Release Type Reference Area Summary Description
959.9 Issue E#1151 General Resolved a timing issue that occurred when switching tabs causing the \'person / work mismatch while saving\' error or \'problem saving x and displaying y\' error.
958.46 Issue E#997 General Removed the highlight effect around selected cells as it was causing a persistent blue box to appear on other screens and applications that were not configured to \'stay on top\'.
952.6 Issue E#1349 General figures entered with more than 2 decimal places are now rounded before saving to avoid discrepancies with calculations. Previously if a user entered a figure with more than 2 decimal places it was rounded for display but saved as entered. Calculations performed on saved amounts would then yield figures that were out by a few cents.
947 New Feature E#52 General Find dialog has Remember Type selection Added ‘remember selection’ checkbox to remember selected Type for the session (resets to All on next login).
944.1 Change E#353 E#733 General Hid Contract Value on Project Tab as it was incorrectly showing Project Fee and also a security issue for some clients.
944.0 Issue E#764 General The Document subtabs have been changed from all being ‘Details’ to appropriate names.
943.58 Issue E#773 General A change has been made so Last modified date as displayed in the Status bar is only updated if a change has been made (previously it was each time the tab was accessed).
943.58 New Feature General To drag and drop items in the tree you can display an Explore tab (that now doesn’t change). Select an item in the tree to show in another tree. Click Details icon and click View button top right. Then tick ‘Show Explore Tab’.
943.58 New Feature General You can now view all changes to any item in the eTrack tree using the powerful Audit Trail feature, referred to as ‘History’ or ‘Feed’. To show all changes to an item select it in the tree, click View button top right and tick ‘Show History Tab’. A new ‘History’ tab will appear. In the tab there are icons on the right for different display options. Click the magnifying glass to filter the audit trail.
943.56 Issue E#769 General The Fee Type selection on the Project Budget tab no longer overwrites the price.
943.54 Issue E#515/E#714 General After creating a new project the Price Structure table now refreshes correctly to show the Stage.
943.5 Issue General Fixed incorrect Active/Inactive symbols used in Instant find (top left search bar).
943.3 Change General The Settings accessed via the cog icon top right has been re-laid out to use buttons not tabs. The User tab has been renamed to “My Preferences”. The System tab has been renamed to “Login and Security”.
943.20 New Feature E#472 General Advanced Find implemented throughout eTrack. The Instant Search, Find (Ctrl+F), Document Find and Email Search will now return items where all words in the search string appear in the order specified but may have other text in between. e.g. using the search term: car park, will return “my car is at the park” but not “did you park your car?”, previously it only returned items with a match to the whole string e.g. “the car park was full”. To restrict the results to only exact matches use quote marks around the search term “car park”.
930.16 Change EC#5890 General Panel View has been switched off in the interest of stability.
929.2 Issue EC#5876 General Fixed error that appeared when selecting an item from instant Find results. Results displayed are now limited to 300.
929.01 Issue F9#04 General When creating a new Issue, Job, or Project, or adding a new Person or Client they will no longer be created or added as a Template.
923.01 Change F9#45 General When deleting items the confirmation dialog no longer pops up listing all Relationships that will be removed along with the deletion.
921.24 Issue B#606 General If error log is not active, a buffer of error log messages will be retained to provide more details for analysing errors without the overhead of a log file.
921.02 Issue EC#5563 General In the main \'New\' menu, the \"Under \" option has been moved to the bottom of the list.
921.0 Change EC#5717 General Significant improvements made to log-on time
920.08 Issue EC#5722 General Both the Description box and Progress Notes box are now correctly displayed and scrolling is fully enabled.
920.04 Issue EC#5630 General Console Maintenance now executes successfully
918.08 Issue EC#5450 General The issue with a default space in template fields such as the Client PO number field has been resolved.
915 New Feature EC#5312 General Added \\\'Find\\\' binoculars to the edit toolbar of the Description field to allow searching within the Description
914.06 Issue EC#5395 General Issue with logging in due to date format resolved
913.2 Issue EC#5294 General Edit > Delete fixed Fix to allow deleting items. Repeated prompt asking for new client name under a new project removed. Added or removed projects will now appear in another user\\\'s windows in the same session if the project tree is collapsed and expanded.
913.06 Issue EC#5328 General Fixed error on Find function from a field.
913.05 Issue EC#5294 General Fixed crash on delete item.
912.08 Issue 1811kw2 General Fixed crash associated with Refresh function.
912.01 Issue 1512kw5 General Fixed issue with incorrect numbering on Scope Changes.
912.01 Issue 2611kw1 General Removed Import Contacts option from Tools menu as has been replaced by Import Items.
912 New Feature 9115.jw11 General Added Logout option on the Help (?) menu.
911.5 Issue 1911kw1 General Added Logout button on the About screen.
911.5 Issue 9012.jw11 General Added grid lines to Schedule, Timesheet and Accounts screens and improved usability of Schedule.
