Deployment Process

Deployment of eTrack is straight forward and follows a well proven process which we can modify to fit your desired approach.  We strive to keep deployment, data migration and IT costs to an absolutely minimum which we are motivated to do since we are Australian developers and make our revenue from subscriptions.

Benefits of eTrack’s Deployment

  • Focused on minimising your time, not charging you the earth for consulting and training.
  • Focused on minimising your IT hardware costs if you install locally. eTrack is highly optimised so you can use the free Microsoft SQL Express database even if 50 plus staff.
  • We are experts in keeping data migration costs to a minimum and in many cases can give you a fixed price, crucially important given the risk of cost blowouts.
  • You choose whether to run in the cloud or install locally, and you can easily switch between them at any time with no retraining so there is no big upfront decision (see below).
  • Following deployment, eTrack proactively offers FREE sessions to help you continually get more out of eTrack.
  • At any time during deployment, if you feel eTrack will not fit your business for whatever reason, we will not charge Licence Fees.
  • We are experts in data migration to import your existing data from any commercial or homegrown system (see below).
  • Over 20 years of deploying eTrack we have seen many good and some terrible deployments and can advise you of warning signs and mitigation strategies to ensure success.
  • Training is ‘on-the-job’ to maximise productivity and we can help you setup eTrack if your staff are time poor.
  • We have “out of the box” solutions for many industries so you can start immediately. This includes project, invoice and document templates plus quality checklists.

Install Options

There are three key ways to deploy eTrack: in the cloud, installed locally, or local and managed.   With a simple backup and restore of the database you can quickly switch between them with no staff retraining so there is no big upfront decision.

eTrack Cloud

Using Microsoft Azure, eTrack runs in the cloud using a Software as a Service model.   It is secure, stable, salable and fast.   You have no IT hardware, support or upgrade costs and you can access from anywhere.

Locally Installed

eTrack is installed on your servers or virtual server behind your firewall that your IT support manage with our help.   This maybe preferred if for example on a slower internet connection, need control over your security or want fast access to local document project files.   Generally it is more expensive although the costs may be hidden.   You may be interested to know that even in 2019 the majority of our clients have chosen to be installed locally.

eTrack comes with a complementary console for one click upgrades from any version, maintenance health checks and licence updates.

Managed Service

eTrack is installed locally behind your firewall but we manage it as though it was hosted in the cloud.

eTrack may reside on your own server, or on a dedicated computer that eTrack can provide that you simply plug into your network.  (Powerful NUC computers the size of your hand are ~$1200).

This is popular since provides the best of a cloud-based Software as a Service model but has fast access to local documents and networks.

As an alternative to using remote desktop etc, eTrack has an optional add-on for using a locally installed eTrack remotely such as from other offices and home, with full access to local network drives and printers.

Data Migration

Data Migration is not easy but crucial to get right as so often the cause of a cost blowout…or worse that the vendor just can’t complete it as either overseas or without the necessary desire, experience or skills, leaving your data in a mess across systems.

eTrack are experts in data migration and have imported hundreds of thousands of projects from many commercial and home-grown systems and spreadsheets.

We have an extensive library of scripts we will draw on to map to your specific data.  We also have detailed knowledge of other popular practice management and contract admin systems used in Australia that means risk, time and costs to import your data are minimised.

You may choose to import a simple list of contacts and projects provided in spreadsheets.  Or maybe also budgets, stages, time and expenses, invoices, contracts, staff, rates and WIP.   However complex your data we’ll import it and in many cases we will be able to give you a fixed price.   Please don’t underestimate the importance of data migration!