If you are a Professional Services company or have a Professional Services side to your business then eTrack is for you, helping you…

  • Budget fixed or time based work.
  • Track staff and consultant’s time and expenses.
  • Maintain Quality Assurance processes using templates, checklists and document standards.
  • Schedule projects and manage the availability and utilitsation of resources.
  • Invoice clients and track WIP, Profit, Writeoffs and Costs.
  • Prepare reports and charts for managers, finance, directors and executives.
  • Create a centralized repository of all files and documents.
  • Automatically File emails to the centralized repository.
  • Keep all contact details and correspondence and track prospects.

Industries that have used eTrack

  • Building Professionals including Architects, Landscape Architects, Drafters, Builders
  • Quantity Surveyors
  • Engineers and Engineering Consultants
  • Auditors, Compliance and Regulatory bodies
  • Government Audit Offices and related government departments
  • Councils and Local Authorities
  • Lawyers and Accountants
  • Mining, Oil and Utility companies
  • Banks and Insurance companies
  • Universities and TAFEs
  • Tele Communications
  • Crop Trials
  • Public Relations Firms
  • Medical Practitioners
  • Hardware Resellers
  • Environmental Consultants

For more information please click here. This shows an example of an Architect company using eTrack.   All terminology and business structures you see can be configured to your business without code change.   This means low costs, minimal time and no risk.

Please contact us to discuss eTrack for your business.