Release Type Reference Area Summary Description
958.3 Change E#1419 Accounts Various changes to Accounts filters to fix specific issues and improve usability. a) Stage write off is recalculated when a filter is applied. This fixes the issue of when a date filter was applied, write offs on the filtered out timesheets were still included in the stage total which led to an incorrect To Bill amount.b) If the date filter is enabled when new Project is loaded in Accounts, it is turned off, the project is loaded and then the date filter is turned back on again. Any other filters that were enabled are reset to defaults.c) View is refreshed when date filter is changed to another date. This wasn’t happening unless the checkbox was unticked and ticked again.d) Relationship dropdown excludes any for which the items are not configured to display in Accounts.
957.0 Change E#1223 Accounts Fixed Adjustments are now created by entering invoice $ greater than To Bill. This makes it consistent with how Prebill adjustments are created. Prebill and fixed Adjustment features are available in Arch database configurations and can be created on work where invoices can be created and fee type is time-based. Prebill requires this line in eTrack Settings under [options] Prebill=1 and security group setting #38 write access to account sheet. Fixed Adjustments requires security group settings #38 and #159 write access to adjustment column. Previously fixed Adjustments were created by right-click > new adjustment and entering an Adjustment$ then including that in the Invoice$. It was possible to invoice a partial amount and no way to delete the remainder. Now the user can simply enter an Invoice$ greater than To Bill. If neither feature is enabled then eTrack will reset Invoice$ to the To Bill amount. If either or both features are enabled then a dialog is shown prompting the user to choose a) to bill b) prebill (if enabled) or c) adjustment (if enabled). eTrack will create the Prebill or fixed Adjustment entry selected and set the Adjustment$ to Invoice$ minus To Bill. Prebill adjustments are offset by future labour charges and fixed Adjustments are not offset. Both are automatically deleted when the invoice entry they are linked to is deleted. To show the total adjustment amount in an invoice use ##invoice#adjustment
952.6 Change E#145 Accounts Changed how some of the Accounts filters work. a) \'Show Inactive\' has been renamed \'Show Only Active\' for consistency across other functions. Previously only inactive stages within projects were hidden but now inactive projects are also hidden. It defaults ON so inactive items are hidden; untick to show them. b) All Work button has been removed. Ticking it would show time based stages with no actual charges that were hidden by default. These stages are now always shown unless hidden by another filter.
952.3 Issue E#560 Accounts Improved stability of Accounts by preventing the Fee Type being changed between Fixed Price and Time Based if an Invoice Entry has been created.
947.33 Issue E#1164 Accounts Prebill and Adjustment Type displayed. Prebill Adjustments are those created for Time Based work (Not FP) when an Invoice $ greater than the ‘Unbilled Charge (WIP)’ is entered. The Adjustment is automatically decremented as new Time is booked until it reaches $0 when it is removed. This requires [Options]Prebill=1 in eTrack Settings. The Adjustment name in Accounts changes so the user can see what type of adjustment it is: Adjustment Prebill Adjustment DM Adjustment DM Prebill Adjustment
944.8 Issue E#837 Accounts Accounts fixes in engineering configuration a) create invoice link on credit note entries so invoice template can print details b) blocked entry of negative invoice$ on ISD
944.1 Issue E#792 Accounts Removed the value of 1 in Actual Hours column of Accounts tab for expenses.
943.29 Issue E#120 Accounts Changed so that after creating an invoice entry the Accounts do not collapse down to just the project.
943.19 New Feature E#387 Accounts In the Accounts tab, the Name column is blue if there is an Invoice Entry Note. Clicking on the Name will display the note in the Comments field at the bottom (read only).
940.109 Issue EC#3703 Accounts Fixed an error in Invoice Entry Notes, they now save, display and are editable
940.07 Issue E#302 Accounts Fixed invoicing error where no links were created on fixed priced invoices in engineering databases.
939.25 Issue E#129 Accounts Fixed an issue where links from an Invoice to Timesheet entries can go missing with Time Based Invoices when using Invoice % field in Accounts.
938.3 Issue EC#5222 / E#36 Accounts There are various occasions you may wish to prebill time based work before the work is done, i.e. before there is enough WIP. Previously this was done with manual Adjustments and Write Offs. This can now be done with Prebill. With Prebill on (see below) you can enter any Invoice $ you wish and if it is more than the To Bill, an Adjustment is automatically created for the difference. When further time is booked to the item, the Adjustment is decremented and To Bill only starts increasing once the Adjustment reaches $0. To set on expand Setup in the tree and double click eTrack Settings. Scroll down to find [Options] and add a new row: Prebill=1 Click Save and then click another item in the tree. Logout and in again for the change to take effect.
930.16 Change EC#5953 Accounts An optional confirmation warning has been added to the Account Sheet to avoid unnecessary loading times. To enable, go to eTrack Settings in the tree > underneath [Options] add ConfirmAccountSheetLoad=1 on a line all by itself. The warning appears if the selected tree item is not a type for which invoice entries can be created or is not the roll up level for invoices or not configured as a custom parent.
930.16 Issue EC#5953 Accounts Account Sheet now refreshes to reflect changes to Project. (e.g. budget changes)
912 Issue 9112.jw14 Accounts Changed default loading of Accounts screen so all levels of data are loaded and expanded to ensure correct date filtering and linking of invoiced items.
911.05 New Feature ESR1240A.3 Accounts Added support for multiple tax rates in a multi currency setup. The default tax rate applied in eTrack is 10%. To use a different tax rate, for example 15%, add the following line under [Options] in eTrack Settings: TaxPercent=15 When multiple currencies are set up, go to Setup\\\\Lookups\\\\Exchange Rates and set the tax rate for each currency.
