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You’re probably aware of the uncanny truth in the saying “If you want something done give it to a busy person” … and may remember how efficient you were in the few days before going on holiday.   Both are likely to be related to having a great ‘to-do’ list!

eTrack Tasks are your ‘to do’ list, eliminating post-it notes and ensuring you never miss a report or follow-up.  They are what drive your proactive day and are always with you on the eTrack App.


eTrack Tasks are created in 3 places:

  • From Case Notes: Select text you have already written, click Add Task, and edit.  Set the due date and assign a staff member.
  • From Participant templates: Template Tasks such the ‘8-week Report’ and ‘End of Plan Review & Report’ are created when you add a new Participant.
  • On a Plan: Create Tasks in the Task tab of each Plan by pressing the Insert key.   Right click to Insert Header and Insert Copy.  Let support know if you would like to ‘Insert from List’.


Tasks can be viewed:

  • In the ‘My Tasks’ tab after clicking your name top right (can be the default when you log on).
  • In the Tasks tab on Active Participants, other Staff Members or Current Staff.
  • On the eTrack App. When you assign a Task to a staff member a notification will be sent to their phone.


Cool ‘My Tasks’ Features…

  • Type in the Search box to instantly filter by the entered text.
  • Book time directly from Tasks (right click->Book Time).
  • Relate Tasks to Goals, and see the related Tasks from each Goal.
  • Auto set Task Due dates based on the Plan End Date based on Template settings.
  • Auto change Plan name to include start and end date. Useful for navigation, reports and when invoicing and bulk uploading.
  • Remove the ‘To Do’ filter to see all done and future Tasks.
  • Further analyse all Task tabs using Search, Filter, Group and Sort.


Task Hints..

  • If a Task is recurring, don’t click Done. Just reset the date in the future.   Add ‘recurring’ to the Task name to remind you.
  • ‘Task Due’ really means ‘Task due to be worked on’.
  • Don’t give yourself too long to do a task as you will procrastinate and your To Do list will be too long to motivate you.
  • Beware if you can’t see all your ‘My Tasks’ on one screen or page, it is good to have a holistic visible view of all that needs doing.
  • Quickly prioritise the Tasks by typing A B C and then 1,2,3 within each letter into the free text Priority field. Review this every day.
  • When delegating by assigning to someone else, ensure staff are aware whether this means the responsibility of delivery is also delegated. Agree a key word to use if delegating the responsibility as well and define what that means.


Random Thought…

If you do what you always do the same will come to you.[1]   Ok, ok….it’s obvious and you know it!  But it’s hard to ‘sharpen the saw’ [2] when so busy.  The key is to change one little thing, and then another and another until it becomes a habit that empowers you.  Make 10 small changes in a sequential workflow and you will be amazed at the percentage improvement.  (Next time I’ll give you 10 “small changes” I use.)


We’d love to hear your ideas to further improve Task Management.  [email protected]