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Booking Time

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Capturing all your time is key to being able to fully service your Participants and know where your time goes.

eTrack’s time capture screen changes so it is as simple as can be for each separate Plan budget.

  • Book time directly to a Case Note or Task (or in your weekly Timesheet).
  • Enter just the Support Codes you need from the NDIS Price Guide.
  • Separately book to ‘Expense’ Activity codes such as Travel KM, Respite, Purchases and Accommodation etc.
  • Select Claim Types and Support Line Items relevant to the Plan.
  • Track budgets at a practical granularity.
  • View hours left in the budget for each selected Support Line Item.
  • View hours you have done for the day.
  • Choose to not bill time but still capture for metrics.

When things need changing…

Now and again time is booked incorrectly and prices change.   Easy to fix in eTrack… (all protected by security !)

  • Auto update of NDIS Prices.
  • Utility to backdate rates to when new NDIS Prices apply.
  • Change the hours that have been booked.
  • Move hours booked to the correct date.
  • Move hours between Support Line Items so as to use a different budget.
  • Move hours between staff members.
  • Change hours booked to be non billable.
  • Remove Budget Items that have time booked by first moving the time to a different Budget Item.

Booking Time Options…

  • Option to book to Multiple Support Categories in one Plan.
  • Option to allow time to only be booked to defined Support Line Items.
  • In the Timesheet, the start day of the week can be changed from Monday, for example to align with your billing cycle.
  • The ‘Non Billable’ checkbox can be hidden.
  • The Timesheet ‘Move Time’ feature can he hidden.

Random Thought…

If you have a task to do that you just can’t get started on, set aside an unrealistically short time to do it. You may not complete it but you’ll be surprised how far you get when you really focus for a finite time.


eTrack has all the capabilities for the most complex of Plan budgets, yet is designed to be as simple as the Plan allows.  Let us know if we can help with your setup.  [email protected]