Release Type Reference Area Summary Description
954.0 Issue E#1309 Info Items The user icon now redirects to the person details screen. It had been trying to load a \'home page\' that is still under development so caused an error.
943.6 Issue Info Items Fix for unnecessary Mandatory field prompt when selecting \'Find ...\' in a dropdown.
943.16 Issue EC#5973 / EC#5892 / E#122 Info Items Fixed a bug when using the mouse wheel to scroll in a Memo field.
930.29 Issue EC#5895 Info Items If Type Setting 82 is on, the items of that Type will not appear in the search results. However in the find dialog, when the Type is selected, items of that type will be listed despite Type Setting 82.
921.03 Issue EC#5779 Info Items Issue encountered by some users when editing Info fields in a new Contact Information item has been resolved
912 Issue 3011kw1 Info Items Ensure changes to information items are saved when user leaves the screen.
849.25 Issue EC#4480 Info Items Fixed issue where Info Items of type Text accepted more chars than can be saved in the database. Field now limits entry to 100 chars and informs the user to use type Memo if longer notes are required.
834.04 Issue EC#4583 Info Items Fixed issue where dates on info items were not saving.