Release Type Reference Area Summary Description
958.0 Issue E#334 Project Details When an item is added to the timesheet the parent is calculated instead of using stored parent. This resolves the issue where parent shown in the timesheet is blank or wrong because the stored parent had not been refreshed.
952.2 New Feature E#1343 Project Details When creating a project, there is now the option to prompt for a filepath to the Project folder. This allows projects to exist on different servers such as in different offices or in arbitary locations. To use please add DLUUseProjectDocPath=1 to Setup/eTrack Settings on its own row under [Options
947.1 New Feature E#1126 Project Details Project Unique Numbering There is a new numbering option that is the format . where next# is sequential starting from 1 for each project. It is particularly useful for documents. To use click Settings, Types, scroll down and select ‘Document’ (for example), then select the Numbering dropdown Details tab.
944.2 New Feature E#824 Project Details Mandatory fields are available on the project screen. Please contact eTrack if required.
930.11 Issue EC#5455 Project Details The correct relationship is created when an individual contact is selected as the Client on a project
927.07 Issue EC#5919 Project Details Issue some clients were encountering with fields being deleted from the Time + Expense Custom tab upon opening it has been resolved.
921.20 Issue EC#5792 Project Details Issue with a new Project being related twice to the Project Group has been resolved.
921.04 Change EC#5739 Project Details Changes to Stage Summary table on a project Text in To Bill changed to \'Click to Load\'. Unbilled Charge hint corrected to \'Actual Charge-Invoiced\'. To Bill hint removed for clarity
921.03 Issue EC#5462 Project Details Changes have been made to the \'Contacts and Contractors\' table on a project The \"New Contact\" option in the right-click menu has been hidden. ‘Users’ security permission is now allowed to Add and Remove project contacts, and to edit the contact Type. Can now navigate to a contacts details via double-click or right-click > Display from a contact in the table.
921.02 Issue EC#5467 Project Details Security Group permission #64 now allows editing of the assignee table on stages regardless of other read only settings
919.04 Issue EC#5291 Project Details Project site address now saves correctly
918.08 Issue EC#5304 Project Details Accounts report tab on a Project/Job correctly shows Unbilled Charge rather than WIP The Unbilled Charge column in Accounts tab report on a project group is now correctly showing the Unbilled Charge as in the Accounts screen (not the WIP).
918.08 Issue EC#5353 Project Details In the Project Budget tab summary, the Variation total now excludes the price of Sub-Consultants.
918.08 Issue EC#5444 Project Details A new Prospect under CRM can now have values.
918.08 New Feature EC#5354 Project Details Project Budget tab has new fields to separately show sub-consultant and expense totals for the project.
916.03 Issue EC#5363 Project Details Access when creating new Projects granted When creating new items or using Find, the message \'You do not have access\' no longer appears. The name and address of a company or individual is now persistent in all cases. Issue where items in tree can’t be found has been resolved. Individuals names are now displayed in the tree. When creating a new client or company from a template the issue with copying addresses is resolved.
914.08 Issue EC#5465 Project Details Issue with writing over of an empty project address resolved
912.06 New Feature Scenario61 Project Details Mandatory fields. Added ability to make certain lookup fields on the Project Details tab mandatory, meaning the user cannot leave the screen until a value is selected in those fields. If you would like to set mandatory fields please send a request to eTrack Support.Also enabled the mandatory property on Information Items. Any info item that is mandatory must have a value or the user will not be able to leave the screen. Note that currency type fields that are mandatory cannot be $0.Mandatory fields are indicated by an asterisk.
912.05 Issue 2912kw1 Project Details Fixed issue where new projects were not related to groups according to default selections in the project template.
912.03 Issue 812kw4 Project Details Fixed various issues with multi currency function. 1. Fixed crash when changing currency. 2. Show currency icon when create new project if currency is set in the template. 3. Display correct symbols in currency templates. 4. Reworded permission #132 Access to Change Currency Utility 5. Show currency symbol above Budget and Price Structure table.
911.5 Issue 312kw2 Project Details Users can now edit the Type dropdown in the multi contact table of the Project tab, even if the rest of the tab is read only.
860.4 Issue SVT#622 / SVT#1119 Project Details Corrected the calculation for WIP shown on the Opportunity Details tab that was incorrectly being restricted to only approved WIP. Also fixed so the value refreshes when changes are made.
847.0 Issue GB#78 Project Details Fixed issue where changing project status caused the project to appear in both the new and existing project group.
847.0 Issue none Project Details Made multi contact list editable by all users even if their security group allows read only access to this screen.
846.25 New Feature EC#4869 Project Details Added feature to allow Status Prefix to be included in the Project Number, Job Number, Opportunity Number etc To use this feature:
1. Expand Setup/eTrack Settings/has Lookups/Category/has Lookup Values/Project/has Lookup Values
2. For each Status (every status must have a prefix) add a Prefix followed by a colon to the start of the Name eg Q:Quote, HOLD:Pending
3. Go to Tools>Type Settings, select Project from the list of Types then set the Number Prefix field to be the same as the Prefix (no colon) of the default status when a new project is created ie the Status associated with the Project Group in Place New Item Under field.
How it works: When project status is changed to 'Quote', the project number will be Q1234
Note: the colon does not appear, if you want the format to be Q:1234 then add two colons eg: Q::Quote.
838.12 Issue EC#4714 Project Details Fixed issue where Client field on a project was being cleared after visiting the Budget tab.
817.01 Issue EC#3813 Project Details In the Contacts list on Project Details, Individual and Company contacts now display without the parent. An Individual under a company shows parent company in brackets.
817.01 Issue EC#3930 Project Details On the Contacts list on Projects Details, can now add all contact types ie: Individual, Company and Individual under Company via both Find and drag and drop.
812.15 Issue EC#3663 Project Details Correct expenses displayed in Budget On the Project Budget tab, the Price Structure table has been corrected to display Planned Project Expenses.  It was incorrectly displaying Actual Project Expenses, however the Totals were correct.