eTrack will support any methodology.    The unique software architecture allows any object type and relationship model to be created through configuration only with no code changes.

Any combination of best practice methodologies may also be combined with in house procedures, compliance and security.   The ease of configuration also allows the methodology to be easily changed over time.

Examples of project management methodologies supported are:

  • Prince2 – very popular in the UK, particularly in the defence areas.  Becoming a standard the world over.
  • PMBOK – A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge by Project Management Institute Standards Committee.

Examples of IT software development methodologies supported are:

  • Process MeNtOR – World Class software development methodology by Object Consulting Pty Ltd (see below).
  • Agile Software Development
  • Rational Unified Process – by IBM.
  • OPEN – by not-for-profit OPEN Consortium.

Process MeNtOR

eTrack Products Pty Ltd is partnered with Object Consulting Pty Ltd to provide complete support for ProcessMeNtOR.     It is almost impossible to successfully deploy and sustain any methodology without tool support since there is little visibility and no control (especially if the champion moves on).

eTrack will bring Process MeNtOR to life providing…

  • Interactive creation of Roadmaps from activities, deliverables and roles.
  • Combined knowledge base of Mentor and your Companies guidelines and procedures.
  • Metrics tracking and repository.
  • Project Management.
  • Issue and Risk Registers.
  • Review and Maturity tracking.
  • Relevant access by all staff to the Mentor guidelines.

Process MeNtOR is an industrial strength, commercially proven software development methodology specialising on component based, object oriented development.   It covers enterprise modelling, requirements modelling, system and subsystem architecture, component modelling, testing, business investigation and others.

If you own Process Mentor and are not using it to its full potential then the relatively small investment in eTrack will bring it to life and give realise its benefits.

Please contact eTrack for more information