC#6074 Expenses/Disbursements The Expenses tab on a Staff Member now has the ability to filter by Entry Type (e.g. Travel, Tolls or Printing) and show totals. Right-click on an Entry Type and select Filter by ‘selected item’. There is also a ‘Clear Filter’ option in the right click menu.
940.109 Issue EC#3703 Accounts Fixed an error in Invoice Entry Notes, they now save, display and are editable
940.07 Issue E#302 Accounts Fixed invoicing error where no links were created on fixed priced invoices in engineering databases.
940.0 Issue Invoices If you would like the Invoice Number to be generated as soon as the Invoice is created (when Create Invoices is clicked in Accounts) then turn this feature on. Currently the Invoice Number is generated in the Invoices tab when an Invoice is Printed or Exported (provided an invoice number hasn\'t been manually entered). You now have the option for Invoice Number to be generated at invoice creation without having to print or export. This Invoice Number can be edited until the invoice is printed or exported after which the invoice is locked, as now. If < project >.N numbering is used then when deleted, the same number will be reused.If global numbering is used then then when deleted, the same number will be skipped but it can be reused by changing Next Invoice Number in Settings.To set on expand Setup in the tree and double click eTrack Settings. Scroll down to find [Options] and add a new row: AlwaysCreateInvoiceNo=1Click Save and then click another item in the tree. Logout and in again for the change to take effect.
939.8 Issue B#601 Settings Added Reset button to Invoice Numbering settings so that Next Invoice Number is only saved when specifically reset to another number and not just by visiting the screen.
939.36 Issue Documents Added ability to Cut, Copy and Paste a Document in the tree so that it also deletes, copies or moves a corresponding linked file on the file server. To use, right click on a Document in the tree and select Edit > … Previously a copied Document in eTrack would point to the original Document.
939.25 Issue E#129 Accounts Fixed an issue where links from an Invoice to Timesheet entries can go missing with Time Based Invoices when using Invoice % field in Accounts.
939.23 Issue EC#5888 / E#50 Settings In Settings/Navigation, deleting a Navigator no longer has an error.
939.22 Issue EC#5939 / EC#6114 / E#103 Reports Report results correctly reflect date range selected in new date filter.
939 Issue EC#5552 / E#92 Performance In some cases eTrack had created thousands of lookup entries Tax Code and Planning Tasks. You may not have been aware but it caused a significant performance issue.
938.3 Issue EC#5222 / E#36 Accounts There are various occasions you may wish to prebill time based work before the work is done, i.e. before there is enough WIP. Previously this was done with manual Adjustments and Write Offs. This can now be done with Prebill. With Prebill on (see below) you can enter any Invoice $ you wish and if it is more than the To Bill, an Adjustment is automatically created for the difference. When further time is booked to the item, the Adjustment is decremented and To Bill only starts increasing once the Adjustment reaches $0. To set on expand Setup in the tree and double click eTrack Settings. Scroll down to find [Options] and add a new row: Prebill=1 Click Save and then click another item in the tree. Logout and in again for the change to take effect.
931.05 Issue GR#384 Email Issue with \'Reply All\' including sender as recipient has been resolved.
931.05 Issue GR#386 Email Issue encountered by some users with \'Sort By Date\' not working properly has been resolved.
931.03 Issue EC#5988 Schedule Issue some users were experiencing upon exiting eTrack after editing the Schedule has been resolved.
930.29 Issue EC#5895 Info Items If Type Setting 82 is on, the items of that Type will not appear in the search results. However in the find dialog, when the Type is selected, items of that type will be listed despite Type Setting 82.
930.26 Issue EC#5952 Reports Issue some users were experiencing when Printing Weekly Expenses via Timesheet has been resolved
930.16 Issue EC#5592 Tree Expand option in the Search bar has been enabled. To use, click on arrow which appears next to the items in the results. By clicking the arrow and expanding you are able to see item details e.g. Project Manager, Stage, and Job.
930.16 Issue EC#5876 Tree The issue that was appearing for some users when selecting an item from the instant Find results has been resolved. Results displayed are now limited to 300 items.
930.16 Issue EC#5931 Settings When editing User Accounts, changes to details are now persistent for each individual user
930.16 Issue EC#5953 Accounts Account Sheet now refreshes to reflect changes to Project. (e.g. budget changes)
930.16 Issue None Email Significant email performance improvement. Including: - Speed of displaying Inbox is faster, - Improved category filtering, and - Settings > User Accounts is now linked to the selected resource. - switching between emails loads quicker
930.11 Issue EC#5455 Project Details The correct relationship is created when an individual contact is selected as the Client on a project
929.2 Issue EC#5876 General Fixed error that appeared when selecting an item from instant Find results. Results displayed are now limited to 300.
929.01 Issue F9#04 General When creating a new Issue, Job, or Project, or adding a new Person or Client they will no longer be created or added as a Template.
928.7 Issue EC#5908 Invoices Fixed an error in the invoice template tags for expense charges that was causing the value to be rounded on the printed invoice.
928.6 Issue B#614 Invoices Fixed issue where Past Invoice amount on printed/previewed invoice was excluding amounts from invoices with no invoice#.
928.08 Issue EC#5927 Documents Issue with users being able to edited Locked Documents has been resolved.
928.07 Issue None Notes Spell check on Notes has been fixed.
928.0 Issue EC#5421 Timesheets Issue with a blank row being added to Timesheet when a Task is selected has been resolved.
928.0 Issue F9#46 Tree When right-clicking on a tree item and selecting New > Another (of the same) the new item is created underneath the correct Parent and its details are displayed
927.07 Issue EC#5885 Documents There is now an option to add an attachment from the tree to an email via the \'Find\' tab on the Add Attachment dialog.
927.07 Issue EC#5919 Project Details Issue some clients were encountering with fields being deleted from the Time + Expense Custom tab upon opening it has been resolved.
927.07 Issue F#76 Timesheets When dragging a Stage to the Timesheet no additional blank row is added underneath it.
926.0 Issue EC#5458 File Management Fixed problem where directories to match sub-folders were not created on the server due to the folder template having the wrong type. Also fixed file path on sub-folders not saving.
