Release Type Reference Area Summary Description
965.21 New Feature E#1675 Invoices XERO invoice export to get account code from a project lookup field. There is a new setting that works in conjunction with DivisionGLCodes. The setting allows a second lookup field on a project to be nominated eg Category. The Xero export will get the account code from the selected item. If no code is found then the account code is retrieved as normal from the first nominated field eg Client. Contact eTrack support for more details.
952.2 New Feature E#1343 Project Details When creating a project, there is now the option to prompt for a filepath to the Project folder. This allows projects to exist on different servers such as in different offices or in arbitary locations. To use please add DLUUseProjectDocPath=1 to Setup/eTrack Settings on its own row under [Options
952.0 New Feature E#1290 Reports New Forecasting feature. In Accounts forecast entries can be created to plan future invoices. There are three new Forecast reports to show forecast earnings. There is also a new Win% field on projects and stages to nominate the likelihood of winning the work. Please refer to the Forecast user guide for more details.
951.3 New Feature Email Email Sent Box Synchronise eTrack has the option to import Emails in the Sent folder that are not already in eTrack. The selected import rules apply to the Sent Box as well as the Inbox (eg Import All etc) To enable click Accounts button in the Email screen and select Import Rules. Tick the checkbox \"Import Emails in Sent Folder...\"
951.3 New Feature E#1317 Email Open in Outlook now searches Inbox, it\'s subfolders and Sent items (instead of just looking in the Inbox folder)
950.29 New Feature E#134 Email Send sync has been enabled again. Emails sent in your email program will sync to eTrack Sent folder – this applies to both Outlook and IMAP account types. Emails sent in eTrack will appear in your email program Sent folder for all IMAP mail systems eg Gmail, and for Outlook desktop app but NOT when connecting direct to Office365 using IMAP.
948.9 New Feature E#737 Expenses/Disbursements Expense Receipt File Types Enhanced this function to allow all document types (previously only image files were allowed). The receipt files are copied to \\Expense Receipts and eTrack links to the copy. Note. This no longer requires [options]ReceiptImages=1.
948.6 New Feature E#1224 Reports New Report Options Changed so that Report Name + Feature are on two separate lines when printing. Also fixed bug in \"Add Header\" part of the Report Writer in which changes weren’t detected. Added Portrait setting to Report Writer, applied to Report Sub Tab. (previously only worked for Gallery reports). Added \"Wrap Headings\" report option to force wrapping of long report headings.
948.14 New Feature E#1206 Settings Remember Type selection in Find dialog
948.14 New Feature E#1245 Notes Added the Spell Checker to Progress Notes. Click Add Progress Note and click AB[tick] button to right of the ribbon.
948.12 New Feature E#1245 Notes Progress Notes option to include Timesheet Comments Timesheet comments from all time booked to the selected item and its child items can be displayed in Progress Notes. To enable this feature add this to eTrack Settings under [Options]: IncludeTimesheetCommentsInPogressNotes=1 (Please logout and in again to take effect.) The default filter selection hasn’t change ‘All’ which includes all notes types except timesheet comments. To include timesheet comments use the ‘All + Timesheet Comments’ filter.
947.34 New Feature E#1195 Expenses/Disbursements Expense Markup There is a new info item type called ‘expense markup’ that is a % value. When an expense actual cost$ is entered (or calculated using units) on a stage, person or timesheet, if an expense markup field exists (on the item or its custom parent) and the expense is not invoiced then expense actual charge = expense actual cost plus the markup. This does not apply to supplier invoices where expenses have their own markup %.
947.19 New Feature E#1155 Expenses/Disbursements Bulk Approve Expenses Utility The ‘Approve Timesheets’ utility renamed to ‘Update Timesheet and Expense status’ and has a new option to Approve / Unapprove expenses. This utility now allows one or more of the following actions: a) change timesheet week status; b) change Lock / Unlock button status (for users with access); c) change expenses approved status.
947.1 New Feature E#1126 Project Details Project Unique Numbering There is a new numbering option that is the format . where next# is sequential starting from 1 for each project. It is particularly useful for documents. To use click Settings, Types, scroll down and select ‘Document’ (for example), then select the Numbering dropdown Details tab.
947 New Feature E#52 General Find dialog has Remember Type selection Added ‘remember selection’ checkbox to remember selected Type for the session (resets to All on next login).
