Release Type Reference Area Summary Description
952.1 Issue E#462 Expenses/Disbursements Expenses totals now exclude GST / Tax.
948.9 Issue E#790 Expenses/Disbursements Person Expenses tab Enhancements to Expense or Reimbursables tab on a Staff Member: • List updates correctly when start or end date are changed. • Filters are always shown (previously hidden if no expenses to list). • Fixed the total row display glitch when adding a new expense. • Changed so after adding a new expense, the grid scrolls to bottom of the list and select newly added expense.
948.9 New Feature E#737 Expenses/Disbursements Expense Receipt File Types Enhanced this function to allow all document types (previously only image files were allowed). The receipt files are copied to \\Expense Receipts and eTrack links to the copy. Note. This no longer requires [options]ReceiptImages=1.
947.34 New Feature E#1195 Expenses/Disbursements Expense Markup There is a new info item type called ‘expense markup’ that is a % value. When an expense actual cost$ is entered (or calculated using units) on a stage, person or timesheet, if an expense markup field exists (on the item or its custom parent) and the expense is not invoiced then expense actual charge = expense actual cost plus the markup. This does not apply to supplier invoices where expenses have their own markup %.
947.19 New Feature E#1155 Expenses/Disbursements Bulk Approve Expenses Utility The ‘Approve Timesheets’ utility renamed to ‘Update Timesheet and Expense status’ and has a new option to Approve / Unapprove expenses. This utility now allows one or more of the following actions: a) change timesheet week status; b) change Lock / Unlock button status (for users with access); c) change expenses approved status.
943.52 Change E#737 Expenses/Disbursements You can now attached any file type to an Expense. To enable this feature select Setup/eTrack Settings and under [Options] on a row on its own add ReceiptImages=1 The add the File scroll to the far right of Actual Expenses and click the button.
943.3 Change Expenses/Disbursements The Expenses tab on a Staff Member now has the ability to filter by Entry Type in the right menu and now shows totals when filtered.
940.12 Issue EC#6074 Expenses/Disbursements The Expenses tab on a Staff Member now has the ability to filter by Entry Type (e.g. Travel, Tolls or Printing) and show totals. Right-click on an Entry Type and select Filter by ‘selected item’. There is also a ‘Clear Filter’ option in the right click menu.
923.01 Change EC#5799 Expenses/Disbursements Approved Expenses are read only. Only staff with security permission 2 can approve or unapproved an Expense. This is the same permission that controls approving a weekly timesheet.
918.08 Issue EC#5408 Expenses/Disbursements Missing expenses fixed Disappearing expenses resolved by setting all existing and all new Expense Types to Reimbursable. Can now filter for \'Reimbursable\' expenses on an individuals expense tab with new reimbursable checkbox.
914.07 Issue EC#5408 Expenses/Disbursements Fixed issue where disbursements did not display.
854.3 Change SVT#1162 Expenses/Disbursements Added a new [option] for the Expense Export called PurchaseOrderNumber where you can define a constant value for the Purchase# field in the export file to get around MYOB defaulting a value when it finds a blank Purchase#.
849.5 New Feature ESR1151#14C Expenses/Disbursements Created new export function to export expenses into a file for importing into MYOB. A new Export checkbox appears on the Expenses tab of people and work items. A user with access can tick expenses and export them via File> Export..>MYOB Expense Export. See Admin User Guide for full details. This change also includes renaming Vendor column to Supplier that is now a dropdown with Find...except in the Timesheet where it defaults to the timesheet person and cannot be edited.
849.30 Change EC#4920 Expenses/Disbursements Changed Totals table so the amounts are ex-GST only. Previously it was adding the charge/cost of all actual expenses as entered by the user even if \\\'entry includes GST\\\' was ticked.
849.29 Issue EC#4871 Expenses/Disbursements Fixed Actual Expense Report so amounts include GST where indicated by the user via the Includes GST checkbox.
846.12 New Feature GB#80 Expenses/Disbursements New option so checkbox for \'Entry Includes GST\' defaults to ticked. When adding new Actual expenses the \'Entry Includes GST\' checkbox defaults to not ticked to indicate the charge amount is GST-exclusive. To make it default to ticked (ie: charge amount is GST-inclusive) add this line to eTrack Settings under [options]: DefaultExpenseEntryIncludesGST=1
843.1 Change EC#4484 Expenses/Disbursements Disbursements subtab of a Person has been updated so the list can be filtered by Date and there is a Print button to access the Actual Expenses Report.
842.0 Issue EC#4815 Expenses/Disbursements Fixed issue so the Add Disbursement button displays the correct list of disbursements on the dialog.
833 Issue EC#3637 Expenses/Disbursements Invoiced disbursements / expenses cannot be deleted or edited
823.02 Issue EC#3638 Expenses/Disbursements On Expenses tab, Actual Charge / Cost correctly update when Units are changed