911.5 Issue 9091.jw1 General Fixed Outline Numbering so the parent number is not duplicated.
911.5 Issue 9110.jw8 General Clean up of the New button at the top left of the screen and the right click New menu.
911.5 Issue EC#5258 General Added ability to enable folders under projects and documents under stages.
861.6 Change none General Updated error reporting to be compatible with new email provider and added return email address of sender to report details.
860.1 Issue EC#5180 General Linked the Resolved By field on Issues tab to the resource group for current staff.
856.5 Issue EC#5147 General The conflict dialog has been hidden. This dialog pops up when two users change the same data at the same time. To enable this feature add this line to eTrack Settings under [options] ShowConflictDialog=1 When it appears the dialog can be closed easily via the Escape key.
854.8 New Feature EC#5106 General Created new option so that a stage created on a project will default to the stage name of the template rather than \'New Stage\'. Where multiple stage templates are configured, the name of a newly created stage will default to the name of the selected stage template. To enable this go to Tools > Type Settings, select Stage from the list on the left and tick permission #87 Copy Name when create from Template,
854.11 Issue SVT#1080 General Made changes to reduce the number of overwrite messages appearing when not required.
853.1 Change EC#5076 General Fixed crash when creating a new item in the tree under an item listed in the Find Results.
853.0 Change EC#5067 General Tidied up various configuration options and settings and tightened security in regards to access to delete functions. In this release the security group permission to override the setting that makes types delete protected has been turned OFF. This is in response to several cases where users with this override enabled have deleted high level items such as whole contact groups which is difficult to restore. Admin users may find that they now cannot delete various types in the tree. If you are an Admin user and cannot delete items that you should have access to delete you can go to Tools > Type Settings and for each type you need to delete untick permission #57 Admin Delete Protected. The config changes include unticking the Fixed Price flag where it is not required, adding Calendars if missing and disabled Timesheet and Assignee utilities in engineering databases.
853.0 Issue EC#5062 General Sort in the tree in now functioning again.
852.0 Issue EC#5031 General Fixed crash when tree item has no children as seen when creating contacts under a new company or tasks under a new stage.
851.8 Issue Midas#045 General Improved performance of the tree when expanding items with a large number of entries such as a Client list.
848.4 Change EC#4788 General Added Refresh button to custom register tabs so user can update to reflect changes made. This is an interim solution to address an issue where a register does not update when an entry is deleted - the entry is deleted from the database and the tree refreshes but the custom tab requires the underlying report to be re-run. An auto-refresh will be implemented in a future release.
846.26 Change S093 General Added Copy, Paste and Cut functions to the right-click menu for grids and fields throughout eTrack and Copy/Paste for checklist items. Various fields now have copy/paste/cut options via the right-click menu. On Checklist tabs the entire Task text can be copied or pasted using Copy Text and Paste Text options. Some fields (those with a yellow background) such as on the Company Details and Person Details tabs are not compatible with this function.
840.6 Change EC#4782 General Name fields such as Client and Owner now display names in First Name Surname format (previously was Surname, First Name)
840.5 Issue EC#4780 General Added vertical scroll bar to Stage Details tab.
838.17 Change EC#4285 General New Help links. The Help menu now has 3 new options: 1. Help Guides 2. FAQ 3. Release Notes Each will take you to the relevant page of the eTrack website. You will be prompted for a username and password that are both: dolphin42 Links to the old Help files have been removed. If you have old versions of eTrack Help files on your local machine or server, these can be deleted.
833 Change EC#4190 General All Details screens now have a rich text editing ribbon
833 Issue EC#4466 General Fixed display issue where Price Structure table could not be seen on small screens such as on small laptops.
823.26 Issue EC#3751 General Warning message is displayed when user clicks Clear Login on Person Details
822.09 Change none General Date Types Many Date-type fields throughout eTrack have been changed so that dates can now only be selected from the calendar control and not typed directly into the field. Click or double-click in the field to display the calendar.
822.09 Issue EC#3908 General Improved the functioning of Information Item date fields The values in Information Items fields that are date types do not change when the user clicks in the field. Users without write access to information items cannot edit the value of dates. The ‘clear’ option on the right-click menu works correctly. Date fields have been changed so that dates can now only be selected from the calendar control and not typed directly into the field. Click or double-click in the field to display the calendar.
820.03 Change EC#4126 General Increase field size of Acronym field to 6 characters
819.01 Issue EC#4138 General Can now forward delete text using the Delete keyboard key in Notes and Description fields.
819.01 Issue EC#4145 General Text entered as the Description on Contact Group and Resource Group tabs now saves correctly
816.14 Issue EC#3946 General Items in Assign To table on Stage Details visible when using resolution with height of 768 Adjusted display so that when using a resolution with height of 768, if there is more than 1 person in the assign to table on Stage Details, the entries are not hidden by the horizontal scrollbar that appears. Note: minimum resolution supported is 1024x768.