Release Type Reference Area Summary Description
959.5 Issue E#1089 Schedule Fixed issue where opening a project in the Schedule resulted in staff, who were not assigned but had booked hours in the Timesheet, to become assigned even when the Auto Assign setting was off. The default behaviour is not to auto assign staff who have worked on the project. In the Schedule these staff are listed with a clock symbol to indicate they are have time but are not assignees. To enable auto assigning, add this setting to eTrack Settings under [options] AutoAssignBookedPeopleInSchedule=1 When staff are assigned, whether manually or via the Schedule, the Plan Hours from the Budget table are allocated to the first assignee.
958.6 Change E#1422 Schedule Various changes to viewing and saving the Schedule 1. A Schedule is automatically saved when ever a new schedule is loaded so there is no need to click Save>ETC prior to switching. 2. The My Work view now only shows Stages with ETC in the visible range of the Schedule. This is consistent with the Resource View and more usable. 3. In the Resource View when My Work is displayed, you can now right click and select ‘Open Parent Project’ and this displays the whole project in the Schedule view at the bottom. 4. Save>ETC now saves without prompting for confirmation. 5. Show Actual in the Resource View now defaults the dates to 30 days earlier and 7 days in the future.
952.2 Issue Schedule The Schedule Resource View \"Weekend Days\" now match the schedule and pan correctly.
947.15 Issue E#351 Schedule Fixed error that occurred when switching views using the \'Details\' and \'Schedule\' buttons in the Schedule.
944.0 Change E#789, E#812-1 Schedule All project schedules have been changed to ‘Fixed Schedule’ = OFF.This means red ETC bars will automatically move forward as work is done and the day progresses. If you want to fix your schedule ETC (so the red bar may be in the past if not enough time booked) please tick the Fixed Schedule checkbox on the Project Budget tab. (If have a lot or projects to do please ask eTrack for a script.)
944 Change E#812-1 Schedule All projects have been changed to have ‘Fixed Schedule’ Off. This means that schedules (ETC/red bars) will automatically move forward as the day moves forward and not enough time is entered (Actual/green bars). If you would like to Fix the Schedule that means it does not move, then please tick the ‘Fixed Schedule’ checkbox on the Project Budget tab. If you would like this done to all projects please request a script from eTrack Support. The effect of Fixed Schedules is that ETC (red bars) can exist in the past and must be manually adjusted by the project manager. Please see Schedule User Guide for more information.
943.15 Issue E#351 Schedule Fixed Schedule error that occurred when right-clicking on Current Staff or a Project and select Schedule.
943.15 Issue E#351 Schedule Fixed error that would occur when selecting the little Details tab in Schedule and back to the little Schedule tab.
940.12 Change Schedule In the Schedule tab there is My Work button at the top that shows you just the scheduled work (ETC red bars) of the selected staff member. This is now editable for staff members if you wish (see More…) In the Schedule tab there is My Work button at the top that shows you just the scheduled work (ETC red bars) of the selected staff member. Normally this is not allowed to be edited since won’t update dependant work items, and also typically the manager does these updates while looking at the whole project. However, if the work items are independent of one another, and you wish the staff members to update their own schedule, then you can now make the My Work editable. (This is a Global Setting and not selective to the user.) To turn on expand Setup in the tree and double click eTrack Settings. Scroll down to find [Options] and add a new row: EditScheduleMyWork=1 Click Save and then click another item in the tree. Logout and in again for the change to take effect.
931.03 Issue EC#5988 Schedule Issue some users were experiencing upon exiting eTrack after editing the Schedule has been resolved.
921.12 Issue AH47 Schedule Issue some users encountered with Company and Staff Calendars being read only in the schedule has been resolved.
860.1 Issue EC#5054 Schedule Fixed refresh issues in the Schedule when assigning a resource to a work item. These issues are resolved (i) the view reset to the top (ii) the person and work item are not visible until after refresh (iii) the person was duplicated after refresh.
857.8 Change SVT#1186 Schedule When you click on a cell with a red bar (ETC) the status bar at the bottom will display who last modified (or created) it and when.
854.11 Change SVT#1164 Schedule Added a new eTrack Settings [options] ScheduleWeeklyViewReadOnly. When set to 1 the Schedule cannot be edited when the Resolution is Hours/Week.
853.1 Issue SVT#1157 Schedule Improved performance of Schedule that suffered a slowdown as a result of other changes. It is now faster than before.
849.1 Issue EC#4879 Schedule When running the Resource Plan report in the Schedule the Show Only Active Work option is now set to match the Schedule view as indicated by the red A button.
848.5 Change SVT#1082 Schedule Autosave files are now saved to the Backup directory on the server as set in eTrackConsole (default is c:\\etrack\\Backup). Users must have write access to this location. Filenames include the user\'s name.
822.01 Issue EC#4251 Schedule Resolution for Actuals not being displayed in Schedule In previous releases, when ticking the checkbox in the Schedule Options to display Actuals, a refresh was done but Actual values were not being loaded from the database. This was a bug introduced due to the reversing of a flag that was not changed in one place in the code. There was a work around: tick to include Actuals in the Schedule Open dialog. If Actuals had previously been loaded in the session such as by looking at a timesheet or running a report, then they would be displayed, which explains why it appears intermittent.
819.02 Issue EC#3635 Schedule Fixed error where actions in the Schedule caused projects to become duplicated in the tree.