925.5 Issue EC#5673 Settings Rate Sets view is no longer controlled by the user setting to Default display to Cost Rates. Rate Sets will always default to show Charge Rates.
925.1 Issue EC#5374 Tree It is now possible to sort using the option \"by Surname, Firstname\" for groups where such a sort order is applicable such as staff and contacts.
925.01 Issue EC#5374 Tree Can now sort by \'Surname, First Name\' in tree via Right-Click > Sort > by Surname, Firstname.
925.0 Issue F9#88 Budget Budget tab refreshes automatically after editing ETC or Plan in the Assigned To table.
923.06 Issue EC#5863 Email Issue with the automatic text in Email Subject fields not being deleted has been resolved.
923.04 Issue EC#5279 Timesheets When weekly timesheet is approved, Expenses are also approved. Only staff with security permission 2 can approve or unapprove an Expense (this is the same permission that controls approving a weekly timesheet).
922.02 Issue EC#5878 Reports Issue with Budget Person Report not showing values for Labour has been resolved.
922.0 Issue None Reports Issue where gallery was showing wrong reports if you navigate to report gallery for the second time using the feature tabs at the top of eTrack has been resolved
921.29 Issue AH62 Budget The Budget Table will automatically refresh after the ETC hours in the Assigned To table has been edited.
921.29 Issue EC#5729 Settings Create/Change Login and Password in ‘User Settings’ has been disabled. New Users will no longer get ‘Cannot Access’ errors when using the search bar. Username and password can still be changed in Settings > User tab
921.29 Issue GE20 Invoices When POValueParent=Stage under [Options] in eTrack Settings, the PO# field in the invoices screen has a dropdown that displays all PO# values from stages on that project
921.26 Issue AH50 Budget Issue with all assignees being removed after adding an assignee to a task has been resolved
921.24 Issue B#606 General If error log is not active, a buffer of error log messages will be retained to provide more details for analysing errors without the overhead of a log file.
921.24 Issue EC#5374 Tree Right-click and Sort in tree now works as required
921.22 Issue EC#5806 Documents Moving a document in the tree will move the document on the file server to the corresponding folder.
921.21 Issue EC#5809 Invoices Fixed issue with incorrect invoice links in engineering databases that occurred on fixed price stages when using option 1 in the ISD.
921.20 Issue EC#5792 Project Details Issue with a new Project being related twice to the Project Group has been resolved.
921.20 Issue EC#5792 Tree Issue with a new Project being related twice to the Project Group when it is created has been resolved.
921.20 Issue EC#5841 Email Issue encountered by some users with eTrack Mail Inbox displaying other user’s emails has been resolved.
921.19 Issue B#561 Documents Document List performance significantly improved which will also improve performance in other uses of documents.
921.17 Issue EC#5816 Utilities Changed processing of Document Link Utility to handle folder names in excess of 100 chars.
921.12 Issue Reports Issue with ‘30/12/1899’ being displayed in reports when the date selection ‘All Dates’ is used has been resolved
921.12 Issue AH47 Schedule Issue some users encountered with Company and Staff Calendars being read only in the schedule has been resolved.
921.12 Issue EC#5828 Templates Issue resolved so that Stages are now created in the same order as they appear in the Project or Job template, not in the reverse order.
921.11 Issue EC#5750 Tree Fix to make changes to the Navigation bar order persistent.
921.10 Issue EC#5745 Documents Issue some users encountered with typing in document editor being very slow has been resolved
921.10 Issue F9#64 Person Details After creating a new Person the Navigation Bar will reflect their name and not Template User
921.09 Issue B#568 Contacts Issue some users with the Add Contact dialog not appearing immediately has been resolved.
921.07 Issue EC#5810 File Management Changed how file sizes are stored so can handle file sizes greater than 2GB, that was causing an error when using DLU.
921.04 Issue Email Issue with mail Synchronize Button resolved
921.04 Issue Reports Issue with \\\'Date Field\\\' dropdown contents not clearing each time a report is selected has been resolved
921.04 Issue EC#5686 Budget Can now edit Price in Stage tab when Fee Type is Time Based
921.04 Issue EC#5791 Documents In the documents tab, \'Type\' can be changed via a drop-down selection in cell. The default type is the document template name. To use this functionality, create a new lookup under Settings > Lookups called \'Document Types\', then add new Lookup Values under this for each Document Type.
921.04 Issue EC#5795 Tree Issue some users were encountering when using main \'New\' button has been resolved.
921.03 Issue EC#5462 Project Details Changes have been made to the \'Contacts and Contractors\' table on a project The \"New Contact\" option in the right-click menu has been hidden. ‘Users’ security permission is now allowed to Add and Remove project contacts, and to edit the contact Type. Can now navigate to a contacts details via double-click or right-click > Display from a contact in the table.
921.03 Issue EC#5727 Tree Issue with \'Navigate and Select\' search option opening items under \'Recent\' in navigation bar instead of parent item has been resolved.
921.03 Issue EC#5779 Info Items Issue encountered by some users when editing Info fields in a new Contact Information item has been resolved
921.02 Issue EC#5467 Project Details Security Group permission #64 now allows editing of the assignee table on stages regardless of other read only settings
921.02 Issue EC#5500 Dashboards Error in dashboards with yes/no changing to true/false has been resolved
921.02 Issue EC#5563 General In the main \'New\' menu, the \"Under \" option has been moved to the bottom of the list.
921.02 Issue EC#5690 Budget Issue with budget screen not populating upon initial load has been resolved.
921.02 Issue EC#5747 Email Issue when deleting multiple emails in eTrack has been resolved
921.02 Issue EC#5758 Timesheets Issue with adding expenses in timesheets has been resolved
921.02 Issue EC#5766 Timesheets Issue with changing status or clicking Lock button in timesheets has been resolved
921.01 Issue EC#5754 Invoices Invoices can now be deleted successfully
921.0 Issue EC#5694 Budget ETCs now increment or decrement successfully
920.10 Issue EC#5730 Documents Documents now load successfully.
920.10 Issue EC#5736 Timesheets An error that occurred when editing in the timesheet has been resolved.
920.10 Issue EC#5737 Timesheets Saving timesheets no longer clears cells with focus.
920.09 Issue EC#5688 Email Fixed error that occurred when scrolling to the end of the email listing using the mouse wheel.