944.2 New Feature E#330 Invoices Xero Export can now include the Project number and/or the PO Number to the Xero Reference field. Select Setup/eTrack SettingsFind [Xero] sectionEnter: Reference=ProjectNumberNote you can if you wish have Reference=ProjectNumber,PONumberIf only ProjectNumber is specified it will just export the actual project numberIf Reference=ProjectNumber,PONumbe, then this is exported for example:Project Number: 150158, PO Number: DNF#455The order for both is always Project Number followed by PO Number regardless of the order they are specified in the Reference setting.
944.2 New Feature E#670 Documents Added to the DefaultDocName behaviour which is the Name of the document\'s direct parent.
944.2 New Feature E#824 Project Details Mandatory fields are available on the project screen. Please contact eTrack if required.
944 New Feature E#20 Transmittals The Print button on the Transmittal tab on a Project opens a new (embedded) Document. You can edit this document by expanding Setup/System Templates and editing Transmittal Document 2.
943.6 New Feature Documents Export multiple selected documents from the Document tab to a folder of your choice on the file server. In the Documents tab use mouse Ctrl+click to select one or more documents that eTrack will highlight. Click the Export button and select “Export Docs to Folder” eTrack will prompt for a directory on the file server to save the Documents to and creates this directory under the selection called “Doc Export”. All selected documents will be exported to the newly created folder. If a Linked Document the file is copied on the file server. No new link created to copied document, the original link is preserved. If an embedded document, it will be exported to Microsoft Word into the same folder (no link is created). All Revisions of selected documents are also copied.
943.6 New Feature Documents In the Document tab you can click a column and it will sort alphabetically. You can then type a letter using the keypad to jump to entries starting with that letter.
943.6 New Feature Documents In the Document tab you can now search by Date Range in the same way as you can apply a Date Range to a report. It defaults to All Dates.
943.6 New Feature Documents When opening a previous revision of a document, eTrack will display a prompt message asking the user if they want to view the most current version of the document instead.This occurs when documents are edited, exported, printed or emailed. Previously the user was only warned that it wasn’t the latest document but now eTrack will allow the user to select to open the latest.
943.58 New Feature General To drag and drop items in the tree you can display an Explore tab (that now doesn’t change). Select an item in the tree to show in another tree. Click Details icon and click View button top right. Then tick ‘Show Explore Tab’.
943.58 New Feature General You can now view all changes to any item in the eTrack tree using the powerful Audit Trail feature, referred to as ‘History’ or ‘Feed’. To show all changes to an item select it in the tree, click View button top right and tick ‘Show History Tab’. A new ‘History’ tab will appear. In the tab there are icons on the right for different display options. Click the magnifying glass to filter the audit trail.
943.38 New Feature E#623 Reports An audit of when Reports are run is now maintained in the database. To view the audit select View icon top right and tick the Show History checkbox.
943.20 New Feature E#347 Documents Quick creation of a PDF copy of the document Fast creation of a PDF of a linked file by right clicking on a Document in eTrack and selecting ‘Create PDF from File’. eTrack will create a PDF version of the file in the same folder and create a new Document in eTrack to link to it. The PDF document has the same Document Number but a PDF icon is displayed. Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint are supported.
943.20 New Feature E#347 Documents Use external MS Word Documents instead of embedded document and insert #tags like bookmarks to pick up fields from the database
943.20 New Feature E#347 Documents eTrack allows you to export multiple selected Documents to the file server and optionally compress them to one file. eTrack allows you to export multiple selected Documents to the file server and optionally compress them to one file. On the Documents tab, tick the checkboxes next to the Documents you wish to include, then click the Export button. Select either “Export Documents…” or “Export Documents to ZIP file” and eTrack will prompt for a directory path to save them to. eTrack creates a folder called “Exported Documents” under the path selected and exports the Documents to it. If a folder called Exported Documents already exists another is created appended with (1) If the ZIP option is selected the documents are compressed into a file called “Exported”. If the selected location already has a zip file with this name the newly exported files are added to it. Embedded documents are exported as Microsoft Word files. All Revisions of selected documents are also exported. No links are created back to eTrack from the exported files.
943.20 New Feature E#472 General Advanced Find implemented throughout eTrack. The Instant Search, Find (Ctrl+F), Document Find and Email Search will now return items where all words in the search string appear in the order specified but may have other text in between. e.g. using the search term: car park, will return “my car is at the park” but not “did you park your car?”, previously it only returned items with a match to the whole string e.g. “the car park was full”. To restrict the results to only exact matches use quote marks around the search term “car park”.
