Release Type Reference Area Summary Description
962.4 Issue E#1064 Email Removed \\\\\\\'Preview List\\\\\\\' view option. This is a temporary measure as was causing display issues. It will be fully enhanced and reinstated in a future release.
962.10 Change E#686 Email Several email enhancements in relation to attachments. • Double-click to open attachment • Drag/drop attachment to tree item to \'file under\' • File All Under – new menu option, displays Find, auto-runs for the ref# if one exists on the email. User can select a tree item to save attachments that have not already been saved. • Drag/drop file from File Explorer to new email message dialog to attach it • On a new email, if a project reference has already been added, then Add Attachment (attach tab) will open to the project folder linked to that project. • Drag/drop manually entered email address to a company or contract group and eTrack auto creates the contact, prompting the user to enter name • An email message will indicate if has been replied to or forwarded, by who and when and includes a link to the email
958.3 Issue E#1382 Email Updated the code that searches for items to reference to emails so it does not drill down through branches in the tree that are not relevant as that can result in incorrect references being created.
958.20 Change E#1566 Email Created a new setting (add under [Options] in eTrack Settings) NewEmailPreText=\'xxx\' that puts the specified text at the start of the Subject for every new email.
957.1 Change E#1403 Email Send sync now has a setting to auto file emails that is separate to the auto file inbox setting. To enable sync and file of sent emails for all staff please contact eTrack Support for a script.
951.3 Change E#1200 Email Don\'t enable Tasks unless Email=1 is set
951.3 Issue E#1140 Email Fixed the send email code that was removing inline image data
951.3 Issue E#1141 Email Remove odd characters in emails The UTF-8 charset attribute to avoid issues with unsupported characters, that results in diamond question mark symbols displayed used instead.
951.3 Issue E#1244 Email Fixed crash on Email File button
951.3 Issue E#1289 Email Resolved where Sent emails date was set to \"30/12/1899 11:00:00 AM\" due to new version of MAPI component changing it\'s default date behavior.
951.3 Issue E#1296 Email Resolved emails being stuck in outbox
951.3 Issue E#1317 Email Fix for Outlook RTF emails not displaying
951.3 Issue E#1317 Email Update the email body with \"healed\" RTF, so that reply, forward will pickup the corrected format
951.3 New Feature Email Email Sent Box Synchronise eTrack has the option to import Emails in the Sent folder that are not already in eTrack. The selected import rules apply to the Sent Box as well as the Inbox (eg Import All etc) To enable click Accounts button in the Email screen and select Import Rules. Tick the checkbox \"Import Emails in Sent Folder...\"
951.3 New Feature E#1317 Email Open in Outlook now searches Inbox, it\'s subfolders and Sent items (instead of just looking in the Inbox folder)
950.8 Issue E#920 Email Support for emails that have emails as an attachment. For Outlook they will be .msg files. For the IMAP interface the file name can\'t be determined so they will named \"encapsulated message-\" + Part Index Number + \".eml\"
950.29 New Feature E#134 Email Send sync has been enabled again. Emails sent in your email program will sync to eTrack Sent folder – this applies to both Outlook and IMAP account types. Emails sent in eTrack will appear in your email program Sent folder for all IMAP mail systems eg Gmail, and for Outlook desktop app but NOT when connecting direct to Office365 using IMAP.
950.28 Issue E#359 Email The print function has been completely replaced. This resolves a) the error that used to occur prior to it being disabled in 947. b) blank preview (there is no longer a preview). c) printed output is truncated bottom of each page.
946.1 Issue E#1110 Email Company email field not linked to card Fixed issue where updating the Email field of a contact was not being reflected in the Business Card display.
944.2 Change E#838 Email Use of Keywords to select Emails to import has been improved with helptips . Note each Keyword must be on a separate line.
944.1 Issue E#668 Email Resolved two causes of Emails getting stuck in the eTrack Outbox. This is in addition to various other preventative measures added in prior releases. 1. When using distribution lists eTrack will resolve the email address before sending and show a warning if it cannot.