920.09 Issue EC#5733 Email Issue arising when clicking on a file attached to an email in the New Email dialog has been resolved.
920.08 Issue EC#5722 General Both the Description box and Progress Notes box are now correctly displayed and scrolling is fully enabled.
920.05 Issue EC#5687 Timesheets The Book Time button on Stage Details screen has been hidden as still under development.
920.04 Issue EC#5367 Planning Tasks (engineers) On the Tasks tab, fixed issue where Forecast did not re-calculate when ETC is initially set via the Plan thus causing Variance to be wrong.
920.04 Issue EC#5630 General Console Maintenance now executes successfully
920.04 Issue EC#5651 Contacts Information entered on Individual Contact Details screen is now persistent.
920.04 Issue EC#5677 Reports Improved print and export functions in reports The print button on a custom report tab will print with the same formatting as when printed from a report run through the report gallery.When \\\\\\\'Print Settings\\\\\\\' is clicked in a report run from the report gallery, the printer settings and a print preview of the document is loaded.The option to export a report as a PDF file has been added to the \\\\\\\'Export...\\\\\\\' dropdown list on a custom tab.
920.04 Issue EC#5683 Timesheets Error experienced by some users when accessing Timesheets is now resolved
920.01 Issue EC#5619 Email Sending emails no longer causes eTrack to close
919.4 Issue EC#5389 Tree Fixed error when there are no Find results to select when using Instant Find.
919.04 Issue EC#5291 Project Details Project site address now saves correctly
919.04 Issue EC#5300 Reports The Description column and Last Progress Note column in reports now populate correctly (no longer showing text as HTML).
919.04 Issue EC#5382 Notes Issues when creating and editing notes on a project that has no previous notes are resolved. When in the notes tab on a project, eTrack displays only the notes for that project.
919.04 Issue EC#5448 Invoices Invoice Selection Dialog improvements Issue arising from clicking in the white space below the task and expense table in the Invoice Selection Dialog when creating a new invoice has been resolved. When creating an invoice for a Fixed Price work item that has no tasks, eTrack will automatically hide the option to select items to invoice.
919.04 Issue EC#5533 Invoices The issue with fields being duplicated and the title repeated when the Invoices report was exported to Excel has been resolved.
919.04 Issue EC#5640 Invoices Manually entered invoice numbers now save correctly and are persistent.
919.04 Issue EC#5670 Email Change from SSL to TLS In June 2016 Gmail stopped supporting SSL, which eTrack was using. eTrack has been updated to support TLS instead that is supported by Gmail. For each user using a Gmail email account please select User Accounts in the email tab and change SSL to TLS.
919 Issue EC#5345 Invoices The Invoice report now correctly includes the GST amount for the Total (Inc. GST) column.
919.0 Issue EC#5593 Email Resolved issue where emails are sent without their attachments. Attachments are now copied to the Attachment Path BEFORE the send process is initiated. If the file copy fails the user is notified so can correct the problem - eg: user may not have write access to the Attachment Path. If an email is stuck in the Outbox after such an error please delete it (then delete again from Deleted folder) and try again.
918.14 Issue EC#4932 Timesheets Spin boxes in timesheet cells turn off once time has been invoiced so that invoiced time cannot be changed accidentally.
918.14 Issue EC#5570 Documents Fixed error when trying to create a new document but no type-specific document templates exist.
918.14 Issue EC#5588 Invoices Issue when printing invoices is now resolved, invoicing and invoices templates now working properly.
918.11 Issue EC#5622 Timesheets Fixed error that occurred when searching for work items using the timesheet Find.
918.08 Issue EC#5151 Reports Fix to Efficiency report to show leave and target hours in correct week.
918.08 Issue EC#5304 Project Details Accounts report tab on a Project/Job correctly shows Unbilled Charge rather than WIP The Unbilled Charge column in Accounts tab report on a project group is now correctly showing the Unbilled Charge as in the Accounts screen (not the WIP).
918.08 Issue EC#5353 Project Details In the Project Budget tab summary, the Variation total now excludes the price of Sub-Consultants.
918.08 Issue EC#5366 Contacts Changes to a company description now saves correctly
918.08 Issue EC#5396 Email Email ‘From’ and ‘To’ addresses now correctly populate when replying to or forwarding emails.
918.08 Issue EC#5408 Expenses/Disbursements Missing expenses fixed Disappearing expenses resolved by setting all existing and all new Expense Types to Reimbursable. Can now filter for \'Reimbursable\' expenses on an individuals expense tab with new reimbursable checkbox.
918.08 Issue EC#5444 Project Details A new Prospect under CRM can now have values.
918.08 Issue EC#5450 General The issue with a default space in template fields such as the Client PO number field has been resolved.
918.08 Issue EC#5499 Timesheets Fixed the Move Time feature in Timesheets so that comments related to the time entries are also moved.
918.08 Issue EC#5605 Email Email loss prevention and syncronisation If the attachment path for eTrack email is not specified or doesn\'t exist or the user does not have write access to it, the user will be be warned and unable to access eTrack Email. This is to prevent problems of attachments being lost. Emails are now sent straight away through eTrack, previously only sent when synchronised. Email now synchronises sent emails (as well as received emails).
916.03 Issue EC#1125 Budget WIP column on right of Price structure table in Project Budget Tab is now not cut off on edge of screen and can be accessed.
916.03 Issue EC#5363 Project Details Access when creating new Projects granted When creating new items or using Find, the message \'You do not have access\' no longer appears. The name and address of a company or individual is now persistent in all cases. Issue where items in tree can’t be found has been resolved. Individuals names are now displayed in the tree. When creating a new client or company from a template the issue with copying addresses is resolved.
