Release Type Reference Area Summary Description
948.10 Change E#1048 Utilities Bulk lock of empty timesheet weeks. The \\\'Update Timesheet & Expense Status\\\' utility has been enhanced so that it can lock timesheet weeks that are blank. The \\\'lock\\\' function is controlled by a setting so will only be available to users with access to it.
948 Issue E#1098 Utilities Recycle Bin changes When deleting a project eTrack will first check if there are timesheets and / or expenses associated with any work items under it. If none, the project is deleted with its structure preserved (this makes it easier to restore). Otherwise the user is warned that there are timesheets / expenses that are preventing the deletion to proceed. The user must either move the timesheets/expenses to another project or delete them then try again to delete the project. This prevents the problems with reports showing different results depending if Timesheet based or Work Breakdown Structure (ie. ‘Tree’) based.
947.25 Issue E#631 Utilities Print / Export to PDF Fixed issue when using Classic Print that the last few rows of data were missing. This was happening in reports and Print button in Accounts.
943.3 Issue E#532 Utilities DLU now handles apostrophes in Project Names.
943.19 Issue EC#5959 / E#122 Utilities Resolved issue with duplicate Projects being created on the file server when add a link to a file from a tree node under the Project.
943.1 Issue E#298 Utilities The Document Link Utility now logs errors and continues processing other projects so no longer gets stuck. The performance of the DLU has also been improved.
921.17 Issue EC#5816 Utilities Changed processing of Document Link Utility to handle folder names in excess of 100 chars.
914.02 Issue EC#5257 Utilities The \\\'Update Assignee Rates Utility\\\' updated to support new feature of rate sets on Tasks (under Stages) and Stages (architects databases only).
911.5 Issue 9112ag.1 Utilities Allow Document Link utility to be run from the first menu rather than from the Tools submenu that not all users have access to.
861.5 Issue EC#5257 Utilities Fixed Update Assignee Rates utility so that it picks up the rate set on the Task level before going up to the Stage then Project.
858.1 Change EC#5195 Utilities Updated the Document Link Utility so it accepts input from a file. This allows a user to define a tree node where the utility is to be run when it is launched by the eTrackTasks application as a scheduled task.
848.5 New Feature EC#4898 Utilities Renamed eTrackScheduler.exe to eTrackTasks.exe and enhanced its functionality to replace eTrackAlarmService. eTrackTasks is an application to run nominated tasks at scheduled times. To set it up, run eTrackConsole.exe and click Schedule. Select which tasks to run: Update and Optimize Schedules (ETC Update and Update Resource Plans utilities) / Create Folders and Documents linked to files on file server (Document Link Utility) / Backup Database. Then schedule the application to run via Windows Task Scheduler. When launched the application will run the selected tasks sequentially waiting for one to complete before running the next. Refer User Guide for more information. Note: the Doc Link Utility requires a schedule.dat file to specify the tree location where it should run - please contact support for more details.
846.20 Change D174 Utilities Updated Document Link Utility to exclude all system and hidden files.