Release Type Reference Area Summary Description
958.46 Issue E#1516 Timesheets When selecting a Task in the timesheet the correct rate now defaults. If the person is already assigned then the assigned rate is used. If the person is not assigned their Default Role is used, provided it exists in the rate set for that work.
958.29 Issue E#1425 Timesheets Fixed issue in the timesheet where the parent of the work item was incorrectly displayed (until the screen was refreshed).
958.17 Issue E#1465 Timesheets In Eng databases, when a task is selected on the Add Entry dialog, Rate Type is set to the rate of the task if the person is assigned to it. If the person is not assigned then Rate Type is set to the person\'s Default Role.
958.10 Issue E#1435 Timesheets Changed Timesheet save of ETC so it is done as soon as edits are made rather than when leaving the screen. This should prevent loss of ETC if eTrack is closed unexpectedly after having entered hours. Hours were already being saved immediately.
951.3 Issue E#1293 Timesheets Fixed glitches in timesheet. Fixed a) the first work item in the dropdown could not be selected b) expenses not showing after being added
951.1 Issue E#1274 Timesheets he Add Entry dialog will only show the timesheet person\\\'s assigned tasks if setting #205 Access to add task (eng) is OFF
950.14 Issue E#1144 Timesheets Fixed Timesheet error and problems with display of time that were being caused by an auto refresh after entering time.
949 Issue E#1200 Timesheets Timesheet Status email notification There is a new system user called Service Account that us added with the 949 eTrackconsole upgrade. It appears in the tree under eTrack Settings. When selected in the Tree all the options under My Settings are hidden except for Email. MANUAL STEPS Please configure an email account for the Service Account user. This account will be used for timesheets notifications if the timesheet user does not have an email account. Warning: If the timesheet user does not have an email account and the Service Account email account is also not configured then the timesheet notification will not send (there is no error). Timesheet notifications are not lost though and will all be sent once the Service Account is configured.
948.10 Issue E#1048 Timesheets ‘Update Timesheet Status’ utility skips over empty timesheet weeks This utility has been enhanced so that it updates the status / lock for all weeks in the given date range whether or not an entry exists in the Timesheet table of the database. Previously it would only update the weeks for which a table entry has been created (that occurs when that week is opened in the Timesheet). The change allows future timesheets to be locked preventing staff from booking hours until such time that they are unlocked.
947.20 Issue E#1083 Timesheets Timesheet Robustness Improvements Changes to the process of adding timesheet entries to improve usability and ensure duplicate entries are not created.
944.9 Issue E#842 Timesheets Fixed issue with up/down arrow where after using it and clicking away it continued to process clicks.
944.0 Issue E#338/E#209 Timesheets Resolved a multi user issue in the Timesheet and Accounts
943.56 Change E#620 Timesheets The ‘Approve Timesheet’ menu item has been changed to ‘Update Timesheet Status’ and the utility rewritten to be faster and more accurate.
941.1 Issue E#341 Timesheets A rare issue where Timesheet cells could reappear after being set to 0 using the keyboard has been resolved.
928.0 Issue EC#5421 Timesheets Issue with a blank row being added to Timesheet when a Task is selected has been resolved.
927.07 Issue F#76 Timesheets When dragging a Stage to the Timesheet no additional blank row is added underneath it.
923.04 Issue EC#5279 Timesheets When weekly timesheet is approved, Expenses are also approved. Only staff with security permission 2 can approve or unapprove an Expense (this is the same permission that controls approving a weekly timesheet).
921.02 Issue EC#5758 Timesheets Issue with adding expenses in timesheets has been resolved
921.02 Issue EC#5766 Timesheets Issue with changing status or clicking Lock button in timesheets has been resolved
920.10 Issue EC#5736 Timesheets An error that occurred when editing in the timesheet has been resolved.
920.10 Issue EC#5737 Timesheets Saving timesheets no longer clears cells with focus.
920.05 Issue EC#5687 Timesheets The Book Time button on Stage Details screen has been hidden as still under development.
920.04 Issue EC#5683 Timesheets Error experienced by some users when accessing Timesheets is now resolved
918.14 Issue EC#4932 Timesheets Spin boxes in timesheet cells turn off once time has been invoiced so that invoiced time cannot be changed accidentally.
918.11 Issue EC#5622 Timesheets Fixed error that occurred when searching for work items using the timesheet Find.
918.08 Issue EC#5499 Timesheets Fixed the Move Time feature in Timesheets so that comments related to the time entries are also moved.
912.01 Issue 1412kw1 Timesheets Fixed issue where Save button on Time Capture dialog was disabled.
912 New Feature EC#4992 Timesheets Move Time is a new feature that allows uninvoiced hours and linked comments to be moved to another work item. To enable the feature add this line under [options] in eTrack Settings: MoveTime=1 To use right click a timesheet cell or row and choose Move Time for Day or Move Time for Week as required. NOTE: there is a limitation that ETC is not adjusted. This feature is suitable if you don\'t use ETC or accept the limitation that ETC will only be accurate if manually adjusted.
907 Change ESR11249A11 Timesheets Enhanced Time Capture to record time periods which can be viewed via a report.
861.5 Issue SVT#641 Timesheets Updated Timesheet Print (report) so that overtime is excluded from totals as per SVT#1174.
