Release Type Reference Area Summary Description
958.46 Issue E#1519 Notes Fixed error that occurred in Notes when pressing in the editor box when no note is selected in the list above.
954.6 Change E#1245 Notes Enabled Spell Check and Tools menu and cleaned up the filter list so it only includes All plus the defined filters. Also added a new feature to include timesheets. Notes are now able to list timesheet comments. To enable this feature add this line to eTrack Settings under [Options] IncludeTimesheetCommentsInProgressNotes=1 This setting adds (and defaults) a new filter \'All + Timesheet Comment\' Timesheet Comments are labelled as such and appear in chronological order with other notes. To improve load times when there a lot of notes add this line to eTrack Settings under [Options] and set n to any number. ProgressNotesLoadSize=n eTrack will load n notes at a time. The user can click the More button to load the next n notes. There is a also a button to \'show all\' notes. The Find (binoculars icon) can be used to search for a text string across all notes.
948.14 New Feature E#1245 Notes Added the Spell Checker to Progress Notes. Click Add Progress Note and click AB[tick] button to right of the ribbon.
948.12 Issue E#1245 Notes Progress Notes Spellcheck and Editing tools The Tools ribbon is now available in Progress Notes. This includes Spell check whose icon is AB in a Tick on the right of the ribbon. SETUP. To Set up please do the following. a) Logon as anyone (you only need to do this with one person’s login) b) Select any Job and the Details icon. c) Click Add Progress Note bottom right d) Type a nonsense word e) Click Spell Check AB icon in tick to the right of the ribbon. f) Click Options button in dialog that pops up. g) Select Language tab and in Language Settings select English (Australian)
948.12 New Feature E#1245 Notes Progress Notes option to include Timesheet Comments Timesheet comments from all time booked to the selected item and its child items can be displayed in Progress Notes. To enable this feature add this to eTrack Settings under [Options]: IncludeTimesheetCommentsInPogressNotes=1 (Please logout and in again to take effect.) The default filter selection hasn’t change ‘All’ which includes all notes types except timesheet comments. To include timesheet comments use the ‘All + Timesheet Comments’ filter.
947.24 Change E#111 Notes Enhanced the Notify function on notes. The Notify dialog has been replaced with an Email dialog. Subject is editable and can optionally include the notification date. The email address of the selected recipient is displayed or warning if email address is blank (send is disabled in this case). Time removed from what was previously Notification Date/Time that ensures notifications are not delayed to the next day. Changed Notify button label to Email and restored the button to the Notes tab. This feature is compatible with both local and hosted eTrack (previously only local).
947.24 Issue E#111 Notes Notify button on Progress Notes Enhanced this feature so that it can be used in both hosted and local installations (previously only functional if local). It now utilises the built in Email functionality and is thus only available for databases where the email feature is enabled. Changed the Notify dialog into an Email dialog and renamed the Notify button to Email. The button was missing from the Notes tab and has been put back. A note can be emailed to another user – the email address of the selected recipient is shown as read-only text so the user knows where it will be sent. The notification date defaults to but can be changed to a future date. This date can be appended to the email subject – the checkbox to include date in subject is ticked by default. When a note is emailed to another user, that note is added to the recipients Notes screen on the specified notification date. There was an issue where notes did not get added until the next day and this was fixed (by removing time from notification date/time).
928.07 Issue None Notes Spell check on Notes has been fixed.
919.04 Issue EC#5382 Notes Issues when creating and editing notes on a project that has no previous notes are resolved. When in the notes tab on a project, eTrack displays only the notes for that project.
851.7 New Feature EC#5018 Notes Added spell check function to main Notes via the right-click menu.
822.16 Change EC#4236 Notes On the Notifiy dialog Notify Date now defaults to today (was one month in future)
822.09 Change EC#3911 Notes Progress notes to allow entry of multiple note types On the Project Details tab and Stage Details > Progress Notes subtab, the Add Note dialog allows you to enter a note of any type (previously only notes of type ‘progress’ could be entered). Additionally the displayed list of notes can be filtered by note type. It will default to ‘Progress’ after login.
816.19 Issue EC#3787 Notes The default sort order for notes on the Notes tab is by date - newest to oldest.