When you purchase eTrack you have the peace of mind of knowing you have outstanding support just a call or email away.

Where ever you are we can train and support you remotely.  Sessions can be regular, once off or spontaneous…great for resolving that five minute question holding you up.

All development and support is done in Australia.   Our developers help out with support so they directly learn from your feedback.   For every customer question we ask ourselves “how can we prevent this being asked again?”   Our goal is to make eTrack totally intuitive.


The following Maintenance Services are included in the annual subscription

  • Patches to fix Defects
  • New Releases of all Enhancements of features purchased.
  • New enhancements commissioned by other customers for features purchased.
  • Email and phone-back Help Desk.
  • Simple configuration


The following Support Services are available for an additional fee.

  • Customised Configuration.
  • Additional Training e.g. future retraining new staff.
  • Specific enhancement and report customisations.
  • Data Migration and data cleanups.
  • System Interfaces.
  • Tailoring standard invoice templates or customising new ones.

Support Contacts

If you have a problem or an enhancement idea or have usability/performance feedback, then we’d love to hear from you.

Tel: +61 3 9642 3366
Email: [email protected]