Release Type Reference Area Summary Description
958.51 Change E#1527 Documents Improved load time of Documents screen by optimising code and reduced the maximum number of documents displayed from 1000 to 200. This can be changed with setting [options] MaxDocsDisplayed=n Also fixed \'remove filter\' function.
958.24 Change E#1482 Documents Users can now choose whether to assign Doc# to documents that are attached manually using the Link or Copy Managed options. The default is no numbering. To enable numbering add this to eTrack Settings under [options]: NumberAttachedDocs= 1
958.15 Issue E#1126 Documents Fixed \'project unique numbering\' used for documents so that document numbers are not skipped, repeated or re-used.
954.9 Change E#1380 Documents Changed Document Properites Contact dropdown to only list contacts from the Company if one is selected. Also Parent field will now populate with the project when the document is created from a folder.
950.6 Issue E#1114 Documents Fixed various issues with manipulating documents. Fix for errors when moving documents with Revisions. Disabled Cut, Copy and Move To for Document Revisions since Revisions should not be separated from the document. Proper handling of these cases when using right-click > cut and paste • when user tries to move a document to itself • when user tries to move a document to the same location • when document is moved from one location to another then back again Move To will now show an error like Paste if the linked file does not exist and will not move the document.
950.3 Issue E#1114 Documents Disable Cut, Copy and Move To for revisions
948.5 Issue E#1114 Documents Documents move and copy corrections (including copy revision) Fix for errors when moving documents.Fix for Revision getting created with no file extension. This was happening with documents where Tree name did not have file extension and so the revision file name did not have file extension.Disabled Cut, Copy and Move To for revisions.Proper handling of these cases when using right-click > cut and paste • when user tries to move a document to itself• when user tries to move a document to the same location• when document is moved from one job part to another then back againMove To will now show an error like Paste if the linked file does not exist and will not move the document
946.4 Issue E#1119 Documents Document Performance improvements General changes to improve performance of the Document tab and the Document Link Utility.
944.2 New Feature E#670 Documents Added to the DefaultDocName behaviour which is the Name of the document\'s direct parent.
944.0 Issue E#764 Documents The Document Details subtabs have been correctly labelled as Preview, Details, Information and History.
943.6 Change Documents If a problem occurs when exporting a file for example due to broken link, eTrack now halts the export process, tells you why it didn\'t work and how many files weren’t exported.
943.6 Change Documents The order of the columns in the Document tab have changed to be more relevant and usable.
943.6 New Feature Documents Export multiple selected documents from the Document tab to a folder of your choice on the file server. In the Documents tab use mouse Ctrl+click to select one or more documents that eTrack will highlight. Click the Export button and select “Export Docs to Folder” eTrack will prompt for a directory on the file server to save the Documents to and creates this directory under the selection called “Doc Export”. All selected documents will be exported to the newly created folder. If a Linked Document the file is copied on the file server. No new link created to copied document, the original link is preserved. If an embedded document, it will be exported to Microsoft Word into the same folder (no link is created). All Revisions of selected documents are also copied.
943.6 New Feature Documents In the Document tab you can click a column and it will sort alphabetically. You can then type a letter using the keypad to jump to entries starting with that letter.
943.6 New Feature Documents In the Document tab you can now search by Date Range in the same way as you can apply a Date Range to a report. It defaults to All Dates.
943.6 New Feature Documents When opening a previous revision of a document, eTrack will display a prompt message asking the user if they want to view the most current version of the document instead.This occurs when documents are edited, exported, printed or emailed. Previously the user was only warned that it wasn’t the latest document but now eTrack will allow the user to select to open the latest.
943.32 Issue GapK Documents When exporting a Document from the Documents tab, when selecting Yes to exporting latest revisions, some documents were being excluded from the list exported. This has been resolved
943.32 Issue GapK Documents When using ‘Create PDF from File’, in some circumstances MS Word makes changes to a document when Saving As PDF. This would cause the “Save As” dialog to appear even though no changes were made to the document content. This no longer happens.
943.3 Issue Documents When a linked document is opened, eTrack will launch the application associated with the extension. Previously this stayed behind eTrack but now the application is brought to the foreground.