2. Resolved problem of forwarding an email where the attachment was open. Also now prompts to save when attaching a file that is open and handles opening multiple attachments with same name
Previous fixes are a) increased timeout and made configurable b) separated Send All from Outbox from background sync c) show warning if cannot connect to eTrackTasks d) if cannot connect will send directly e) added more options to Send and Receive menu.
943.54 Change E#752 Email Added ability to remove a Reference from an Email, click the v icon and select Remove. Prevented From/To/CC/BCC from being deleted from received emails. References added via drag/drop are placed at the end of the list (below the ADD button).
943.50 Issue E#425 Email Fixed issues with saving an email attachment to the tree. a) Fixed error that occurred when using File Under. b) When an attachment is saved to the tree by any method (file under, automatically when filing email or via new rfi / add to rfi) then it cannot be saved again using a different method.
943.48 Issue E#425 Email Select an attachment on an email in eTrack and select File Under and it correctly prompts for a location to save the attachment.
943.48 Issue E#425 Email With an Email selected in the Email tab, clicking on New RFI will create an RFI in eTrack and a folder on the file server and save any email attachments to it. You have the choice of opening the RFI to complete and print and email back.
943.42 Issue B#943 Email Dramatically reduced the time to preview an Invoice.
943.36 Issue E#180 Email The correct contacts now appear when reply or forward an Email in eTrack.
931.05 Issue GR#384 Email Issue with \'Reply All\' including sender as recipient has been resolved.
931.05 Issue GR#386 Email Issue encountered by some users with \'Sort By Date\' not working properly has been resolved.
930.3 Change B#115 Email The Filed folder now only shows emails filed by the logged in user. Shared emails (non private filed emails by other users) are only listed on the Reference folder for the referenced items.
930.16 Issue None Email Significant email performance improvement. Including: - Speed of displaying Inbox is faster, - Improved category filtering, and - Settings > User Accounts is now linked to the selected resource. - switching between emails loads quicker
930.16 New Feature B#130 Email ): It is now possible to add a reference to multiple emails in one action. This can be done in Preview style view by selecting multiple emails and dragging them to a tree item.
923.06 Issue EC#5863 Email Issue with the automatic text in Email Subject fields not being deleted has been resolved.
921.20 Issue EC#5841 Email Issue encountered by some users with eTrack Mail Inbox displaying other user’s emails has been resolved.
921.04 Issue Email Issue with mail Synchronize Button resolved
921.02 Issue EC#5747 Email Issue when deleting multiple emails in eTrack has been resolved
920.09 Issue EC#5688 Email Fixed error that occurred when scrolling to the end of the email listing using the mouse wheel.
920.09 Issue EC#5733 Email Issue arising when clicking on a file attached to an email in the New Email dialog has been resolved.
920.04 Change EC#5604 Email Display of Email Inbox has been sped up by loading one page at a time when scrolling the list, removing the Grouping (by date) and limiting the Preview List mode to show 3000 items.
920.01 Issue EC#5619 Email Sending emails no longer causes eTrack to close
919.04 Issue EC#5670 Email Change from SSL to TLS In June 2016 Gmail stopped supporting SSL, which eTrack was using. eTrack has been updated to support TLS instead that is supported by Gmail. For each user using a Gmail email account please select User Accounts in the email tab and change SSL to TLS.
919.0 Issue EC#5593 Email Resolved issue where emails are sent without their attachments. Attachments are now copied to the Attachment Path BEFORE the send process is initiated. If the file copy fails the user is notified so can correct the problem - eg: user may not have write access to the Attachment Path. If an email is stuck in the Outbox after such an error please delete it (then delete again from Deleted folder) and try again.
918.08 Issue EC#5396 Email Email ‘From’ and ‘To’ addresses now correctly populate when replying to or forwarding emails.
918.08 Issue EC#5605 Email Email loss prevention and syncronisation If the attachment path for eTrack email is not specified or doesn\'t exist or the user does not have write access to it, the user will be be warned and unable to access eTrack Email. This is to prevent problems of attachments being lost. Emails are now sent straight away through eTrack, previously only sent when synchronised. Email now synchronises sent emails (as well as received emails).