861.10 Change none Timesheets Added sort by Parent Name to Timesheet and renamed sort by name to sort by entry name.
861.1 Issue EC#5236 Timesheets Fixed code so Timesheet comments are saved as the correct note type at time of creation.
860.6 New Feature SVT#1174 Timesheets Exclude overtime hours from Day Totals and overall Week Total in Timesheets. There is a new option to exclude all hours booked to work items with a cost centre of overtime from the Totals. To enable this feature add this line to eTrack Settings under [options] CostCentreExcludeTSTotals=Overtime Also in eTrack Settings, add a new Cost Centre called OvertimeLogout and in again. The Overtime cost centre can be selected on any work item or create a new Admin Task called Overtime to use generically.
860.4 Issue SVT#625 Timesheets In the engineering configuration assignees will not become inactive regardless of any conditions or rules.
860.2 Change EC#5197 Timesheets Enhanced Time Capture utility so it is compatible with engineering configurations.
857.2 Issue EC#5027 Timesheets Fixed crash when entering comment for a work item.
856.4 Issue EC#5142 Timesheets Fixed issue of timesheet comments being lost.
854.11 Change EC#4989 Timesheets Provided settings so that users cannot add tasks or rates from the timesheet (engineering config). 1. Created new security group permission #205 Allow Access to Add Task in (Eng) Timesheet. It defaults to ON. When OFF users can only choose from a list of Tasks to which they are assigned.
2. Improved the functioning of security group permission #139 Allow Booking to Assignees of Work in Timesheet. When OFF, users cannot select another Rate.
853.0 Issue EC#4738 Timesheets Fixed issue where time was saved to the wrong work item. This occurred if Time Capture was recording time for TaskA and then started for TaskB but the dialog (to save time on TaskA) was cancelled; when stopped the time recorded to TaskB instead of TaskA.
851.9 Issue no ref Timesheets Permanently enabled the option TimeSheetCellSave that saves after each edit rather than only when clicking Save or leaving the tab.
851.2 Issue EC#5004 Timesheets Increased column width of Totals in Timesheet tab as the number displayed was truncated on some computers.
851.1 Issue Midas#043 Timesheets Changed the way timesheet comments are linked to timesheet cells to ensure the comments are not overwritten or lost.
849.26 Issue Midas#030C Timesheets Added additional processing to the save of timesheet comments to prevent comments being lost in certain scenarios.
849.12 Issue EC#4880 Timesheets Fixed issue where a new row was not being created when changing Book To on a row that already had time booked to it.
849.11 Issue EC#4666 Timesheets Fixed issue with Time Capture utility where paused time was adding back after resuming.
849.11 Issue EC#4738 Timesheets Fixed Time Capture utility issues where time was not added if the timesheet cell had focus and time was sometimes recorded on the wrong work item.
846.12 Change GB#75 Timesheets Increase column width of Task and Rate columns on the Timesheet tab in Engineering databases.
838.28 Change S070 Timesheets Timesheet tab layout improvements 1. Added TODAY button for quick return to the current week. 2. Book To column widened. 3. Removed \"hint\" text and extra Activity dropdown field.
837.35 New Feature EC#4610 Timesheets Allow each timesheet cell to be flagged as 'do not invoice' so the charge for that work is not added to the total Actual Charge of the job. "To enable this feature go to each security group and tick permission #200 "Allow Access to Do Not Invoice". To use this feature, right-click on a timesheet cell and tick the Do Not Invoice option - the time booked will appear pink to indicate the charge rate has been set to $0. In the Accounts sheet any timesheet cell flagged as 'do not invoice' will not appear. LIMITATION: in the Accounts Sheet, Actual Hours includes ALL hours booked regardless of the 'do not invoice' flag."
834.04 New Feature EC#4540 Timesheets Added feature to rollout out new timesheet activities from a template. "To add new timesheet activities to all existing projects based on a template: 1. Expand the tree to Project Templates and add the timesheet activities. 2. Right click and select Rollout... 3. Choose the options that you require and click Continue. 4. Press F5 refresh."
832.09 Issue EC#4482 Timesheets Fixed error that occurred when right-click timesheet work item and select Find option.
823.53 Change EC#4364 Timesheets Improved usability of Timesheet Activity dropdown. 1. Removed [ ] when no Number field is set up. 2. Focus jumps to the first matching item in list when user types. 3. Dropdown resizes to show more items without scrolling.
823.06 Issue EC#4396 / EC#4397 Timesheets Fixed bug where assignee rates were $0 instead of rate from rate set.
817.08 Issue EC#4085 Timesheets Can now book time to Admin Tasks when Security Group permission #193 is ON - this restricts time being booked in the timesheet when ETC is 0.
817.03 Issue EC#4031 Timesheets ETC reduction corrected where ETC is set at a stage level. ETC now reduces correctly in the case where no people are assigned and  ETC is set for the stage in the budget grid, then time is booked and user goes to stage details tab. This fixes the error where ETC became 0 when switching screens after time was booked.
817.03 Issue EC#4040 Timesheets Stage gets ETC equal to time booked when time is booked to stage with no ETC and then stage is deleted from timesheet corrected the processing for increasing ETC when user reduces/deletes time booked to a stage that has 0 ETC
816.23 Issue EC#4030 Timesheets ETC not reducing when ETC set after time already booked and ETC goes to 0 when ETC edited after time is booked. ETC now reduces correctly in the case where people book time to a stage before ETC is defined for them, then ETC added and more time booked. Also in the case where time is booked to a stage, then the ETC is increased and more time booked.
816.05 Issue EC#3972 Timesheets Fixed problem with saving the timesheet when booking to equipment (such as Travel).