943.20 New Feature E#512 Documents Allow users to easily group documents together by dragging one Document onto another Document and selecting Relate. eTrack automatically creates a Document Group with both Documents under it. Drag a Document onto another Document and select Relate. eTrack will create an entry in eTrack called Document Link and move the two Documents under it. If the Documents are linked to files on a file server then a new directory called Document Group is created and the linked documents moved under it. The eTrack Document paths are updated. If the Document has Revisions these are moved to under the Document.
943.19 New Feature E#387 Accounts In the Accounts tab, the Name column is blue if there is an Invoice Entry Note. Clicking on the Name will display the note in the Comments field at the bottom (read only).
940.14 New Feature EC#5950 / E#300 Reports You can set the default date range for each (non hard-coded) report. Find the Report under Setup, in Date Criteria tab select from Default Date dropdown. By default they have been set to ‘Last Month’. (Note: Financial Year set to 1July to 30June)
936.28 New Feature B#271 Documents Added ability to have external document templates (Word, Excel) with data tags.
931.03 New Feature EC#5958 Reports Reports are now able to be run on any type of Relationship if it\'s specifically selected on the Report screen.
930.17 New Feature EC#5379 Invoices Substantial improvement of the functionality in the Invoices tab. Invoices do not load automatically when switching between tree items, they now load promptly once the Apply button has been clicked. Filter selections in Invoices tab only load once the Apply button is selected, if you change a filter selection invoices will load only when you want them to by clicking the Apply button. This is implemented with a Type Setting in Settings (cog icon) > Types tab > selecting Project/Job on the left-hand side and checking it #52.
930.16 New Feature B#130 Email ): It is now possible to add a reference to multiple emails in one action. This can be done in Preview style view by selecting multiple emails and dragging them to a tree item.
921.06 New Feature Documents Option to ‘Remove Document Links’ has been added to the right-click tools menu in the Document Editor
920.0 New Feature EC#5628 Documents Documents can now have different headers and footers for the first page of a document and/or on odd and even pages of the document. This can be selected from \'Page Setup\' in the document.
919.04 New Feature EC#5559 eTrackTasks Tasks can now be added via the \'insert from list\' option in the right-click menu on a tasks tab
918.08 New Feature Tree Tree and Contact performance has been improved: Moving an item in the tree has no delay. The Contact screen now displays more quickly. The tree expands and collapses more quickly.
918.08 New Feature EC#5354 Project Details Project Budget tab has new fields to separately show sub-consultant and expense totals for the project.
918.08 New Feature EC#5565 Email Can now double click on an email to open it in a pop out window.
918.08 New Feature EC#5584 Rates / Rate Sets On the Rate Set screen, the Active checkboxes have been set to OFF and the column hidden so can’t accidentally be turned on as not relevant for rate sets.
918 New Feature ESR1234A9 Invoices On the Invoice Note dialog is a Last Note button to import the invoice note from the previous invoice. It only appears if invoice numbering is project numbering and there are past invoices.
916.03 New Feature Budget In the top right area of a Project\'s Budget tab, Variations and Sub Consultants\' Actual Charges have been separated out as separate amounts
916.03 New Feature EC#5490 Reports The option \'All Dates\' has been added to the Date selection in the report gallery
915 New Feature EC#5312 General Added \\\'Find\\\' binoculars to the edit toolbar of the Description field to allow searching within the Description
915.0 New Feature ESR1234.c5 Budget On the Project Budget tab in the Price Structure table, the Fixed Price and Lump Sum checkboxes have been replaced with a dropdown with Fixed Price, Time Based and (if configured) % Based. The dropdown sets and clears the original checkboxes as follows: Fixed Price sets FP=On and LS=On % Based sets FP=On and LS=Off Time Based sets FP=Off (and LS=Off although this makes no difference)
915 New Feature ESR1234B11 Transmittals Added ability to create a new document from within a Transmittal.
913.06 New Feature EC#5285 You can now have mandatory Information Items As an Administrator, in the Information tab, click the icon on the right to enter Edit mode. Tick those rows you wish to be mandatory.The user will not be able to leave the page until they are populated.Note: This can be a frustrating business practice so use sparingly.