918.08 New Feature EC#5565 Email Can now double click on an email to open it in a pop out window.
916.01 Issue EC#5404 Email Issue with Email import changing the read status of emails in Outlook has been resolved.
913.11 Issue EC#5368 Email Fixed issue where attachments were missing from forwarded emails.
913.11 Issue EC#5369 Email Corrected the \'from\' address on emails that are replied to or forwarded.
912 New Feature EC#5011 Email On the Send Email dialog, added From dropdown so user can choose which email account the message is sent from. By default it is set to the Default Outgoing Account selected on the Settings tab of User Accounts.
861.8 Change E166 Email Added Signature to Reply / Reply All and Forward emails. It is the same signature as that used for new messages.
860.0 Issue EC#5214 Email Increased the size of the user field from 32 to 255 characters to support longer usernames.
855.2 Issue EC#5045 Email Improved Send Email function. Send Email is now done in the background via eTrackTasks. eTrack will no longer appear to be frozen and the user does not have to wait for the send to complete. The Email icon at the top will show a green flashing dot when a send or receive is in progress. The Status bar at the bottom right will display information and if an error occurs the Email will display a red dot.
854.4 Issue EDF Email Fixed error that occurred when attaching an embedded document to an email message.
853.6 Issue EC#4986 Email Fixed crash on send email message when right-click .pdf document in tree and select Send Email.
853.5 Issue EC#5041 Email Fixed various email performance issues. 1. Email syncs triggered by Send / Receive, Re-Import or Resync buttons and on login if \\\'check immediately after log in\\\' is selected, are now done in the background via eTrackTasks. Only one sync process can run at a time - this avoids conflicts between periodic auto syncs and manual syncs initiated by a user and allows the user to continue using eTrack while a sync is in progress.
2. Only header info is read instead of downloading each email.
3. Changed setting so eTrackTasks does not take focus away from eTrack whenever it is launched - this was causing the screen to flicker.
4. Fixed bug where the sync aborts if it encounters an email it cannot read. Now it will log an error and continue to completion.
5. Fixed error where eTrackTasks was not shutting down when complete. It also shuts down if it has an error so syncs can continue. All errors are reported in the Settings tab of User Accounts.
853.1 Issue EC#5087 Email Restored the Send button to an email message retrieved from the Drafts folder. Also fixed issue where a Draft email hides behind the main eTrack window and a third issue of a draft email being deleted if you opt to not save changes .
851.0 New Feature E157 Email Added spell check function to Email editing via the right-click menu. Dictionary and Thesaurus files are required to be saved in the same directory as eTrack.exe and can be downloaded from the eTrack Help page in the Client Area of the website. Incorrectly spelt words will be underlined; right-click on the underlined word to correct it or add to dictionary. To run the spell check on the whole email click Spell Check button that will display a dialog for each error found. Click the Options button to adjust the settings.
850.27 Issue E173 Email Include email header when printing an email message.
849.32 Change EC#4973 Email Added support for TLS protocol - to choose a protocol go to the User Accounts dialog, tick Use SSL and then select a protocol from the dropdown.
849.19 Issue E183 Email Fixed crash when clicking Add Attachment button on Send Email dialog.
846.5 New Feature BS Spec Email Added a new feature to create a new RFI from an email or save attachments to an existing RFI. To create a new RFI from an email, click New RFI button - eTrack will create a new RFI entry in the construction of the referenced project, including details from the email and attachments. To update an existing RFI, click Add to RFI - eTrack will save the attachments to the selected RFI. After New or Add the RFI is added as a reference to the email and the email is Filed. On the RFI Details tab a new View Emails button will take you to the Email Reference tab to view all emails referenced to the RFI.
846.26 Change E198 Email Added an \"Are you sure?\" prompt when selecting Remove Account from the User Accounts dialog.
846.22 Change E116 Email Added BCC function to new emails.
846.22 Change E199 Email Added ability to add a reference to multiple emails at once via the right-click menu or new Add Reference button in the main toolbar.
846.22 Issue E154 Email Fixed Reply All so it also includes the original sender in the list of contacts.
846.22 Issue E195 Email Fixed the search function so it find matches in the email message text as well as the subject header.
846.12 Issue E191 Email Fixed error that occurred when Filing or Deleting from a filtered list or switching to a tab with no emails matching the filter (search text).
846.12 Issue E196 Email Improved performance of filing emails.