Deployment of eTrack is very straight forward and we are very flexible to modify the process to fit your desired approach.

Your time is valuable and our approach is to minimise all your staff’s time to get going.

  • There are no compulsory on-site install and consulting packages that cost time and money and in eTrack’s case are unnecessary.
  • A very well defined and proven process exists that we will tailor with you to minimise costs and risks such as change management.
  • Training is typically over the Internet, in one hour sessions at a time that suits you, and can be spontaneous. ¬†Training is generally ‘on-the-job’¬Ě by connecting our computers to maximise productivity.
  • For larger companies in particular we are happy to come on site if you prefer depending where you are located.
  • Our ultimate goal is complete intuitiveness and zero training.
  • Installation, Upgrades, Backups etc are all ‘one click’ to make IT support a breeze.
  • We start with a fully configured database ready to be used ‘out of the box’ but which can then be configured and customised to your requirements via a built in ‘configurator’.
  • Utilities exist to import common data and we have proven scripts to help you migrate years of existing data from spreadsheets or other practice management systems to eTrack.
  • To help you quickly start getting benefits, eTrack comes with pre-made Invoice Templates, Project lifecycle Templates, Quality Checklists for different project types, Document Templates and many custom reports. We can help you tailor and customise these over time.