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Case Notes

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Case notes are fundamental and are where you will spend most of your time so we have re-written them to make use of the latest instant messaging techniques…

  • Search a Participant and just start typing – it’s that easy!
  • View existing case notes while writing a new one to see what has been said.
  • Scroll to read past case notes by all staff – no clicking each in turn to read.
  • Create ‘to do’ Tasks from text you have already written.
  • Preview Emails in amongst the case notes. And even reply or forward!
  • Book Time and Expenses directly to the Case Note.
  • Keep a Summary and Alerts at the top

Plus the all-important basics…

  • In the case note header…
    – Click the Date to back date a Case Note.
    – Click ‘Case Note’ to change the Case Note Type.
    – Click ‘Goal’ to link a Case Note to a Goal (important for audits)
    – Click ‘Signature’ to see a signature entered on the App for this case note.
  • In the case note footer…
    – Click Book Time to enter time, multiple times if you wish for travel for example.
    – Select text already written and click Add Task to create a ‘to do’ in your ‘My Tasks’ tab.
    – Click >> to enter rich text plus numbers, bullet points and tables.

And some lesser known features…

  • As is now common, Ctrl+v (normal Paste) will normalise text by stripping out rich text to make it readable.   To include the rich text (that includes pictures and tables) use Shift+Ctrl+V.
  • View Modified Date If a Case Note is modified or the date changed, the time since it was modified is shown under the note.  Hover your mouse over this to see the exact date/time, plus who modified it if a different person to the creator.
  • Add a Table by clicking >> and click the table icon for a dialog or the little dropdown next to the icon.
  • Type a Hyperlink for example etc. or http://etc.   Click to open (or Ctrl+click while still editing).
  • View Draft Case Notes by expanding Recent and selecting Draft Notes from time to time to check you haven’t left any unsaved. Case Notes are autosaved every 10 seconds.

Case Note Settings…

Did you know of these options?  Please email [email protected] if you would like them changed.  Note your eTrack may be different to the defaults mentioned below.

  • Read Only Case Notes after a specified number of hours.
    By default, Case Notes can always be edited but you can set them to become read only after a specified period of hours.
  • Only View own Case Notes
    By default users with Admin and Staff security groups can view all Case Notes and users with Support Worker security group can only view their own. (Security 226)
  • Edit and Delete own Case Notes
    By default all users can edit and delete their own Case Notes but you can disable this. (Security 221)
  • Edit and Delete other staffs Case Notes (Security 222)
    By default only Admin users can edit and delete other users case notes, not users with Staff or Support Worker security.
  • Cases displayed before More…
    To ensure a fast display of the Notes tab, the number of Case Notes loaded at a time is limited and users click More… to view more Case Notes. The default is 10 but you may request to decrease this if on slow connections or increase it to load more at once.
  • Case Note rows displayed before Expand…
    To enable a fast review of multiple case notes on the screen, the number of text rows of each Case Note displayed is limited and users click Expand… to see the complete Case Note. This defaults to 15 rows but can be changed on request.
  • Case Note Types. Let us know if you would like these changed.

And now for something completely different…!

Cool Windows Shortcut Tips…

  • Shift+Windows+S greys the screen and allows you to copy a snippet of the screen to the clipboard (you can paste to a Case Note with Shift+Ctrl+v)
  • Shift+F5 in MS Word takes you back to the last place you typed after scrolling away. A favourite!
  • F9 updates all your references in MS Word, and calculations in MS Excel.
  • Shift+click on an icon in the Task bar to invoke ‘New’.
  • Shift+Ctrl+arrow keys select text… or triple click the mouse to select a paragraph or a bullet point (or the whole document if in the margin).

Random Thought…

At the end of each business day, write a simple post-it-size note on what you want to achieve tomorrow.  Keep it simple, it’s not your full ‘To Do’ list.
Doing it the night before avoids the false feeling of having done something if doing it at the start of the day!


What else would you like to see in Case Notes?  [email protected]