861.3 Issue EC#5244 Accounts Modified account processing to cater for situation in engineering configuration where an item that is partially written off and partially invoiced has the write off amount cleared and invoiced.
860.10 Change EC#5226 Accounts When a new invoice entry is created and a value entered for Invoice $ the Status will automatically be set to To Invoice. To exclude an invoice entry from the invoice being created change the Status to On Hold.
851.10 Issue EC#4997 Accounts Fixed issue in engineering configuration where invoiced amount was incorrect after selecting a charge on the ISD that was partially written off.
850.29 Issue SVT#1125 Accounts Fixed crash in relation to Delete Invoice and Reset Invoice functions in Accounts sheet.
850.28 Issue SVT#1124 Accounts Addresses an issue with invoicing Fixed Price work with billable expenses using the ISD in engineering configurations. The Invoice Selection Dialog allowed the user to enter full WIP without selecting expenses so it has been changed so it now restricts the user to only entering $ or % of the stage price. As before expenses must be ticked. The full invoice amount is shown in a new field top right of the dialog. Also now allows for negative invoice amounts to be entered but only for Fixed Price work.
849.33 Issue EC#4922 Accounts Fixed issue so the approval status of timesheet cells is correctly set after an invoice is deleted.
849.25 Issue EC#4875 Accounts For Engineers databases only, fixed Accounts so labour charges are moved from WIP $ to Invoice $ after being invoiced.
849.22 Issue EC#4860 Accounts Fixed issue in Accounts tab where values entered in Write Off $ or Invoice $ columns would disappear if not pressed after editing or when the cell had focus and user changed screens.
849.10 Change EC#4883 Accounts Adjustments reinstated to Accounts sheet for Architect database configurations. Adjustment feature has been reinstated and the rules tightened. Adjustments are available in Architect database configurations only. The Adjust$ column is visible in the Accounts sheet when the [option] ShowAdjustment=1 exists in eTrack Settings. Adjustments can be entered by users who have write access to the Accounts Sheet AND write access to the Adjust$ column as per security groups permissions 38 and 159. This can be set up by an Admin user. A New Adjustment entry is allowed on any Type where a new Invoice entry is allowed as per Type Setting 86 but is limited to Time-Based work – Fixed Price / % work can simply have the Price edited. To add an Adjustment right-click on the work item, select Add New Adjustment entry then enter an amount in Adjust$ column. The Adjustment amount increases WIP so you can bill more than the work done to date. Whilst not invoiced the amount can be edited or the entry deleted via Reverse Adjustment option on the right-click menu. Once an Adjustment has been fully or partially taken up in an invoice, its status will change to \\\'invoiced\\\' and it cannot be edited or reversed. Note that Adjustments do not appear as line items on printed invoices – the amount is simply included in the invoice total. We suggest adding an invoice note eg: This invoice includes an Adjustment of $x. If the purpose of the Adjustment is to bill in advance (rather than simply billing extra) then the process would be to write-off WIP, up to the value of the Adjustments, from labour that is subsequently booked to timesheets.
845.2 Change EC#4823 Accounts New rules for Write Off to ensure correct calculation of WIP. The Write Off column in the Accounts tab will only accept positive values. For time-based stages, write-off can be entered at the Stage, Person, Date (hours) and Expense rows. When entered at Stage or Person levels the amount is distributed to Date and Expense rows below. Once an Date / Expense row has an amount written off the Status becomes ‘invoiced’ which makes the items read only in the Timesheet / Expenses tab. For Fixed Price stages only expenses can be written off, to alter WIP edit the Price.
841.1 Change S092 Accounts The types under which Invoice Entries in the Accounts tab can be created is now controlled by Type Settings. The default types are Stage, Phase, Opportunity, Disbursements, Sub-Consultants and Variations. If you are using different terminology or wish to create Invoice Entries under a different Type please select Tools>Type Settings, select the Type on the left and tick permission #86 Allow Invoice Entries in Accounts under Type. It is important that invoice entries are only created at the same level - if invoice entries exist at multiple levels, for instance at both the project and stage level, this will result in an incorrect WIP calculation and invalidate the Accounts on the project..
838.33 Change EC#4722 Accounts Adjustments column (to Bill in Advance) removed from Accounts sheet. The functionality to increase WIP via an adjustment (Adjust$ column) has been removed. To Bill in Advance for time-based work: go to the Disbursements subtab on the stage (or Disbursements stage in the tree), click Add Disbursement, select the item called Adjustment and set the Actual Charge to the amount you want to bill in advance. Once the work has actually been done, you can write off the new charges via the Write Off column in the Accounts tab.
838.2 Issue EC#3434 Accounts Fixed error in Accounts sheet where the status of an invoiced timesheet row would update when the status of the person was edited.
838.11 Issue EC#4684 Accounts Fixed two issues in Accounts sheet where WIP on expenses was incorrectly processed after creating / editing an invoice entry.
837.19 New Feature EC#4596 Accounts Allow a project to be invoiced in another currency. "eTrack allows projects to be tracked in other currencies but invoicing is done in the default currency. A new option allows for invoicing in the project currency. To enable this add the following setting to eTrack Settings under [options] DoNotConvertCurrencyInAccounts=1 When this setting is 1, the project will not be converted to the default currency when loaded in the Accounts tab."
833.06 Issue EC#4519 Accounts The Date Filter on Accounts sheet will now not allow a date to be selected if the filtered results include invoice entries that are linked to work items dated past the selected filter date.
823.26 Issue EC#4016 Accounts Fixed bug that allowed Fixed Price checkbox to be changed when invoices exist