Release Type Reference Area Summary Description
959.3 Issue E#1535 Reports Improved the way report Filters work. There is now only one button being Save or Delete depending on what applies to the selected filter. Saving a filter keeps it in the filter list for future use. Deleting a filter removes it from the saved list. The dropdown list contains saved filters plus filters used during the session that are not saved. Select any filter to apply it. The Remove button has been removed - to clear the filter choose \'no filter\'.
955.2 Change E#1391 Reports Improved grouping functionality including the ability to collapse on tab reports (previously only available in the Gallery). Reports (both Gallery and tab reports) can be grouped to multiple levels with correct totals being displayed for each level. Right click on any field in any column and select Group By … to group by that item. Repeat for multiple Groups. Right click to Ungroup. The ‘Collapse All’ / ‘Expand All’ button will apply to the lowest level of grouping. This allows one report to be used to show the detail and a summary.
953.1 Issue E#1265 Reports Removed hard-coded header from Actual Expenses report so it can be edited by users via the Header tab of the Report Details screen.
952.1 Issue E#1326 Reports The Resource Group filter on the Time and Expense report now defaults to \'none\' which means no filter is applied ie. all resource groups are included in results.
952.0 Issue E#1084 Reports Fixed issue where an information item field added to a report was not displaying the correct data.
952.0 Issue E#1160 Reports Fixed issue where sometimes the grouping header columns are too narrow making the text unreadable.
952.0 Issue E#1249 Reports Fixed issue with report grouping where sometimes there were multiple groups for the same item.
952.0 New Feature E#1290 Reports New Forecasting feature. In Accounts forecast entries can be created to plan future invoices. There are three new Forecast reports to show forecast earnings. There is also a new Win% field on projects and stages to nominate the likelihood of winning the work. Please refer to the Forecast user guide for more details.
951.0 Issue E#1260 Reports Fixed an error where some disbursement costs and sub-consultant costs were being included in the other total.
950.12 Issue E#744 Reports Fixed display issue where the \\\'standard\\\' Case Notes Report was showing HTML coding amongst the note text.
948.6 New Feature E#1224 Reports New Report Options Changed so that Report Name + Feature are on two separate lines when printing. Also fixed bug in \"Add Header\" part of the Report Writer in which changes weren’t detected. Added Portrait setting to Report Writer, applied to Report Sub Tab. (previously only worked for Gallery reports). Added \"Wrap Headings\" report option to force wrapping of long report headings.
947.25 Issue E#631 Reports Fixed issue with printing and exporting where the last few rows of data where missing in some cases.
944.5 Change E#855 Reports Changed how the active flag on reports behaves. If a report is inactive then it will not be listed in the reports Gallery. A report tab will run its associated report even if it is inactive. If a report group is inactive then all reports in that group will not be listed in the reports Gallery even if the reports themselves are still active.
944.5 Issue E#855 Reports Reports with Whole Office setting ticked are now hidden in the Gallery if the report is inactive.
944.1 Issue E#712 Reports Fixes for Sample Dashboards and fix for sharing Dashboards.To share a dashboard, select the tab and click Tools and Share button.
944.1 Issue E#762 Reports Fixed black areas in grouped reports
943.7 Issue E#506 Reports Grouped Reports now correctly show the Group Name when printed
943.6 Issue Reports Reports in the Report Gallery with an ampersand (&) in their name now display correctly.
943.5 Change E#448 Reports The Date selection in the Reports Gallery has been changed to be more intuitive. Use ‘All Dates’ View to select either ‘All Dates’ or ‘All Dates To’ a specified date. To select ‘Today’ use the Date Range View and click on ‘Today ’ text. Use ‘Date Range’ view to select start and end date from two calendars. Dragging a selection or using click followed by Shift+Click will also define a date range in the Day and Week views. The Week view now uses Start Date of the Week (defined in eTrack Settings: StartDayOfWeek). Note the Calendar will still show Monday as the left column. The year selected in the Financial Year View now defines the end of the year selected. Note: Financial Year is currently restricted to 1 July to 30th June (Australian Financial Year).
943.38 New Feature E#623 Reports An audit of when Reports are run is now maintained in the database. To view the audit select View icon top right and tick the Show History checkbox.
943.32 Issue E#184 Reports Fixed error that occurred when adding a field to a report via right-click > add field from report results or after accessing the report editor via the Edit button in the Gallery.
943.3 Change Reports In the Report Gallery you can easily hide Reports you are not using by making inactive. Expanding Setup/Reports/… and double click the Report you want to hide in the Report Gallery for all staff. Click the green Active button top right to make Inactive. To hide a whole Report Group in the Report gallery for all staff then select the Report group in the tree and click the green Active button top right to make Inactive (the reports under it can stay active).
941.1 Issue E#319 Reports Fixed Month and Year options in the gallery date selector dialog so that choosing another specific date deselects the previously selected one.
