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Keep Goals in Front of Mind

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By Linking Goals to Tasks and Case Notes

A Participant’s Goals are always forefront of your mind and Auditors love to see Case Notes and Tasks linked to Goals.

To link Case Notes and Tasks to Goals…

  1. In a Case Note header, click Goal and select the relevant Goal from the dialog.
  2. In the Task tab of a Plan, select a Goal from the dropdown on the right.
  3. In your ‘My Tasks’ tab, select a Goal from the dropdown.

To view Case Notes and Tasks related to a Goal…

  1. Select the Goal tab on the Participant.
  2. Click a Goal hyperlink.
  3. Click the Notes and Tasks tabs and these will be filtered to just show those relevant to the Goal.

Cool Changes…

  • Hyperlinks can now be added to Case Notes, Notes/Key Facts and Memo fields etc. Click to launch and Ctrl+Click to launch when editing (as for Microsoft Word).
  • The Book Time date now always defaults to the Case Note date, even if you have changed it.
  • There is now a Time tab on Plans and Admin Tasks showing booked Time.

Three Tips…

  • Invisible spaces at the end of NDIS Numbers will cause Bulk Uploads to be rejected.
    Click the Participants Name in the details tab and click at the end of the Number to check.
  • We can change the start day of the week in the Timesheet to match your billing cycle if you wish.
  • From time to time click ‘Draft Notes’ under Recent to view any unsaved Case Notes.

Coming Soon…

  • Service Register to track a Participants funding.
  • Track Travel km and other ‘Expenses’.
  • Improved linking of Time and Case Notes.

Random Thought…

We don’t stop playing because we get old, we get old because we stop playing. [George Bernard Shaw]


What else would you like to link together in eTrack?   [email protected]