Release Type Reference Area Summary Description
957 Issue E#378 Tree Fixed error that occurred when deleting a relationship (in order to delete all items under it).
954.2 Issue E#1107 Tree Prevented drag/drop of an item to navigation bar if the item cannot be related to it. This was causing the nav bar name to change to the item name.
954.2 Issue E#256 Tree Removed sort from right-click menu for Favourites since sorting functionality is not supported for favourites. The ability to re-order favourites is still available via shift up/down keystrokes.
948.0 Change E#1098 Tree Improved the way items are deleted. A deleted item is now moved to the bin with its child items still related (previously each item was moved separately); this makes restoring it easier as don\\\'t need to rebuild the structure. If there are any timesheets or expenses, a deletion will not be allowed. Users will need to delete (or move) these first - this is to prevent accidental deletion of active projects.
943.32 Issue Tree Changes to Profile Picture now persist.
943.32 Issue Tree Stopped Favourites returning after being removed.
940.12 Issue Tree You can refresh the tree by clicking any item in the tree and pressing F5 (or right-click > Refresh). Now when a Refresh is done, all fields, Assignees, Contacts (and other Relationships) are fully refreshed. Previously only a partial refresh was done.
940.0 Change Tree Projects with Complete, Closed or Archived Status are filtered out of Relationships under a staff member to make these lists easier to navigate and faster to access. For example, under Staff Member/owns or Staff Member/Project Architect there are only Projects with a Status of Prospect or Current, not Projects with status of Closed, Complete or Archived. Please let support know if you would like this changed.
930.16 Issue EC#5592 Tree Expand option in the Search bar has been enabled. To use, click on arrow which appears next to the items in the results. By clicking the arrow and expanding you are able to see item details e.g. Project Manager, Stage, and Job.
930.16 Issue EC#5876 Tree The issue that was appearing for some users when selecting an item from the instant Find results has been resolved. Results displayed are now limited to 300 items.
928.0 Issue F9#46 Tree When right-clicking on a tree item and selecting New > Another (of the same) the new item is created underneath the correct Parent and its details are displayed
925.1 Issue EC#5374 Tree It is now possible to sort using the option \"by Surname, Firstname\" for groups where such a sort order is applicable such as staff and contacts.
925.01 Issue EC#5374 Tree Can now sort by \'Surname, First Name\' in tree via Right-Click > Sort > by Surname, Firstname.
921.24 Issue EC#5374 Tree Right-click and Sort in tree now works as required
921.21 Change Tree Performance enhancements made to the tree
921.20 Issue EC#5792 Tree Issue with a new Project being related twice to the Project Group when it is created has been resolved.
921.11 Issue EC#5750 Tree Fix to make changes to the Navigation bar order persistent.
921.04 Issue EC#5795 Tree Issue some users were encountering when using main \'New\' button has been resolved.
921.03 Issue EC#5727 Tree Issue with \'Navigate and Select\' search option opening items under \'Recent\' in navigation bar instead of parent item has been resolved.
920.10 Change EC#5480 Tree New projects can no longer be created from the right click menu in the tree. To create a new project, use the \'New\' button above the search bar.
919.4 Issue EC#5389 Tree Fixed error when there are no Find results to select when using Instant Find.
918.08 New Feature Tree Tree and Contact performance has been improved: Moving an item in the tree has no delay. The Contact screen now displays more quickly. The tree expands and collapses more quickly.
916.03 Issue EC#5454 Tree When item created in the tree, eTrack no longer jumps to showing it under Recent
913.05 Issue EC#5294 Tree You can now collapse and expand the Tree to see tree items created or deleted by another logged in user. You no longer need to click Refresh or log in or out again. Clicking \\\'New...\\\' in the Client etc. dropdown of a Project no longer prompts for name multiple times
911.5 Issue 9101.ag1a Tree Fixed initial load of Navigation so it does not prompt user to click to load report.