Release Type Reference Area Summary Description
845.4 New Feature E170 Scheduler Application A new application eTrackScheduler developed to sync emails in the background and / or run scheduled tasks. The eTrackScheduler application is installed on the server and has two modes of operation. (1) If you have Built-In Email enabled, whenever eTrack needs to sync your emails it will activate the Scheduler application to execute the sync in the background so that you can continue to use eTrack at the same time. Without the Scheduler application, eTrack will still sync your emails however whilst eTrack is running the sync it is locked to that task and cannot be used – this will have the appearance of eTrack ‘freezing’ and you may think it has stopped working. Refer to the Built-In Email Guide for more details. (2) If you need to run certain events on a regular basis, such as nightly or weekly, the Scheduler application can be launched manually on the server to run these events at scheduled times as defined in a file called Schedule.dat. Currently the Scheduler is able to run the ETC Update and Document Link Utility. Refer to the Admin Guide for more details.