IT Governance is a framework of best practices to:

  • maximise value of IT investments in line with business goals;
  • responsibly manage resources and balance risks;
  • ensure regulatory and board directed compliance;
  • measure and assess performance and costs.

CIOs, CEOs, IT Managers etc. need a variety of capabilities to apply IT Governance to an organisation.   eTrack has the following powerful, practical features to support these, combined into one application.    The next section shows practical examples of eTrack.

IT Governance Capability
eTrack Functionality
Maximise ROI in line with Business Goals
Portfolio Repository
  • Define Strategic Initiatives and Objectives/Outcomes.
  • Map to Proposals, Ideas and existing Projects.
  • Collate all information (eg: documents, resources, $).
Project Selection
  • Analyse Risks.
  • Calculate Costs.
  • Quantify Benefits in real or monetorised dollars.
  • Perform ‘what if’ scenarios to maximise ROI.
Resource Uilisation
  • View any cross section of resources and work.
  • View Project dependencies.
  • View existing, proposed and operational ‘lights on’ work.
  • Dynamic, real time update.
  • By Role, Person and Equipment/Material.
  • In Hours, Days, Months, Quarters, and Time or $.
Risk Analysis
  • Define Risks at Business, Project and Phase level etc.
  • Track early warning signs plus mitigation and contingency plans.
  • Quantify and track in $, and roll up to project and portfolios.
Benefit Realisation
  • Define and track KPIs and ROI over selected periods.
  • Fully integrated with Portfolio and Project Management.
  • Manage project dependencies. and ‘result chains’.
  • Graphical reporting of Costs verses Benefits.
Ensure regulatory and board directive Compliance
Compliance Repository
  • Repository of regulatory and board mandated requirements.
  • Visibility of corporate actions.
  • Tailoring and completion tracking.
Policy and Procedures
  • Central document repository.
  • Version Control.
  • Workflow with secure approvals.
  • Powerful Search.
Methodology Support
  • Direct integration with APLs (Application Project Lifecycles).
  • Commercial (eg: Process MeNtOR, RUP), public domain (eg: OPEN, Prince2, PMBOK) and company specific.
Non Proprietary
  • Support hybrid of house and commercial processes.
  • Easily changed for continuous improvement.
Measurement and Assessment
Portfolio and Project
  • Strong financial cost control at all levels.
  • Business and IT Dashboards and Traffic Light Reporting.
  • Business Intelligence (via Q4bis add-on module).
  • Workflow and approvals.
  • Issue, Change and Risk Tracking.
  • Billing, Invoicing and Cost Recovery.
Asset Portfolio
  • Central repository of systems/applications/products and operation/maintenance work.
  • View combined effects of Asset and Project Portfolios.
  • Contract and Vendor Management.
  • Support for change management and prioritisation.
  • Shared, secure, distributed repository.
  • Internet / Browser Access.
  • Interfaces with MS Office, Accounts, MS Project etc.
Audit Trail
  • Complete, configurable and retrievable.
Using eTrack ensures compliance with company defined directives and vendor neutral governance frameworks such as:

With a focus on control and measurability of IT, specifically from a financial point of view, Cobit consists of 34 processes to ensure IT is aligned with strategic initiatives, realises the promised benefits, responsibly uses resources and manages risks.

  • Cobit
Control Objectives for Busines in Information Technology.
  • ITIL
Information Technology Infrastructure LibraryWith a focus on Service Management such as support, delivery and planning etc, ITIL is a set of best practice guidelines and standards for SLA, Outsourced Operations etc.
  • OPM3
Organisational Project Management Maturity ModelThe Project Management Institute’s (PMI) guide to help organisations assess and develop their ability to deliver projects successfully, consistently and predictably through Knowledge, Assessment and Improvement elements.   An organisation’s equivolent to the individual’s “A guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge” (PMBOK).
  • CMMI
Capability Maturity Model IntegrationA process improvement approach to help organisatrions improve the maturity of their processes by assessing the level of each relevant process and setting goals and priorities to improve them.

eTrack IT Governance Examples

eTrack is a real, practical solution for IT Governance.  ‘Top down’ portfolio planning and IT Governance are completely integrated with ‘bottom up’ project management and operations tracking.

Consider the power of the following single screen that a manager dynamically opens and controls at their desk…

  • View all resources, their assigned work with utilisation and availability summaries.
  • On the same screen, view all initiatives, portfolios, projects and their dependencies, assigned resources, costs, utilisations and priorities.
  • Perform business intelligence in real time, slicing and dicing the data and drilling down to any level.
  • Dynamically move or selectively include projects to immediately see the effect on resources.

Software Governance Framework Schedule

Within the same screen, in real time, click the Details tab to see all information about a project including:

  • Project pro-forma and Business Case etc
  • Resource rates, costs, charges, outsourced companies etc.
  • Embedded documents or links to files.
  • Full financial cost control, reports and graphs.

It governance software management

There is no limit to the tabs available and each can be customised.

IT Software Governance customisable

Please contact us for more information and to see a demonstration of eTrack’s IT Governance capabilities.