940.9 Issue E#316 Reports The default Date Range for Reports where Date Range Criteria is on has been changed from ‘This Financial Year’ to ‘Last Month’, mainly for performance reasons. To change the default of custom Reports please find the Report in the tree. Then in the Report Details, click Date Criteria tab and change the ‘Default Date’ dropdown.
940.9 Issue EC#5990 / E#183 Reports Many errors have been resolved by fixing an issue when windows were resized. The errors occurred for example when moving the divider between the tree and tabs or opening Help etc. after running Reports.
940.2 Issue E#160 Reports The Payroll Report (or Staff Hours by Cost Centre) now will print the selected Start/End dates.
940.14 New Feature EC#5950 / E#300 Reports You can set the default date range for each (non hard-coded) report. Find the Report under Setup, in Date Criteria tab select from Default Date dropdown. By default they have been set to ‘Last Month’. (Note: Financial Year set to 1July to 30June)
940.12 Change Reports In the Report Gallery you can hide the Reports you are not using by expanding Setup/Reports, expanding to find the Report you want to hide and double clicking it, then clicking Active button top right to make Inactive.
940.12 Change E#319 Reports The Date Filter used for reports has been improved. You don’t need the Shift key. Instead click once for the Start Date, then click again for the End Date.
940.12 Issue E#192 Reports Fixed error when select Printer Settings in Report Gallery. Note: it may take a little while to display while it generates the preview.
939.22 Issue EC#5939 / EC#6114 / E#103 Reports Report results correctly reflect date range selected in new date filter.
931.03 New Feature EC#5958 Reports Reports are now able to be run on any type of Relationship if it\'s specifically selected on the Report screen.
930.26 Issue EC#5952 Reports Issue some users were experiencing when Printing Weekly Expenses via Timesheet has been resolved
922.02 Issue EC#5878 Reports Issue with Budget Person Report not showing values for Labour has been resolved.
922.01 Change F2 Reports Billing Contact field has been added to the WIP Report
922.0 Issue None Reports Issue where gallery was showing wrong reports if you navigate to report gallery for the second time using the feature tabs at the top of eTrack has been resolved
921.29 Change GE24 Reports \\\'Reimbursable\\\' field has been added to Activity Time Expense ER110 Report and Time and Expense Report
921.12 Issue Reports Issue with ‘30/12/1899’ being displayed in reports when the date selection ‘All Dates’ is used has been resolved
921.04 Issue Reports Issue with \\\'Date Field\\\' dropdown contents not clearing each time a report is selected has been resolved
920.04 Issue EC#5677 Reports Improved print and export functions in reports The print button on a custom report tab will print with the same formatting as when printed from a report run through the report gallery.When \\\\\\\'Print Settings\\\\\\\' is clicked in a report run from the report gallery, the printer settings and a print preview of the document is loaded.The option to export a report as a PDF file has been added to the \\\\\\\'Export...\\\\\\\' dropdown list on a custom tab.
919.04 Issue EC#5300 Reports The Description column and Last Progress Note column in reports now populate correctly (no longer showing text as HTML).
918.08 Issue EC#5151 Reports Fix to Efficiency report to show leave and target hours in correct week.
916.03 New Feature EC#5490 Reports The option \'All Dates\' has been added to the Date selection in the report gallery
911.5 Issue 9023.jw06 Reports Fixed issue where the Reports option on the right click menu in the tree did not load Reports tab until clicked a second time. Issue EC#5990 Reports Many errors have been resolved by fixing an issue when windows were resized. The errors occurred for example when moving the divider between the tree and tabs or opening Help etc. after running Reports.
861.8 Issue SVT#1515 Reports Activity reports now show Approval Status of N/A for expense rows as expenses do not have an approval field.
858.0 New Feature EC#5102 Reports Added OR functionality to filters in report results. To use this feature:
1. Run a report
2. In the results right click a column (A) to filter on and select Filter For…
3. In the box enter the criteria eg >0
4. This will filter out rows that don\\\'t match
5. Then right click in another column (B) and select Filter For…
6. In the box enter the criteria eg OR >0
7. This will fitler out rows where Column B > 0 and is applied to the full set of results including rows that were filtered out by the first filter so some rows that were previously filtered out are shown again.
8. Click Save Filter to make it selectable from the dropdown whenever the report is run again
857.3 Issue EC#5086 Reports The Activity/Time report will show the role recorded in the timesheet rather than the person\'s default role.
855.4 Issue EC#5137 Reports Fixed Stage ETC Report per Week report that was returning 0 results due to date range error and problem with the repeat function.
855.3 Issue W195B Reports Fixed an issue that prevented the image of a chart being displayed. Changed the export to HTML from report results so it works exactly as it does from the Dashboard.
855.1 Change EC#5119 Reports Added Cost column to the Activity/Time Summary Report that is only visible to users in security groups with access to labour costs.
853.1 Change EC#5088 Reports Changed Export button to Backup that creates a backup file of the report and saves it to the Report Path as defined in Console.
