Release Type Reference Area Summary Description
950.2 Issue E#1114 File Management Added File Operations and File Path information to File Management settings
943.50 Issue E#721 File Management Improved processing of dropdown fields on project details screen that was causing a delay when there are many linked documents.
926.0 Issue EC#5458 File Management Fixed problem where directories to match sub-folders were not created on the server due to the folder template having the wrong type. Also fixed file path on sub-folders not saving.
921.07 Issue EC#5810 File Management Changed how file sizes are stored so can handle file sizes greater than 2GB, that was causing an error when using DLU.
852.3 Change D173 File Management Changed the format of directories on the server to include both number and name (or acronym) where previously only projects included number. Also fixed issue where name could not be edited for new items.
852.3 Issue EC#5033 File Management Fixed issue where eTrack displayed an error when user tried to edit a project number. Also fixed issue of server directories not updating to reflect an edited project name in eTrack.
851.10 Change D202 File Management If a project folder exists in the document path but is not linked to the matching project in the tree, when a file operation is performed eTrack will create a link to that folder (previously was creating a duplicate folder).
849.31 Issue EC#4977 File Management Fixed issue with the server path of folders in a template that was causing them not to be copied to new projects.
849.27 Issue EC#4937 File Management Fixed issues 1. failing to create a new document from an external document template 2. sub folders missing from new projects 3. error on renaming a folder.
846.2 Issue D148 File Management Changed matching rules to stop duplicate project folders being created on the file server when creating folders, renaming tree items or attaching documents in eTrack.
846.2 Issue D165 File Management Fixed issue with Document Link Utility where it created a duplicate project folder on the file server if the original project folder did not have the same Project Name as the matching project in eTrack.
846.2 Issue D166 File Management Fixed issue where an error appeared on creation of folders on the file server to match new folders created in eTrack under a project template.
846.20 Issue D181 File Management Fixed issue when changing status of a project that has an Acronym value (Acronym option enabled), on the server subfolders were created with no parent project folder.
846.2 New Feature D147 File Management Created new option so that project folders on the file server are named using Acronym field instead of Project Name. When a new project folder is created on the file server to link to a project in eTrack, the project folder is named Project #Project Name by default. If project names are very long you can opt for project folders to be named Project #Acronym by adding this line to eTrack Settings under [options]: FileManagementUseAcronym=1
846 Change D103 File Management Changed the default behaviour when saving embedded documents to not save backups in the document path as this is redundant. If you want to save backups (in Word format) of embedded documents, add this line to eTrack Settings under [options] SaveBackupOfEmbeddedDocuments=1
838.29 Issue D135 File Management Improved performance when editing a Project Name by updating file paths when leaving the field rather than on every keystroke.
834.08 Issue EC#4566 File Management Fixed issue where the backup file on the server was being saved after every keystroke when changing the document name in the editor. Now saves when you leave the field.
834.04 Issue EC#4438 File Management Stripped invalid characters from file path when creating folders on the server. When saving folders/documents the file path on the server is a direct match to the tree path. eTrack allows special characters to be included in tree item names but these are not allowed by Windows so the folder creation fails in this case. Stripping the invalid character maintains naming flexibility while resolving this issue.
834.01 Issue EC#4538 File Management When saving a document on the server if any tree item that makes up the document path contains invalid characters, these are ignored. This ensures the folder creation does not fail.