912.06 New Feature Scenario61 Project Details Mandatory fields. Added ability to make certain lookup fields on the Project Details tab mandatory, meaning the user cannot leave the screen until a value is selected in those fields. If you would like to set mandatory fields please send a request to eTrack Support.Also enabled the mandatory property on Information Items. Any info item that is mandatory must have a value or the user will not be able to leave the screen. Note that currency type fields that are mandatory cannot be $0.Mandatory fields are indicated by an asterisk.
912.05 New Feature ESR1234A.1 Contacts On the individual contact\\\'s details screen list all the companies the person is related to and in a new field show the relationship to each company.
912 New Feature 9115.jw11 General Added Logout option on the Help (?) menu.
912 New Feature EC#4992 Timesheets Move Time is a new feature that allows uninvoiced hours and linked comments to be moved to another work item. To enable the feature add this line under [options] in eTrack Settings: MoveTime=1 To use right click a timesheet cell or row and choose Move Time for Day or Move Time for Week as required. NOTE: there is a limitation that ETC is not adjusted. This feature is suitable if you don\'t use ETC or accept the limitation that ETC will only be accurate if manually adjusted.
912 New Feature EC#5011 Email On the Send Email dialog, added From dropdown so user can choose which email account the message is sent from. By default it is set to the Default Outgoing Account selected on the Settings tab of User Accounts.
911.05 New Feature ESR1240A.3 Accounts Added support for multiple tax rates in a multi currency setup. The default tax rate applied in eTrack is 10%. To use a different tax rate, for example 15%, add the following line under [Options] in eTrack Settings: TaxPercent=15 When multiple currencies are set up, go to Setup\\\\Lookups\\\\Exchange Rates and set the tax rate for each currency.
860.6 New Feature SVT#1174 Timesheets Exclude overtime hours from Day Totals and overall Week Total in Timesheets. There is a new option to exclude all hours booked to work items with a cost centre of overtime from the Totals. To enable this feature add this line to eTrack Settings under [options] CostCentreExcludeTSTotals=Overtime Also in eTrack Settings, add a new Cost Centre called OvertimeLogout and in again. The Overtime cost centre can be selected on any work item or create a new Admin Task called Overtime to use generically.
858.0 New Feature EC#5102 Reports Added OR functionality to filters in report results. To use this feature:
1. Run a report
2. In the results right click a column (A) to filter on and select Filter For…
3. In the box enter the criteria eg >0
4. This will filter out rows that don\\\'t match
5. Then right click in another column (B) and select Filter For…
6. In the box enter the criteria eg OR >0
7. This will fitler out rows where Column B > 0 and is applied to the full set of results including rows that were filtered out by the first filter so some rows that were previously filtered out are shown again.
8. Click Save Filter to make it selectable from the dropdown whenever the report is run again
854.8 New Feature EC#5106 General Created new option so that a stage created on a project will default to the stage name of the template rather than \'New Stage\'. Where multiple stage templates are configured, the name of a newly created stage will default to the name of the selected stage template. To enable this go to Tools > Type Settings, select Stage from the list on the left and tick permission #87 Copy Name when create from Template,
851.7 New Feature EC#5018 Notes Added spell check function to main Notes via the right-click menu.
851.0 New Feature E157 Email Added spell check function to Email editing via the right-click menu. Dictionary and Thesaurus files are required to be saved in the same directory as eTrack.exe and can be downloaded from the eTrack Help page in the Client Area of the website. Incorrectly spelt words will be underlined; right-click on the underlined word to correct it or add to dictionary. To run the spell check on the whole email click Spell Check button that will display a dialog for each error found. Click the Options button to adjust the settings.
850.27 New Feature D193 Documents Added spell check and thesaurus functions to the eTrack Document Editor on the Tools tab and via the right-click menu. Dictionary and Thesaurus files are required to be saved in the same directory as eTrack.exe and can be downloaded from the eTrack Help page in the Client Area of the website. incorrectly spelt words will be underlined. The right-click menu will list suggestions as well as Ignore All and Add to Dictionary options for the selected misspelt word or Thesaurus option for correct words.
850.18 New Feature ESR1151A.12 Reports Added option to use OR with Additional Criteria so can filter for multiple values for the same column.
