Release Type Reference Area Summary Description
958.25 Issue E#1487 Settings Fixed an error where edits to one user\'s settings were saved to another user\'s account - this occurred via the main Settings screen (admin access only). .
954.0 Issue E#366 Settings Disabled the \'expandable\' setting. Designed to keep sections of the tree expanded as in v8. To have multiple navigation sections expanded at the same time, use the Pin function.
948.14 New Feature E#1206 Settings Remember Type selection in Find dialog
940.0 Change Settings Added use of mouse scroll wheel plus added Search to Settings.
940.0 Change Settings The Settings (cog icon top right) has been re-laid out to use buttons not tabs. User tab has been renamed My PreferencesAdmin tab has been renamed AdministrationSystem tab has been renamed Login and SecurityInvoice Numbering is under Settings/Types at the bottom of Details tab.
939.8 Issue B#601 Settings Added Reset button to Invoice Numbering settings so that Next Invoice Number is only saved when specifically reset to another number and not just by visiting the screen.
939.24 Change GR#346 Settings Added Type Setting 94 Always Show Number that displays Number in the tree; for types such as Transmittal that do not do so by default.
939.23 Change E#128 Settings Changed Invoice Numbering from a Global setting to a Type Setting so that multiple invoice numbering systems can be set, for instance if there are multiple project types.
939.23 Issue EC#5888 / E#50 Settings In Settings/Navigation, deleting a Navigator no longer has an error.
930.16 Issue EC#5931 Settings When editing User Accounts, changes to details are now persistent for each individual user
925.5 Issue EC#5673 Settings Rate Sets view is no longer controlled by the user setting to Default display to Cost Rates. Rate Sets will always default to show Charge Rates.
922.01 Change EC#5467 Settings If security permission 49 is ticked for user security group, users will be able to edit Assignee Plan and ETC hours
922.0 Change EC#5571 Settings Permissions 56 and 57 turned off for Lookups and Lookup Values to allow for admin users to delete lookups.
921.29 Issue EC#5729 Settings Create/Change Login and Password in ‘User Settings’ has been disabled. New Users will no longer get ‘Cannot Access’ errors when using the search bar. Username and password can still be changed in Settings > User tab
913.07 Issue EC#5313 Settings In Settings, changes to all text size for Navigation headers and other User options now save.
912.01 Change 9112.jw20 Settings Added ability for user to reset Next Number for Project via Settings > Types.
860.2 Issue EC#5209 Settings Corrected settings by turning ON Document Type Settings 6, 10, 11 and 62.
849.29 Issue EC#4963 Settings Fixed crash when creating New Role.
842.0 Issue EC#4828 Settings Turned off Security Group permission #188 for all groups as relates to functionality no longer supported.