943.3 Issue Documents eTrack now supports linked Documents that have a file path longer than 260 characters.
943.20 Change E#347 Documents Document and File Revisions Document Revisions can be enabled by ticking security permission 190. To create a Revision, right click on the Document in the Document tab or in the tree and select ‘Create Revision’. A copy of the Document is taken and the original document moved to under the copy. The revision number is an integer at the end of the Document Number. This is incremented for the newly created Document. e.g. 1458-2 is revision 2 of document number 1458. To view Revisions, either expand the tree under the Document, or right click on a Document row in the Document tab and select ‘Show Past Revisions’ (click ‘Back to Documents’ to go back). When opening a previous revision of a document, eTrack will display a prompt message asking the user if they want to view the most current version of the document instead, or to open the one they searched for. This occurs when documents are edited, exported, printed or emailed. If the Document is a link to a file on the Fileserver, a copy of the Document is taken on the File Server and the name changed to reflect the new revision number. It is placed in the same directory as the original Document.
943.20 Issue E#520 Documents Have fixed issues with the Document Find, specifically using the Find with the following ‘popular’ fields: Document #, Created Date, Job #, Document Template Type, Document File Type, Subject / Name, Author, Revision.
943.20 Issue E#520 Documents If Exporting documents where the local computer has no access to the document, the export was continuing and saying it had exported even if it couldn’t find the file. Now, If the export fails, an error message appears immediately (with the reason for the failure) and halts the export. So even if the issue was caused by something other than an issue with file access, an appropriate error message should now appear.
943.20 Issue E#520 Documents Improved the warning messages that appear if Microsoft Word is not able to be opened.
943.20 Issue E#520 Documents When a tree item is selected, Documents in any branch anywhere under the selection are now displayed. This is many times faster than it was previously. (Limits to 1000 documents). Note: Use Find ‘Directly Under Selection’ for the original behaviour.
943.20 New Feature E#347 Documents Quick creation of a PDF copy of the document Fast creation of a PDF of a linked file by right clicking on a Document in eTrack and selecting ‘Create PDF from File’. eTrack will create a PDF version of the file in the same folder and create a new Document in eTrack to link to it. The PDF document has the same Document Number but a PDF icon is displayed. Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint are supported.
943.20 New Feature E#347 Documents Use external MS Word Documents instead of embedded document and insert #tags like bookmarks to pick up fields from the database
943.20 New Feature E#347 Documents eTrack allows you to export multiple selected Documents to the file server and optionally compress them to one file. eTrack allows you to export multiple selected Documents to the file server and optionally compress them to one file. On the Documents tab, tick the checkboxes next to the Documents you wish to include, then click the Export button. Select either “Export Documents…” or “Export Documents to ZIP file” and eTrack will prompt for a directory path to save them to. eTrack creates a folder called “Exported Documents” under the path selected and exports the Documents to it. If a folder called Exported Documents already exists another is created appended with (1) If the ZIP option is selected the documents are compressed into a file called “Exported”. If the selected location already has a zip file with this name the newly exported files are added to it. Embedded documents are exported as Microsoft Word files. All Revisions of selected documents are also exported. No links are created back to eTrack from the exported files.
943.20 New Feature E#512 Documents Allow users to easily group documents together by dragging one Document onto another Document and selecting Relate. eTrack automatically creates a Document Group with both Documents under it. Drag a Document onto another Document and select Relate. eTrack will create an entry in eTrack called Document Link and move the two Documents under it. If the Documents are linked to files on a file server then a new directory called Document Group is created and the linked documents moved under it. The eTrack Document paths are updated. If the Document has Revisions these are moved to under the Document.
940.14 Issue E#337 Documents The Edit, Print and Email buttons in the Document tab are all now working and have help tips.
940.0 Change Documents A new advanced Find has been provided in the Document tab by clicking the Find button. You can add multiple search criteria and filters. To search Documents across the whole system, click the magnifying glass in the panel between the tree and the Document tab. The functionality now exists but this user interface is being improved.
940.0 Change Documents eTrack now supports linked Documents that have a file path longer than 260 characters.
939.36 Issue Documents Added ability to Cut, Copy and Paste a Document in the tree so that it also deletes, copies or moves a corresponding linked file on the file server. To use, right click on a Document in the tree and select Edit > … Previously a copied Document in eTrack would point to the original Document.