916.03 Issue EC#5454 Tree When item created in the tree, eTrack no longer jumps to showing it under Recent
916.01 Issue EC#5404 Email Issue with Email import changing the read status of emails in Outlook has been resolved.
914.08 Issue EC#5305 Invoices Text now wraps for addresses in invoice templates
914.08 Issue EC#5465 Project Details Issue with writing over of an empty project address resolved
914.07 Issue EC#5408 Expenses/Disbursements Fixed issue where disbursements did not display.
914.06 Issue EC#5395 General Issue with logging in due to date format resolved
914.02 Issue EC#5257 Utilities The \\\'Update Assignee Rates Utility\\\' updated to support new feature of rate sets on Tasks (under Stages) and Stages (architects databases only).
913.2 Issue EC#5294 General Edit > Delete fixed Fix to allow deleting items. Repeated prompt asking for new client name under a new project removed. Added or removed projects will now appear in another user\\\'s windows in the same session if the project tree is collapsed and expanded.
913.11 Issue EC#5368 Email Fixed issue where attachments were missing from forwarded emails.
913.11 Issue EC#5369 Email Corrected the \'from\' address on emails that are replied to or forwarded.
913.10 Issue EC#5068 Invoices Printed Invoices will only display items that have Type permission 86 Can Create Invoice Entry set
913.07 Issue EC#5313 Settings In Settings, changes to all text size for Navigation headers and other User options now save.
913.06 Issue EC#5328 General Fixed error on Find function from a field.
913.05 Issue EC#5294 General Fixed crash on delete item.
913.05 Issue EC#5294 Tree You can now collapse and expand the Tree to see tree items created or deleted by another logged in user. You no longer need to click Refresh or log in or out again. Clicking \\\'New...\\\' in the Client etc. dropdown of a Project no longer prompts for name multiple times
912.08 Issue 1811kw2 General Fixed crash associated with Refresh function.
912.05 Issue 1612kw3 Documents Fixed crash when using the Change Field function in the editor.
912.05 Issue 2912kw1 Project Details Fixed issue where new projects were not related to groups according to default selections in the project template.
912.03 Issue 812kw4 Project Details Fixed various issues with multi currency function. 1. Fixed crash when changing currency. 2. Show currency icon when create new project if currency is set in the template. 3. Display correct symbols in currency templates. 4. Reworded permission #132 Access to Change Currency Utility 5. Show currency symbol above Budget and Price Structure table.
912.01 Issue 1412kw1 Timesheets Fixed issue where Save button on Time Capture dialog was disabled.
912.01 Issue 1512kw5 General Fixed issue with incorrect numbering on Scope Changes.
912.01 Issue 1512kw6 Documents Fixed issue where a new document appeared under Recent but not related to tree item where they were created from.
912.01 Issue 2611kw1 General Removed Import Contacts option from Tools menu as has been replaced by Import Items.
912.01 Issue 312kw1 Invoices Fixed Print Preview so it prints the invoice that is ticked rather than the last one to be clicked on. Also allow for multiple invoices to be previewed.
912.01 Issue 9114.jw3 Transmittals Added missing right-click menu that has options to remove a document or contact.
912.01 Issue 9116ag.2 Invoices Fixed Paid Write Off column so it is editable after printing an invoice.
912 Issue 3011kw1 Info Items Ensure changes to information items are saved when user leaves the screen.
912 Issue 9112.jw14 Accounts Changed default loading of Accounts screen so all levels of data are loaded and expanded to ensure correct date filtering and linking of invoiced items.
911.5 Issue 1911kw1 General Added Logout button on the About screen.
911.5 Issue 312kw2 Project Details Users can now edit the Type dropdown in the multi contact table of the Project tab, even if the rest of the tab is read only.
911.5 Issue 9012.jw11 General Added grid lines to Schedule, Timesheet and Accounts screens and improved usability of Schedule.
911.5 Issue 9023.jw06 Reports Fixed issue where the Reports option on the right click menu in the tree did not load Reports tab until clicked a second time.
911.5 Issue 906.01 Performance Improved speed of loading screens such as Information, Company and Contact Details and Project/Job Details.
911.5 Issue 9091.jw1 General Fixed Outline Numbering so the parent number is not duplicated.
911.5 Issue 9101.ag1a Tree Fixed initial load of Navigation so it does not prompt user to click to load report.
911.5 Issue 9101.ag1c Budget Fixed issue where assignee rate did not load when person added to assignee table or when Update Assignee Rates utility run.
911.5 Issue 9110.jw8 General Clean up of the New button at the top left of the screen and the right click New menu.
911.5 Issue 9112ag.1 Utilities Allow Document Link utility to be run from the first menu rather than from the Tools submenu that not all users have access to.
911.5 Issue EC#5258 General Added ability to enable folders under projects and documents under stages. Issue EC#5990 Reports Many errors have been resolved by fixing an issue when windows were resized. The errors occurred for example when moving the divider between the tree and tabs or opening Help etc. after running Reports.
861.8 Issue SVT#1515 Reports Activity reports now show Approval Status of N/A for expense rows as expenses do not have an approval field.
861.5 Issue EC#5257 Utilities Fixed Update Assignee Rates utility so that it picks up the rate set on the Task level before going up to the Stage then Project.
861.5 Issue SVT#641 Timesheets Updated Timesheet Print (report) so that overtime is excluded from totals as per SVT#1174.
861.3 Issue EC#5244 Accounts Modified account processing to cater for situation in engineering configuration where an item that is partially written off and partially invoiced has the write off amount cleared and invoiced.
861.1 Issue EC#5236 Timesheets Fixed code so Timesheet comments are saved as the correct note type at time of creation.
860.4 Issue SVT#622 / SVT#1119 Project Details Corrected the calculation for WIP shown on the Opportunity Details tab that was incorrectly being restricted to only approved WIP. Also fixed so the value refreshes when changes are made.
860.4 Issue SVT#625 Timesheets In the engineering configuration assignees will not become inactive regardless of any conditions or rules.
860.3 Issue EC#5225 Invoices Fixed an issue that caused errors when trying to delete an invoice entry for a deleted invoice on fixed price work.