852.3 Issue EC#5066 Reports Fixed crash when running a report with Grouping selected (pre-grouping in the Gallery).
851.1 Change EC#4916 Reports Added Approval Status column to Activity/Time Report to show if the timesheet cell is Approved or Not Approved. Note that an individual timesheet cell may be approved separately even though the Timesheet Week status is Draft or Complete.
850.18 New Feature ESR1151A.12 Reports Added option to use OR with Additional Criteria so can filter for multiple values for the same column.
849.9 New Feature OCR130A.9 Reports New option to display results in a field format instead of in a row. When enabled, the results of a report will be displayed in a field layout rather than in a row. This applies when the results contain only one row. To enable, go to the required report and on the Permissions subtab tick Show Row as Fields.
849.25 Issue Midas#037 Reports Time and Expense report shows correct totals and now has a default grouping by Person.
849.1 Issue EC#4811 Reports Whenever a filter is applied to report results, any grouping is first removed as filtering and grouping cannot be used at the same time.
849.1 Issue SVT#582 Reports Totals in reports are refreshed when the results are filtered either via the Filter dropdown or the right-click menu \'Filter By\' option.
847.3 Change EC#4888 Reports New columns added to Efficiency Report per Week (in the Gallery): Standard Hours (from Person Details tab) and Reimbursability % (Billable Hours/Standard Hours).
846.12 Change GB#69 Reports Timesheet Report headings renamed to Number (was Task#) and Name (was Task).
840.6 New Feature EC#4445 Reports New Budget Table Report: to run on a project and returns data shown in the Budget table for each Stage where Variance < $0.
838.4 New Feature EC#4692 Reports Add options to change Page Layout and Paper Size in custom reports. Portrait/Landscape and Paper Size can be changed in Custom Reports in the ‘Preview’ subtab. Buttons for Portrait/Landscape and a Papersize dropdown are near the zoom at the bottom. They can also be changed in the ‘Print Setup’ dialog.
838 Change EC#4559 Reports Invoice Report: fixed value shown for Total (Inc GST) and added new column $ owing to show unpaid balance.
837.09 Issue EC#4607 Reports Fixed issue where the Activity / Time Report (gallery) was showing expense amounts including GST (where 'entry includes GST' was ticked on the expense). All values in the report are now ex-GST.
834.8 Issue EC#4524 Reports Fixed issue where Activity / Time report (gallery) returned no results when run on the 'projects' relationship under a project group.
833.21 Issue EC#4141 Reports When a report is exported to Excel, negative currency values do not have brackets so Excel can apply the Currency format and include the values in formulas.
833 Issue EC#3792 Reports When running the Budget report using the hyperlink from the Budget tab, the option (under Show in the search criteria dialog) selected by default matches the view of the Budget table eg: if View is Cost Rates, then Use Cost Rate is ticked.
823.26 Change EC#4305 Reports Allow user to enter a date range when running a report for 'whole of office' Previously when a report was run from the top main menu (for whole of office) it used the default date range (current financial year). To make a report run for a user specified date range, tick Date Range on the Report Details Permissions tab. When the report is run the Gallery will be displayed allowing the user to enter a date range.
823.02 Issue EC#3821 Reports Project number column in custom report results will now sort alphanumerically
822.08 New Feature EC#3823 Reports Pre-filtering for custom reports via Additional Criteria and Save Criteria option to set default search criteria for all users. PRE-FILTER Added Additional Criteria fields to the Report Gallery search criteria so you can pre-define the filtering of the report results before running the report. The ‘column’ dropdown lists the report columns that can be selected for filtering, including information items. Select a column then select an ‘operation’ and a ‘value’. For date ranges, you must define the start date in one operation followed by the end date in the next operation. Pre-filtering can result in significant speed-ups when running reports. Limitation: A context specific list of values (for the Value picklist) cannot be determined prior to running the report. The reason is that a database field may be used for different Types and thus appear on multiple screens throughout eTrack. Note that a field is not identified by its label on the screen but the underlying definition in the code. In some cases the field is used widely and the picklist is very large as it will contain all possible values across all applications of the field. You are not restricted to selecting an item from the picklist - the field is editable so you can type the value you wish to search for, however it must be an exact match to be found. SAVE CRITERIA The Save Criteria button allows an administrator to set additional criteria for the report so that when other users login these are the default. The other users can run the report using different criteria if they wish but they cannot save new defaults. If a user changes the criteria when they logout and in again the saved criteria will display again. Any administrator who logins and removes the additional criteria will be prompted if they want to make these the new defaults. Save Criteria button is controlled by security group permission #22 Access to Report Writer (usually on for Admin only).
816.14 Issue EC#3917 Reports Activity / Time Report now groups disbursements with project timesheet data The Activity /Time report output now groups disbursements and timesheet data together for each project. Previously disbursements were listed separately at the end of the report.