936.28 New Feature B#271 Documents Added ability to have external document templates (Word, Excel) with data tags.
928.08 Issue EC#5927 Documents Issue with users being able to edited Locked Documents has been resolved.
927.07 Issue EC#5885 Documents There is now an option to add an attachment from the tree to an email via the \'Find\' tab on the Add Attachment dialog.
921.22 Issue EC#5806 Documents Moving a document in the tree will move the document on the file server to the corresponding folder.
921.19 Issue B#561 Documents Document List performance significantly improved which will also improve performance in other uses of documents.
921.10 Issue EC#5745 Documents Issue some users encountered with typing in document editor being very slow has been resolved
921.06 New Feature Documents Option to ‘Remove Document Links’ has been added to the right-click tools menu in the Document Editor
921.04 Issue EC#5791 Documents In the documents tab, \'Type\' can be changed via a drop-down selection in cell. The default type is the document template name. To use this functionality, create a new lookup under Settings > Lookups called \'Document Types\', then add new Lookup Values under this for each Document Type.
921.03 Change Documents The ‘Calculate’ button in the document editor will calculate formulas entered in cells, when prefixed with ‘=’.
920.10 Issue EC#5730 Documents Documents now load successfully.
920.0 New Feature EC#5628 Documents Documents can now have different headers and footers for the first page of a document and/or on odd and even pages of the document. This can be selected from \'Page Setup\' in the document.
918.14 Issue EC#5570 Documents Fixed error when trying to create a new document but no type-specific document templates exist.
912.05 Issue 1612kw3 Documents Fixed crash when using the Change Field function in the editor.
912.01 Issue 1512kw6 Documents Fixed issue where a new document appeared under Recent but not related to tree item where they were created from.
857.7 Issue EC#5173 Documents Fixed the format painter. It now functions correctly in the same way as the same feature found in Word.
856.5 Issue D151 Documents Fixed issues with various fields such as Project Description and contact Details, not showing data when inserted into a document.
854.9 Issue EC#4987 Documents There is a new checkbox in the bottom left corner of the Insert Fields dialog called Add as Multi-line. When ticked the inserted field will word wrap. It is useful for Memo type info items that otherwise run off the page.
854.0 Change EC#5098 Documents A document template is now required to have a TYPE associated with it. The associated TYPE will give the template context of where documents created from it are intended to be used eg Stage or RFI. This will provide more direct navigation to fields to insert. If you need assistance creating document templates please contact eTrack Support.
852.0 Issue EC#4980 Documents Fixed issue where data was not displaying if the same field was inserted in the document more than once.
851.3 Change none Documents The Favourites tab on the Insert Fields dialog has been replaced. The new function allows you to browse to the screen and field you require. This is easier to use and will resolve several issues of wrong or no data shown and errors with some fields.
850.27 New Feature D193 Documents Added spell check and thesaurus functions to the eTrack Document Editor on the Tools tab and via the right-click menu. Dictionary and Thesaurus files are required to be saved in the same directory as eTrack.exe and can be downloaded from the eTrack Help page in the Client Area of the website. incorrectly spelt words will be underlined. The right-click menu will list suggestions as well as Ignore All and Add to Dictionary options for the selected misspelt word or Thesaurus option for correct words.
849.31 Change no ref Documents Enhanced the Doc Link Utility so it can also be run on a project template.
849.27 New Feature EC#4864 Documents Added option to customise the default format of document names. By default new documents have the same name as the template from which they are created. To configure a custom naming format go to eTrack Settings and add the line DefaultDocName= followed by the format that can be any combination of the following fields in any order separated by any character:
<ReverseTodayDate> eg 141231
<CustomParentAcronym> ie Acronym field on Project Details
<CustomParentNumberAfterDash> eg for Project Number 2014-001 this is 001
<TemplateName> ie name of the Template document
<yyyy> eg 2014
<mm> eg 12
<dd> eg 31
For example: DefaultDocName=<ReverseTodayDate>-<CustomParentAcronym>-<CustomParentNumberAfterSpace>-<TemplateName>
A new document for Project# 2014-001 with Acronym MYPROJ using the template Variation Instruction created on 25/08/2014 would be named 140825-MYPROJ-001-Variation Instruction
This will apply to all documents created from embedded and linked templates but not for documents created from the Blank template. Document names can be edited.