860.2 Issue EC#5209 Settings Corrected settings by turning ON Document Type Settings 6, 10, 11 and 62.
860.1 Issue EC#5054 Schedule Fixed refresh issues in the Schedule when assigning a resource to a work item. These issues are resolved (i) the view reset to the top (ii) the person and work item are not visible until after refresh (iii) the person was duplicated after refresh.
860.1 Issue EC#5180 General Linked the Resolved By field on Issues tab to the resource group for current staff.
860.0 Issue EC#5214 Email Increased the size of the user field from 32 to 255 characters to support longer usernames.
858.0 Issue EC#5177 Dashboards Fixed problem causing Dashboards not to load.
857.8 Issue EC#5193 Performance Improved performance of data import that was slow due to all child relationships being updated when a project is saved even if they were not changed.
857.7 Issue EC#5173 Documents Fixed the format painter. It now functions correctly in the same way as the same feature found in Word.
857.3 Issue EC#5086 Reports The Activity/Time report will show the role recorded in the timesheet rather than the person\'s default role.
857.2 Issue EC#5027 Timesheets Fixed crash when entering comment for a work item.
856.5 Issue D151 Documents Fixed issues with various fields such as Project Description and contact Details, not showing data when inserted into a document.
856.5 Issue EC#5147 General The conflict dialog has been hidden. This dialog pops up when two users change the same data at the same time. To enable this feature add this line to eTrack Settings under [options] ShowConflictDialog=1 When it appears the dialog can be closed easily via the Escape key.
856.4 Issue EC#5110 Budget Fixed error that caused the Lump Sum checkbox to revert to being unticked after a user ticked it and changed screens or logged out.
856.4 Issue EC#5142 Timesheets Fixed issue of timesheet comments being lost.
855.4 Issue EC#5137 Reports Fixed Stage ETC Report per Week report that was returning 0 results due to date range error and problem with the repeat function.
855.3 Issue W195B Dashboards Removed the double backslash \\\\ from the filepath to the pivot file as won\'t work with some versions of Windows so fails to find the pivot file.
855.3 Issue W195B Reports Fixed an issue that prevented the image of a chart being displayed. Changed the export to HTML from report results so it works exactly as it does from the Dashboard.
855.2 Issue EC#5045 Email Improved Send Email function. Send Email is now done in the background via eTrackTasks. eTrack will no longer appear to be frozen and the user does not have to wait for the send to complete. The Email icon at the top will show a green flashing dot when a send or receive is in progress. The Status bar at the bottom right will display information and if an error occurs the Email will display a red dot.
854.9 Issue EC#4987 Documents There is a new checkbox in the bottom left corner of the Insert Fields dialog called Add as Multi-line. When ticked the inserted field will word wrap. It is useful for Memo type info items that otherwise run off the page.
854.4 Issue EDF Email Fixed error that occurred when attaching an embedded document to an email message.
854.11 Issue SVT#1080 General Made changes to reduce the number of overwrite messages appearing when not required.
853.6 Issue EC#4986 Email Fixed crash on send email message when right-click .pdf document in tree and select Send Email.
853.5 Issue EC#5041 Email Fixed various email performance issues. 1. Email syncs triggered by Send / Receive, Re-Import or Resync buttons and on login if \\\'check immediately after log in\\\' is selected, are now done in the background via eTrackTasks. Only one sync process can run at a time - this avoids conflicts between periodic auto syncs and manual syncs initiated by a user and allows the user to continue using eTrack while a sync is in progress.
2. Only header info is read instead of downloading each email.
3. Changed setting so eTrackTasks does not take focus away from eTrack whenever it is launched - this was causing the screen to flicker.
4. Fixed bug where the sync aborts if it encounters an email it cannot read. Now it will log an error and continue to completion.
5. Fixed error where eTrackTasks was not shutting down when complete. It also shuts down if it has an error so syncs can continue. All errors are reported in the Settings tab of User Accounts.
853.1 Issue EC#5087 Email Restored the Send button to an email message retrieved from the Drafts folder. Also fixed issue where a Draft email hides behind the main eTrack window and a third issue of a draft email being deleted if you opt to not save changes .
853.1 Issue EC#5105 Dashboards Added Refresh button to Dashboards so it can be updated to reflect changes to data made after the dashboard was loaded.
853.1 Issue SVT#1152 Rates / Rate Sets Improved performance of assigning a resource in a rate set where there was a long delay in displaying the Find dialog.
853.1 Issue SVT#1157 Schedule Improved performance of Schedule that suffered a slowdown as a result of other changes. It is now faster than before.
853.0 Issue EC#4738 Timesheets Fixed issue where time was saved to the wrong work item. This occurred if Time Capture was recording time for TaskA and then started for TaskB but the dialog (to save time on TaskA) was cancelled; when stopped the time recorded to TaskB instead of TaskA.
853.0 Issue EC#5062 General Sort in the tree in now functioning again.
853.0 Issue EC#5081 Invoices Fixed issue where printed invoices on fixed price work were missing data if printed after logging out and in again.
852.3 Issue EC#5033 File Management Fixed issue where eTrack displayed an error when user tried to edit a project number. Also fixed issue of server directories not updating to reflect an edited project name in eTrack.
852.3 Issue EC#5066 Reports Fixed crash when running a report with Grouping selected (pre-grouping in the Gallery).
852.0 Issue EC#4980 Documents Fixed issue where data was not displaying if the same field was inserted in the document more than once.
852.0 Issue EC#5031 General Fixed crash when tree item has no children as seen when creating contacts under a new company or tasks under a new stage.
851.9 Issue no ref Timesheets Permanently enabled the option TimeSheetCellSave that saves after each edit rather than only when clicking Save or leaving the tab.
851.8 Issue Midas#045 General Improved performance of the tree when expanding items with a large number of entries such as a Client list.
851.2 Issue EC#4995 Contacts Fixed crash that occurred when trying to select a value from a lookup field on the Information tab while saving of the new contact record was still in progress.
851.2 Issue EC#5004 Timesheets Increased column width of Totals in Timesheet tab as the number displayed was truncated on some computers.
