Release Type Reference Area Summary Description
948.12 Issue E#1012 Transmittals Transmittals Contact Type can now be selected from a dropdown. If the contact is in the project contacts table it will default to what is selected there, if anything. Changed right-click > Add Contact so Find does not auto run. Fixed error when opening transmittal document (cover letter) for editing.
944.12 Change E#20 Transmittals Transmittal fields are now be available through the Report Details Insert Field dialog by selecting the \"Transmittal\" field at the bottom of the list of fields.
944.0 Change E#20 Transmittals Console replaces the Transmittal Document Template used plus fixes the transmittal table.**Please add your header and footer to the Document.**
944 New Feature E#20 Transmittals The Print button on the Transmittal tab on a Project opens a new (embedded) Document. You can edit this document by expanding Setup/System Templates and editing Transmittal Document 2.
915 New Feature ESR1234B11 Transmittals Added ability to create a new document from within a Transmittal.
912.01 Issue 9114.jw3 Transmittals Added missing right-click menu that has options to remove a document or contact.
853.2 Change EC#4993 Transmittals On Transmittals tab if a transmittal includes a document that is not linked in eTrack it can be still be recorded via Add Doc Name button that allows the user to type the Document Name.
851.0 Issue EC#4957 Transmittals Fixed crash when clicking Add Transmittal on the Project Transmittals tab.