846.21 Issue D168 Documents Fixed user interface on New Document dialog so that the Copy or Link option is selected when user clicks anywhere in the box including the radio button.
846.20 Issue D177 Documents Fixed issue so can create a new document from a template that is linked.
846.18 Issue D137 Documents Fixed error when creating a new document from a template that is attached.
844 New Feature EC#4736 Documents A new feature to record Transmittals has been added to Projects. Transmittals can be recorded on the new Transmittals subtab on a Project. Add contacts and documents by dragging from the tree or using the Add buttons. Click Add Transmittal to add a new Transmittal entry then select the date, type and delivery method. For each document in the transmittal specify the version number and for each contact specify the number of copies sent.
843.5 Change EC#4839 Documents On the Insert Field dialog in the eTrack editor, there are new fields for Project Manager and Job Sub Captain under the Project heading on the Favourites tab.
840.6 Change EC#4501 Documents Document Link Utility changed so it does not create duplicate project folders. The Document Link Utility has always matched on Project Number only ie: it links documents to projects where a folder name in the Document Path contains a Project Number in eTrack. Previously it also created a folder in the Document Path named Project# ProjectName if one did not exist. This last step has been removed.
840.14 Change D146 Documents Removed Save As Managed option from New Document - Attach File dialog.
838.4 New Feature EC#4690 Documents Added Insert Symbol feature to the eTrack editor.
838.33 Change D133 Documents Double-click an embedded document name in the tree and the document opens in the Editor (shortcut for right-click>Edit>Document).
838.33 Change D136 Documents Documents tab will now list documents for the selected tree item only. Previously the Documents tab listed all documents for the selected tree item plus all documents for its child items that was slow to load. Now each child item eg:stage is also listed and can be double-clicked to expand down to it\'s document list .
838.33 Issue D134 Documents When renaming an item, save when exit the field. Was previously saving on every keystroke that affected performance.
838.11 Change EC#4706 Documents The Document Link Utility can now be configured to exclude OR include specific file types according to a user-defined filter list. The current behaviour to link to all file types in the Doc Path will remain the default. To apply a filter, enter one of the following under [options] in eTrack Settings and edit the extension list as required (minimum of one extension is required). Note the ‘;’ between each extension: DocumentLinkExcludeList=.exe;.dll;.jpg DocumentLinkIncludeList=.doc;.pdf;.xls;.docx If both options exist, only the Include option is applied. Note that ALL Folders in the Doc Path are linked to. If the folder on the server only contains excluded files, the linked folder in eTrack will be empty.
834.13 Issue EC#4556 Documents Fixed crash in documents when editing tables.
834.04 Issue EC#4554 Documents Fixed issue where documents did not save changes to margins and page layout.
832.06 Change none Documents Created fields that can be inserted into documents for Total Approved Sum Adjusts and Total Approved Progress Claims.
832.06 Change none Documents Document Status lookup values are now Draft and Complete.
832.06 Change none Documents Documents exported to PDF format are now of a quality that can be selected and copied and edited with the right software. An options dialog is displayed when exporting to PDF.
832.06 Change none Documents Improved quality of images in documents on screen and in exported formats.
832.06 Change none Documents Improved speed of loading a document.
832.06 Issue none Documents Fixed crash when using Save and Back to list button in a new register entry after editing a document that has not been saed in the editor.
832.06 Issue none Documents Fixed formulas in documents so they work when the formula references cells that have inserted fields.
832.06 Issue none Documents Fixed so are saved in headers/footers when using keyboard tab key.
832.06 Issue none Documents Headers / footers from document templates come through to new documents created.
823.42 Issue EC#4292 Documents Fixed issue where changes to document under a construction register were not saved if you went to another screen and then back to the document - you are now prompted to save.
819 Issue EC#4150 Documents After saving a document, tabs entered using the TAB key are preserved. Any tab entered via the TAB key into an embedded document in the eTrack editor are now preserved when saving. This corrects the error where where replaced by spaces upon saving. LIMITATION: tab markers are not preserved (any tab markers entered are lost when saving the document). Please use multiple keystrokes of the TAB key as required.