851.2 Issue SVT#618 Invoices Corrected Totals after applying a filter (via right-click menu) to the list of invoices.
851.1 Issue EC#4996 Planning Tasks (engineers) Removed Document List from Tasks table that was previously added but is unnecessary and slows loading of the tab.
851.10 Issue EC#4997 Accounts Fixed issue in engineering configuration where invoiced amount was incorrect after selecting a charge on the ISD that was partially written off.
851.1 Issue Midas#043 Timesheets Changed the way timesheet comments are linked to timesheet cells to ensure the comments are not overwritten or lost.
851.0 Issue EC#4951 Contacts Added a new Information tab on Contact Groups.
851.0 Issue EC#4957 Transmittals Fixed crash when clicking Add Transmittal on the Project Transmittals tab.
850.29 Issue SVT#1125 Accounts Fixed crash in relation to Delete Invoice and Reset Invoice functions in Accounts sheet.
850.28 Issue EC#4991 Invoices Fixed issue with credit invoices In engineering configurations where a negative invoice caused previously invoiced expenses to have their \\\'invoiced\\\' flag reset.
850.28 Issue SVT#1124 Accounts Addresses an issue with invoicing Fixed Price work with billable expenses using the ISD in engineering configurations. The Invoice Selection Dialog allowed the user to enter full WIP without selecting expenses so it has been changed so it now restricts the user to only entering $ or % of the stage price. As before expenses must be ticked. The full invoice amount is shown in a new field top right of the dialog. Also now allows for negative invoice amounts to be entered but only for Fixed Price work.
850.27 Issue E173 Email Include email header when printing an email message.
849.8 Issue EC#4830 Budget Fixed issue where Original Contract Value field was being set to a large random number due to an invalid calculation.
849.8 Issue EC#4914 Budget Fixed issue where % of Revised Contract Value field was resetting to $0 on entry to the Budget tab which subsequently cleared Contract Fee and %-based Stage Prices.
849.33 Issue EC#4922 Accounts Fixed issue so the approval status of timesheet cells is correctly set after an invoice is deleted.
849.31 Issue EC#4977 File Management Fixed issue with the server path of folders in a template that was causing them not to be copied to new projects.
849.29 Issue EC#4871 Expenses/Disbursements Fixed Actual Expense Report so amounts include GST where indicated by the user via the Includes GST checkbox.
849.29 Issue EC#4963 Settings Fixed crash when creating New Role.
849.27 Issue EC#4937 File Management Fixed issues 1. failing to create a new document from an external document template 2. sub folders missing from new projects 3. error on renaming a folder.
849.26 Issue Midas#030C Timesheets Added additional processing to the save of timesheet comments to prevent comments being lost in certain scenarios.
849.25 Issue EC#4480 Info Items Fixed issue where Info Items of type Text accepted more chars than can be saved in the database. Field now limits entry to 100 chars and informs the user to use type Memo if longer notes are required.
849.25 Issue EC#4875 Accounts For Engineers databases only, fixed Accounts so labour charges are moved from WIP $ to Invoice $ after being invoiced.
849.25 Issue EC#4941 Invoices Fixed the Invoices Not Paid filter on Invoices tab.
849.25 Issue Midas#037 Reports Time and Expense report shows correct totals and now has a default grouping by Person.
849.22 Issue EC#4860 Accounts Fixed issue in Accounts tab where values entered in Write Off $ or Invoice $ columns would disappear if not pressed after editing or when the cell had focus and user changed screens.
849.19 Issue E183 Email Fixed crash when clicking Add Attachment button on Send Email dialog.
849.12 Issue EC#4880 Timesheets Fixed issue where a new row was not being created when changing Book To on a row that already had time booked to it.
849.11 Issue EC#4666 Timesheets Fixed issue with Time Capture utility where paused time was adding back after resuming.
849.11 Issue EC#4738 Timesheets Fixed Time Capture utility issues where time was not added if the timesheet cell had focus and time was sometimes recorded on the wrong work item.
849.1 Issue EC#4811 Reports Whenever a filter is applied to report results, any grouping is first removed as filtering and grouping cannot be used at the same time.
849.1 Issue EC#4879 Schedule When running the Resource Plan report in the Schedule the Show Only Active Work option is now set to match the Schedule view as indicated by the red A button.
849.1 Issue SVT#582 Reports Totals in reports are refreshed when the results are filtered either via the Filter dropdown or the right-click menu \'Filter By\' option.
847.0 Issue GB#78 Project Details Fixed issue where changing project status caused the project to appear in both the new and existing project group.
847.0 Issue none Project Details Made multi contact list editable by all users even if their security group allows read only access to this screen.
846.22 Issue E154 Email Fixed Reply All so it also includes the original sender in the list of contacts.
846.22 Issue E195 Email Fixed the search function so it find matches in the email message text as well as the subject header.
846.21 Issue D168 Documents Fixed user interface on New Document dialog so that the Copy or Link option is selected when user clicks anywhere in the box including the radio button.
846.2 Issue D148 File Management Changed matching rules to stop duplicate project folders being created on the file server when creating folders, renaming tree items or attaching documents in eTrack.
846.2 Issue D165 File Management Fixed issue with Document Link Utility where it created a duplicate project folder on the file server if the original project folder did not have the same Project Name as the matching project in eTrack.
846.2 Issue D166 File Management Fixed issue where an error appeared on creation of folders on the file server to match new folders created in eTrack under a project template.
846.20 Issue D177 Documents Fixed issue so can create a new document from a template that is linked.
846.20 Issue D181 File Management Fixed issue when changing status of a project that has an Acronym value (Acronym option enabled), on the server subfolders were created with no parent project folder.
846.18 Issue D137 Documents Fixed error when creating a new document from a template that is attached.
846.12 Issue E191 Email Fixed error that occurred when Filing or Deleting from a filtered list or switching to a tab with no emails matching the filter (search text).
846.12 Issue E196 Email Improved performance of filing emails.
842.0 Issue EC#4815 Expenses/Disbursements Fixed issue so the Add Disbursement button displays the correct list of disbursements on the dialog.
