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The eTrack App

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The eTrack ‘App’ provides a fast, robust way to work with eTrack on a smartphone or ipad etc.   Core to the app is finding and viewing Participant and Contact details, adding Case Notes, booking Time, managing Tasks and viewing Goals.

In addition to the core functionality here are some features you may not be aware of…

  • Timers. Tap the green icon next to a Participant name to start the timer. Tap the timer at the bottom to stop. Tap the clock icon (bottom middle) to view active timers.
  • My Tasks. Tap the ‘tick’ icon at bottom to see Tasks assigned to you today and before.
  • New Send a smartphone Notification when assigning Staff a) to a Task or b) as a Contact of a Participant.
  • New Allow Support Workers to easily create an Invoice by reporting on their booked time.
    Reports gives both a summary, or details, grouped by Support Items which can be copied to an Invoice and multiplied by Cost Rates.
    Tap the clock icon (bottom middle), tap the ‘Booked’ tab and select a date range.
  • New Enter a Participant’s Signature that can be viewed in the Case Note on the computer.
    Signatures are mandatory for Support Workers.
  • New View a Participants Goals on the App.
  • New Added Security for Support Workers to only view their own Participants and Tasks.
    By assigning staff to a Security Group with ‘Support Worker’ in the name.

More cool ‘App’ Features…

  • Auto dial by pressing a phone number for 2 seconds.
  • Auto email by pressing on an email address for 2 seconds.
  • Search for a Participant across all groups: Active, Enquiries, On Hold and Archived.
  • When tapping [x]Done on a Task you are now prompted to confirm.

‘App’ Tips…

  • Use the App to multi-task at your desk. Tap a number to make a call, use the stop clock to track the time, add a case note and book time, all while not interrupting what you are doing on your computer.
  • Encourage your Support Workers to always view a Participants Goals before visiting.
  • Mandate that all Support Workers immediately change their password by tapping the cog icon bottom right.
  • Use Settings/Notifications on your phone to tailor how you want to be notified.

Coming Soon…

  • View past and future Tasks in the App (not just Tasks whose due dates are ‘Today’ or before).
  • View the Email of Plan Managers and other Companies in the App (current you can only see emails of Contacts).
  • Rostering and Calendar interface.

How to access the eTrack App…

  • Visit the iphone “App Store” or Android “Play Store” and search for ‘etrack ndis’ and look for the eTrack logo
  • Click Install, Open and Run.
  • To logon, use the Client Code, Username and Password provided by your Administrator (or as you do for the hosted eTrack).
  • Click the icons left to right along the bottom:
    Participants         Tasks         Timers       Contacts (eg Providers, LCA, LGA etc)       Settings.
  • Support Workers (users with Support Worker Security in Settings/Logon and Security) can only see Participants that have the Support Worker added to the Participant’s Contacts table, and adding a Signature when booking time is mandatory.

Random Thought…

Beware saying ‘in a minute’ too much.  Young children will assume your work is more important than they are; teenagers will just stop bothering you. You may regret both later in life!


What else would you like the eTrack App to do?  [email protected]