Release Type Reference Area Summary Description
956.0 Issue E#672 Budget Fixed issues with contract fee and %based stage price calculations. Also disabled the old %based stage price formula. The setting [Options] PercentofContractCalc has been disabled which means the old formula is no longer in use: Price = (Contract Fee - sum Fixed Stage Fees) x % of Contract Now %based stages always use this formula: Price = Contract Fee x % of Contract
945.31 Issue E#503 Budget Updated the conditions for allowing Price to be edited On stages with expenses \'add to price\' eTrack was capping Price to the whole invoice amount including expenses. This has been corrected to exclude the invoiced expense charge. Price is not capped if there are no invoices or the stage is not \'fixed price\'.
944.15 Issue E#708 Budget Updated these fields on the Budget tab to show correct amounts: Forecast, Unbilled WIP, Invoice to Date and To Bill
944 Change E#558 Budget For each staff member, if the Target Billed Hours was 0 (see Settings/Administration) it has been set to be the same as the Standard Working Hours.
943.54 Issue E#515 Budget Fixed issue where stages were not listed in the Budget stage summary table.
943.15 Change B#648 Budget The Margin $ and Markup % calculations have changed to match standard accounting definitions. Refer to the user guide.
939.2 Change EC#6015 Budget The calculations for the new fields added in EC#5354 have been corrected to include only those sub-consultants / expenses where To Invoice / Add to Price is ticked. The figures should reflect only what is going to be billed.
930.16 Change EC#5893 Budget Planned Expenses have been removed from the Price Structure table so that the total displayed equals the sum of the items listed.
925.0 Issue F9#88 Budget Budget tab refreshes automatically after editing ETC or Plan in the Assigned To table.
921.29 Issue AH62 Budget The Budget Table will automatically refresh after the ETC hours in the Assigned To table has been edited.
921.26 Issue AH50 Budget Issue with all assignees being removed after adding an assignee to a task has been resolved
921.04 Issue EC#5686 Budget Can now edit Price in Stage tab when Fee Type is Time Based
921.02 Issue EC#5690 Budget Issue with budget screen not populating upon initial load has been resolved.
921.0 Issue EC#5694 Budget ETCs now increment or decrement successfully
916.03 Issue EC#1125 Budget WIP column on right of Price structure table in Project Budget Tab is now not cut off on edge of screen and can be accessed.
916.03 New Feature Budget In the top right area of a Project\'s Budget tab, Variations and Sub Consultants\' Actual Charges have been separated out as separate amounts
915.0 New Feature ESR1234.c5 Budget On the Project Budget tab in the Price Structure table, the Fixed Price and Lump Sum checkboxes have been replaced with a dropdown with Fixed Price, Time Based and (if configured) % Based. The dropdown sets and clears the original checkboxes as follows: Fixed Price sets FP=On and LS=On % Based sets FP=On and LS=Off Time Based sets FP=Off (and LS=Off although this makes no difference)
911.5 Issue 9101.ag1c Budget Fixed issue where assignee rate did not load when person added to assignee table or when Update Assignee Rates utility run.
856.4 Issue EC#5110 Budget Fixed error that caused the Lump Sum checkbox to revert to being unticked after a user ticked it and changed screens or logged out.
849.8 Issue EC#4830 Budget Fixed issue where Original Contract Value field was being set to a large random number due to an invalid calculation.
849.8 Issue EC#4914 Budget Fixed issue where % of Revised Contract Value field was resetting to $0 on entry to the Budget tab which subsequently cleared Contract Fee and %-based Stage Prices.
840.8 Change EC#3688 Budget The way Price is calculated for % Based stages (ie: Fixed Price ticked and Lump Sum not ticked) has changed to Price = % of Contract * Contract Fee. This applies to the Project Budget tab (Price structure table) and Stage Details tab (Cost Structure section). If you would like to use the old formula ie: Price = % of Contract * [Contract Fee - sum (lump sum Prices)] add this line to eTrack Settings under [Options] PercentofContractCalc=1
840.12 Change EC#4777 Budget If Lump Sum on a stage is not ticked, Price cannot be edited as it is calculated as a % of Contract Fee.
838.27 Change S100 Budget Added radio buttons so user can select whether the architect’s project fee is a fixed Contract Fee or calculated as a % of the contract (construction) value.