842.0 Issue EC#4828 Settings Turned off Security Group permission #188 for all groups as relates to functionality no longer supported.
841.1 Issue EC#4723 Planning Tasks (engineers) Added scroll bar to Commercial tab so can view all fields when using low resolution monitors.
840.6 Issue EC#4600 Security Turn ON Type Setting #19 Hide Active Checkbox in Item Details for Person and Role
840.5 Issue EC#4780 General Added vertical scroll bar to Stage Details tab.
840.16 Issue EC#4813 Contract Administration Fixed issue where RFI Type was not being saved and Response Received reverted to today\'s date.
840.12 Issue EC#4801 Invoices Fixed issue where invoice numbers were not being corrected generated in sequence.
838.9 Issue EC#4709 Invoices Fixed issue where Fixed Price invoices were not being picked up in the Export to Accounting Package when AccountsExportOption=4
838.6 Issue EC#4674 Invoices Invoices tab: various issues resolved. Added \'Clear Date\' option to right-click menu so Date Paid can be deleted. If a row is edited when the grid is filtered, changes are correctly applied. Changes to Payment Details are saved automatically. If a filter is applied and then a row is edited, fixed so \'apply filter\' refreshes the results.
838.5 Issue EC#4578 Security Fixed bug where new security groups became orphaned.
838.5 Issue EC#4658 Contacts Fixed error where the edit box linked to ‘Use Address’ was editable for all selections (but edits not saved). The field is now only editable when Use Address = Other Address.
838.33 Issue D134 Documents When renaming an item, save when exit the field. Was previously saving on every keystroke that affected performance.
838.29 Issue D135 File Management Improved performance when editing a Project Name by updating file paths when leaving the field rather than on every keystroke.
838.2 Issue EC#3434 Accounts Fixed error in Accounts sheet where the status of an invoiced timesheet row would update when the status of the person was edited.
838.12 Issue EC#4714 Project Details Fixed issue where Client field on a project was being cleared after visiting the Budget tab.
838.11 Issue EC#4684 Accounts Fixed two issues in Accounts sheet where WIP on expenses was incorrectly processed after creating / editing an invoice entry.
837.44 Issue EC#4671 Invoices Allow Date Paid and Paid$ to be entered on invoices with \"exported\" status (in addition to \"printed\" status).
837.28 Issue EC#4655 Invoices Properly itemise expenses on the printed invoice when there are multiple entries of the same expense type.
837.12 Issue EC#4630 Checklists Fixed QA rollout feature to prevent duplicate rows being rolled out and correctly rollout header rows.
837.09 Issue EC#4607 Reports Fixed issue where the Activity / Time Report (gallery) was showing expense amounts including GST (where 'entry includes GST' was ticked on the expense). All values in the report are now ex-GST.
834.8 Issue EC#4524 Reports Fixed issue where Activity / Time report (gallery) returned no results when run on the 'projects' relationship under a project group.
834.13 Issue EC#4556 Documents Fixed crash in documents when editing tables.
834.08 Issue EC#4566 File Management Fixed issue where the backup file on the server was being saved after every keystroke when changing the document name in the editor. Now saves when you leave the field.
834.04 Issue EC#4438 File Management Stripped invalid characters from file path when creating folders on the server. When saving folders/documents the file path on the server is a direct match to the tree path. eTrack allows special characters to be included in tree item names but these are not allowed by Windows so the folder creation fails in this case. Stripping the invalid character maintains naming flexibility while resolving this issue.
834.04 Issue EC#4527 Security Fixed issue where 'user' security group users could not tick checklist items or input details on new expenses even though the correct permissions were on.
834.04 Issue EC#4554 Documents Fixed issue where documents did not save changes to margins and page layout.
834.04 Issue EC#4583 Info Items Fixed issue where dates on info items were not saving.
834.01 Issue EC#4538 File Management When saving a document on the server if any tree item that makes up the document path contains invalid characters, these are ignored. This ensures the folder creation does not fail.
833.21 Issue EC#4141 Reports When a report is exported to Excel, negative currency values do not have brackets so Excel can apply the Currency format and include the values in formulas.
833.21 Issue EC#4565 Rate Sets On the Person Details tab, changes to Charge Rate and Cost Rate are now processed separately (previously were combined into one action on leaving the tab). On the Person Details tab, changes to Charge Rate and Cost Rate are now processed separately (previously were combined into one action on leaving the tab). If you change either rate, upon leaving the field you will be prompted if you want to update the assignee rates. You will be given this option whether or not the Always Use rate checkbox is ticked.
833.08 Issue EC#4489 Contract Adminstration Fixed error where new or edited construction register items were not updating until the user logged out and in again.
833.06 Issue EC#4519 Accounts The Date Filter on Accounts sheet will now not allow a date to be selected if the filtered results include invoice entries that are linked to work items dated past the selected filter date.
833 Issue EC#3637 Expenses/Disbursements Invoiced disbursements / expenses cannot be deleted or edited
833 Issue EC#3792 Reports When running the Budget report using the hyperlink from the Budget tab, the option (under Show in the search criteria dialog) selected by default matches the view of the Budget table eg: if View is Cost Rates, then Use Cost Rate is ticked.
833 Issue EC#4466 General Fixed display issue where Price Structure table could not be seen on small screens such as on small laptops.
832.09 Issue EC#4482 Timesheets Fixed error that occurred when right-click timesheet work item and select Find option.
832.06 Issue none Documents Fixed crash when using Save and Back to list button in a new register entry after editing a document that has not been saed in the editor.
832.06 Issue none Documents Fixed formulas in documents so they work when the formula references cells that have inserted fields.
832.06 Issue none Documents Fixed so are saved in headers/footers when using keyboard tab key.
832.06 Issue none Documents Headers / footers from document templates come through to new documents created.
823.58 Issue EC#4379 Contacts Fixed issue where eTrack stopped responding when users tried to add contacts.
823.42 Issue EC#4292 Documents Fixed issue where changes to document under a construction register were not saved if you went to another screen and then back to the document - you are now prompted to save.