849.9 New Feature OCR130A.9 Reports New option to display results in a field format instead of in a row. When enabled, the results of a report will be displayed in a field layout rather than in a row. This applies when the results contain only one row. To enable, go to the required report and on the Permissions subtab tick Show Row as Fields.
849.5 New Feature ESR1151#14C Expenses/Disbursements Created new export function to export expenses into a file for importing into MYOB. A new Export checkbox appears on the Expenses tab of people and work items. A user with access can tick expenses and export them via File> Export..>MYOB Expense Export. See Admin User Guide for full details. This change also includes renaming Vendor column to Supplier that is now a dropdown with Find...except in the Timesheet where it defaults to the timesheet person and cannot be edited.
849.27 New Feature EC#4864 Documents Added option to customise the default format of document names. By default new documents have the same name as the template from which they are created. To configure a custom naming format go to eTrack Settings and add the line DefaultDocName= followed by the format that can be any combination of the following fields in any order separated by any character:
<ReverseTodayDate> eg 141231
<CustomParentAcronym> ie Acronym field on Project Details
<CustomParentNumberAfterDash> eg for Project Number 2014-001 this is 001
<TemplateName> ie name of the Template document
<yyyy> eg 2014
<mm> eg 12
<dd> eg 31
For example: DefaultDocName=<ReverseTodayDate>-<CustomParentAcronym>-<CustomParentNumberAfterSpace>-<TemplateName>
A new document for Project# 2014-001 with Acronym MYPROJ using the template Variation Instruction created on 25/08/2014 would be named 140825-MYPROJ-001-Variation Instruction
This will apply to all documents created from embedded and linked templates but not for documents created from the Blank template. Document names can be edited.
848.5 New Feature EC#4898 Utilities Renamed eTrackScheduler.exe to eTrackTasks.exe and enhanced its functionality to replace eTrackAlarmService. eTrackTasks is an application to run nominated tasks at scheduled times. To set it up, run eTrackConsole.exe and click Schedule. Select which tasks to run: Update and Optimize Schedules (ETC Update and Update Resource Plans utilities) / Create Folders and Documents linked to files on file server (Document Link Utility) / Backup Database. Then schedule the application to run via Windows Task Scheduler. When launched the application will run the selected tasks sequentially waiting for one to complete before running the next. Refer User Guide for more information. Note: the Doc Link Utility requires a schedule.dat file to specify the tree location where it should run - please contact support for more details.
848 New Feature EC#4749 Contacts New tab on Contact Groups to list contacts and their details for CRM purposes. Type, Number and Name is displayed by default. Additional details can be added by users as required. The register can be customised for your own CRM purposes by adding Information Items to Company and Individual contact templates and updating the register report to link to these new fields. Please contact eTrack Support for instructions.
848 New Feature EC#4783 Planning Tasks (engineers) Added new option Insert From List on right-click menu that creates a new task where the Task Name is selected from a list. This feature allows you to pre-define your tasks so users can select from a list. To limit users to only selecting from the list you can tick Permission #201 Restrict Editing of Task Name, for each Security Group that will disable the Insert After option and not allow editing of the task field. The list of Tasks is defined under Setup\\eTrack Setttings\\has Lookups\\Planning Tasks
846.5 New Feature BS Spec Email Added a new feature to create a new RFI from an email or save attachments to an existing RFI. To create a new RFI from an email, click New RFI button - eTrack will create a new RFI entry in the construction of the referenced project, including details from the email and attachments. To update an existing RFI, click Add to RFI - eTrack will save the attachments to the selected RFI. After New or Add the RFI is added as a reference to the email and the email is Filed. On the RFI Details tab a new View Emails button will take you to the Email Reference tab to view all emails referenced to the RFI.
846.25 New Feature EC#4869 Project Details Added feature to allow Status Prefix to be included in the Project Number, Job Number, Opportunity Number etc To use this feature:
1. Expand Setup/eTrack Settings/has Lookups/Category/has Lookup Values/Project/has Lookup Values
2. For each Status (every status must have a prefix) add a Prefix followed by a colon to the start of the Name eg Q:Quote, HOLD:Pending
3. Go to Tools>Type Settings, select Project from the list of Types then set the Number Prefix field to be the same as the Prefix (no colon) of the default status when a new project is created ie the Status associated with the Project Group in Place New Item Under field.
How it works: When project status is changed to 'Quote', the project number will be Q1234
Note: the colon does not appear, if you want the format to be Q:1234 then add two colons eg: Q::Quote.
