Release Type Reference Area Summary Description
950.19 Issue E#1294 Performance Fixed a Performance issue when create a new Contact with the \"New Contact\" button
944 Change E#741 Performance Projects listed under a Person (whatever the relationship, eg ‘owns’) are hidden if they have the status of Closed, Archived, Complete, Completed or On Hold. You can define other statuses to be hidden by listing them after ‘CompleteStatus’ in eTrack Settings. If you wish to NOT hide these projects please contact eTrack Support as there is a flag controlling each relationship that can be toggled.
944.0 Change E#741 EC#6090 Performance Inactive projects/jobs are now hidden in lists under a Staff Member (eg owns relationship) to improve performance and usability.
943.5 Change Performance Significant Tree performance improvements by eliminating unnecessary database queries during refresh.
943.3 Change Performance Exclude closed projects from under staff to make more usable when clicking Schedule or Accounts icon with the staff member selected in the tree. Projects with Complete, Closed or Archived Status are filtered out of Relationships under a staff member to make these lists shorter to navigate and faster to access. This is controlled by a setting on each blue allowed relationship so if you would like any to show all past Jobs please contact support.
939 Issue EC#5552 / E#92 Performance In some cases eTrack had created thousands of lookup entries Tax Code and Planning Tasks. You may not have been aware but it caused a significant performance issue.
918.14 Change F9#02 Performance Improved speed when running Job WIP Report (by Manager).
911.5 Issue 906.01 Performance Improved speed of loading screens such as Information, Company and Contact Details and Project/Job Details.
857.8 Issue EC#5193 Performance Improved performance of data import that was slow due to all child relationships being updated when a project is saved even if they were not changed.