823.26 Issue EC#3751 General Warning message is displayed when user clicks Clear Login on Person Details
823.26 Issue EC#3945 Security Removed access to view cost rates in reports for users without permission The Activity/Time report and Budget report search criteria dialog have Cost Rate as an option. This option is now read only when the user is in a security group where permission #50 Access Labour Costs is OFF.
823.26 Issue EC#4016 Accounts Fixed bug that allowed Fixed Price checkbox to be changed when invoices exist
823.17 Issue EC#4286 Invoices Fixed issue where Date Paid and Paid $ on an invoice row became read only after printing invoice
823.17 Issue EC#4826 Invoices Fixed issue where Date Paid and Paid $ became read only after printing invoice
823.06 Issue EC#4396 / EC#4397 Timesheets Fixed bug where assignee rates were $0 instead of rate from rate set.
823.02 Issue EC#3638 Expenses/Disbursements On Expenses tab, Actual Charge / Cost correctly update when Units are changed
823.02 Issue EC#3821 Reports Project number column in custom report results will now sort alphanumerically
822.09 Issue EC#3908 General Improved the functioning of Information Item date fields The values in Information Items fields that are date types do not change when the user clicks in the field. Users without write access to information items cannot edit the value of dates. The ‘clear’ option on the right-click menu works correctly. Date fields have been changed so that dates can now only be selected from the calendar control and not typed directly into the field. Click or double-click in the field to display the calendar.
822.01 Issue EC#3949 Invoices Invoice date in Account Sheet reflects changes made in Invoices tab When the Invoice Date of an invoice is changed on the Invoices tab, the new date is reflected against all of the invoice entries in the Account Sheet that apply to that invoice.
822.01 Issue EC#4251 Schedule Resolution for Actuals not being displayed in Schedule In previous releases, when ticking the checkbox in the Schedule Options to display Actuals, a refresh was done but Actual values were not being loaded from the database. This was a bug introduced due to the reversing of a flag that was not changed in one place in the code. There was a work around: tick to include Actuals in the Schedule Open dialog. If Actuals had previously been loaded in the session such as by looking at a timesheet or running a report, then they would be displayed, which explains why it appears intermittent.
819.02 Issue EC#3635 Schedule Fixed error where actions in the Schedule caused projects to become duplicated in the tree.
819.01 Issue EC#4138 General Can now forward delete text using the Delete keyboard key in Notes and Description fields.
819.01 Issue EC#4145 General Text entered as the Description on Contact Group and Resource Group tabs now saves correctly
819 Issue EC#4012 Security Enable type setting control of new and delete for construction registers The New and Delete buttons on RFI, Sum Adjust etc subtabs of a constuction are now enabled/disabled via Type Settings. 1. Go to Type Settings from the main menu. 2. Select RFI from the list on the left. 3. To allow users to create new RFIs untick #7 New Protected. To allow users to delete existing RFIs untick #4 Delete Protected. 4. Repeat for each register type: Adjustment of Time, Contract Instruction, Contract Sum Adjust, Defect, Insurance, Progress Claim, Progress Payment Certificate, Progress Report By default, #4 is ticked and #7 is unticked ie: users can create new but not delete.
819 Issue EC#4150 Documents After saving a document, tabs entered using the TAB key are preserved. Any tab entered via the TAB key into an embedded document in the eTrack editor are now preserved when saving. This corrects the error where where replaced by spaces upon saving. LIMITATION: tab markers are not preserved (any tab markers entered are lost when saving the document). Please use multiple keystrokes of the TAB key as required.
819 Issue EC#4167 Invoices Stages are now printed on the invoice in the same order as they appear in the tree.
817.08 Issue EC#4085 Timesheets Can now book time to Admin Tasks when Security Group permission #193 is ON - this restricts time being booked in the timesheet when ETC is 0.
817.03 Issue EC#4031 Timesheets ETC reduction corrected where ETC is set at a stage level. ETC now reduces correctly in the case where no people are assigned and  ETC is set for the stage in the budget grid, then time is booked and user goes to stage details tab. This fixes the error where ETC became 0 when switching screens after time was booked.
817.03 Issue EC#4040 Timesheets Stage gets ETC equal to time booked when time is booked to stage with no ETC and then stage is deleted from timesheet corrected the processing for increasing ETC when user reduces/deletes time booked to a stage that has 0 ETC
817.01 Issue EC#3813 Project Details In the Contacts list on Project Details, Individual and Company contacts now display without the parent. An Individual under a company shows parent company in brackets.
817.01 Issue EC#3930 Project Details On the Contacts list on Projects Details, can now add all contact types ie: Individual, Company and Individual under Company via both Find and drag and drop.
816.23 Issue EC#4030 Timesheets ETC not reducing when ETC set after time already booked and ETC goes to 0 when ETC edited after time is booked. ETC now reduces correctly in the case where people book time to a stage before ETC is defined for them, then ETC added and more time booked. Also in the case where time is booked to a stage, then the ETC is increased and more time booked.
816.19 Issue EC#3787 Notes The default sort order for notes on the Notes tab is by date - newest to oldest.
816.14 Issue EC#3917 Reports Activity / Time Report now groups disbursements with project timesheet data The Activity /Time report output now groups disbursements and timesheet data together for each project. Previously disbursements were listed separately at the end of the report.
816.14 Issue EC#3946 General Items in Assign To table on Stage Details visible when using resolution with height of 768 Adjusted display so that when using a resolution with height of 768, if there is more than 1 person in the assign to table on Stage Details, the entries are not hidden by the horizontal scrollbar that appears. Note: minimum resolution supported is 1024x768.
816.05 Issue EC#3972 Timesheets Fixed problem with saving the timesheet when booking to equipment (such as Travel).
816.03 Issue EC#4080 Security The Standard Time/Activity Report will only display the charge rates if user Security Group setting #4 (access labour charges) is set.
812.15 Issue EC#3663 Project Details Correct expenses displayed in Budget On the Project Budget tab, the Price Structure table has been corrected to display Planned Project Expenses.  It was incorrectly displaying Actual Project Expenses, however the Totals were correct.