846.2 New Feature D147 File Management Created new option so that project folders on the file server are named using Acronym field instead of Project Name. When a new project folder is created on the file server to link to a project in eTrack, the project folder is named Project #Project Name by default. If project names are very long you can opt for project folders to be named Project #Acronym by adding this line to eTrack Settings under [options]: FileManagementUseAcronym=1
846.12 New Feature GB#80 Expenses/Disbursements New option so checkbox for \'Entry Includes GST\' defaults to ticked. When adding new Actual expenses the \'Entry Includes GST\' checkbox defaults to not ticked to indicate the charge amount is GST-exclusive. To make it default to ticked (ie: charge amount is GST-inclusive) add this line to eTrack Settings under [options]: DefaultExpenseEntryIncludesGST=1
845.4 New Feature E170 Scheduler Application A new application eTrackScheduler developed to sync emails in the background and / or run scheduled tasks. The eTrackScheduler application is installed on the server and has two modes of operation. (1) If you have Built-In Email enabled, whenever eTrack needs to sync your emails it will activate the Scheduler application to execute the sync in the background so that you can continue to use eTrack at the same time. Without the Scheduler application, eTrack will still sync your emails however whilst eTrack is running the sync it is locked to that task and cannot be used – this will have the appearance of eTrack ‘freezing’ and you may think it has stopped working. Refer to the Built-In Email Guide for more details. (2) If you need to run certain events on a regular basis, such as nightly or weekly, the Scheduler application can be launched manually on the server to run these events at scheduled times as defined in a file called Schedule.dat. Currently the Scheduler is able to run the ETC Update and Document Link Utility. Refer to the Admin Guide for more details.
844 New Feature EC#4736 Documents A new feature to record Transmittals has been added to Projects. Transmittals can be recorded on the new Transmittals subtab on a Project. Add contacts and documents by dragging from the tree or using the Add buttons. Click Add Transmittal to add a new Transmittal entry then select the date, type and delivery method. For each document in the transmittal specify the version number and for each contact specify the number of copies sent.
840.6 New Feature EC#4445 Reports New Budget Table Report: to run on a project and returns data shown in the Budget table for each Stage where Variance < $0.
838.4 New Feature EC#4690 Documents Added Insert Symbol feature to the eTrack editor.
838.4 New Feature EC#4692 Reports Add options to change Page Layout and Paper Size in custom reports. Portrait/Landscape and Paper Size can be changed in Custom Reports in the ‘Preview’ subtab. Buttons for Portrait/Landscape and a Papersize dropdown are near the zoom at the bottom. They can also be changed in the ‘Print Setup’ dialog.
838.10 New Feature S088 Contract Administration Improved the integration between the Construction stage and Project>Budget tab. 1. Added ‘open’ buttons on the Project Budget tab for easy navigation to Sum Adjust and Progress Claims registers. 2. Added warning for user to visit the Project Budget tab after saving Sum Adjusts and Progress Claims to refresh Contract Fee and % Based stage Prices. This is required to provide the latest data to Reports and Invoicing.
837.35 New Feature EC#4610 Timesheets Allow each timesheet cell to be flagged as 'do not invoice' so the charge for that work is not added to the total Actual Charge of the job. "To enable this feature go to each security group and tick permission #200 "Allow Access to Do Not Invoice". To use this feature, right-click on a timesheet cell and tick the Do Not Invoice option - the time booked will appear pink to indicate the charge rate has been set to $0. In the Accounts sheet any timesheet cell flagged as 'do not invoice' will not appear. LIMITATION: in the Accounts Sheet, Actual Hours includes ALL hours booked regardless of the 'do not invoice' flag."
837.19 New Feature EC#4596 Accounts Allow a project to be invoiced in another currency. "eTrack allows projects to be tracked in other currencies but invoicing is done in the default currency. A new option allows for invoicing in the project currency. To enable this add the following setting to eTrack Settings under [options] DoNotConvertCurrencyInAccounts=1 When this setting is 1, the project will not be converted to the default currency when loaded in the Accounts tab."
834.04 New Feature EC#4539 Invoices New option to export invoices to MYOB. Manual step is required (see Description). 1. New Lookup Tax Codes with items GST, FRE, EXP and N-T
2. New info item Tax Code on Contacts (both Company and Individual contacts) linked to the Tax Code lookup. All existing and new Contacts have Tax Code set to GST by default.
3. Tax Code field on Expenses (Disbursements/Sub-Consultants) linked to the Tax Code lookup. All existing expenses have Tax Code set to GST for standard expenses or FRE for gst-exempt expenses. New expenses have no Tax Code and must be set by the user.
4. MANUAL STEP: Go to eTrack Settings in the tree On the Settings Details tab scroll down to the ACCOUNTING PACKAGE section and make sure the following option is set so it looks like AccountsExportOption=4 This option means the export will use the tax code from the client info item.
834.04 New Feature EC#4540 Timesheets Added feature to rollout out new timesheet activities from a template. "To add new timesheet activities to all existing projects based on a template: 1. Expand the tree to Project Templates and add the timesheet activities. 2. Right click and select Rollout... 3. Choose the options that you require and click Continue. 4. Press F5 refresh."
833 New Feature EC#4469 Invoices Created new #TAGS that allow both fixed and hourly stages to be printed with details on the same invoice.
832.06 New Feature EC#4373 Contract Adminstration In the Construction registers, Recipient is now linked to a new type/lookup called Contact List that will allow selection of contacts that are linked to the project. The Contact List is not linked to any contact group in the tree. Instead it is linked to the list of contacts associated to the project. On the Project Details tab drag any contacts from the tree to the Contacts list.
824 New Feature BF30 Contract Adminstration Added Practical Completion Date section on Project Budget tab. Shows Orignal date (user entered) and Latest Date as per the Ajust of Time construction regsiter.
824 New Feature BF31 Contract Adminstration Added new fields to Project Budget tab that are visible if Contract Admin module is activated. Includes fields such as Retention and Approved Progress Claims.
822.08 New Feature EC#3823 Reports Pre-filtering for custom reports via Additional Criteria and Save Criteria option to set default search criteria for all users. PRE-FILTER Added Additional Criteria fields to the Report Gallery search criteria so you can pre-define the filtering of the report results before running the report. The ‘column’ dropdown lists the report columns that can be selected for filtering, including information items. Select a column then select an ‘operation’ and a ‘value’. For date ranges, you must define the start date in one operation followed by the end date in the next operation. Pre-filtering can result in significant speed-ups when running reports. Limitation: A context specific list of values (for the Value picklist) cannot be determined prior to running the report. The reason is that a database field may be used for different Types and thus appear on multiple screens throughout eTrack. Note that a field is not identified by its label on the screen but the underlying definition in the code. In some cases the field is used widely and the picklist is very large as it will contain all possible values across all applications of the field. You are not restricted to selecting an item from the picklist - the field is editable so you can type the value you wish to search for, however it must be an exact match to be found. SAVE CRITERIA The Save Criteria button allows an administrator to set additional criteria for the report so that when other users login these are the default. The other users can run the report using different criteria if they wish but they cannot save new defaults. If a user changes the criteria when they logout and in again the saved criteria will display again. Any administrator who logins and removes the additional criteria will be prompted if they want to make these the new defaults. Save Criteria button is controlled by security group permission #22 Access to Report Writer (usually on for Admin only).
822.01 New Feature EC#4048 Invoices Invoice Print Preview The Print Preview feature allows you to see the invoice in the selected Invoice template without triggering any of the actions that printing an invoice does ie: generating an invoice number, changing Invoice Status or updating the Invoice To Date $ value. On the Invoices tab, right click on an invoice and select Print Preview from the popup menu.
822.01 New Feature none Invoices Invoice Status A new column has been added to the Invoices tab called Invoice Status. When an invoice is created Invoice Status will default to ‘Approved’. Invoices cannot be printed or exported when the Invoice Status is ‘Not Approved’. You can manually change the status from ‘Approved’ to ‘Not Approved’ however should you wish new invoices to default to ‘Not Approved’ please add this to eTrack settings under [Options] DefaultInvoiceStatus=0 The Invoice Status will automatically change as follows: • ‘Printed’ when the invoice is printed • ‘Exported’ when the invoice is exported • ‘Printed and Exported’ when the invoice has been both exported and printed (in either order) After an invoice has been printed the status cannot be manually changed. After an invoice has been exported the status cannot be manually changed however if you clear the batch number the status will return to ‘Approved’. NOTE: All existing Invoices will have a status of ‘Approved’ even though they may have been already printed and/or exported.