NDIS Support Coordination

Are you as efficient and profitable as you could be? Are your staff trying to juggle many tasks across lots of Participants to provide a quick response?

Are you worried about the NDIS Audit preparation costs and how to prepare?   Or that your cloud based data may not be in Australia?

Would you love to upload to the NDIS Portal and send hundreds of matching invoices in just a few clicks?

Are you looking for an all-in-one system for NDIS Support Coordinators that is Australian made, established over 20 years, allows unlimited Participants, where you can get going in just one hour and use for free for  few weeks?

eTrack can certainly help. It has all the quality Registers you need to track compliance ready for your audit. In one simple to use system it will help you manage thousands of tasks across hundreds of Clients and provide staff a holistic, centralised view of the contact details, correspondence, tasks, invoices, documents, emails and budgets of National Disability Insurance Scheme Participants and Aged Care Clients.

eTrack is fully cloud based, has very minimal setup costs and you will never lose access to your data.


  • Be Profitable and supremely Efficient
  • Have your Participants love you for responding quickly and never missing a task
  • Get paid ! thanks to a fast, accurate upload to the NDIS Portal and emailed invoices
  • Email and file hundreds of Invoices in a few clicks and interface to Xero/MYOB etc.
  • Maintain Security and privacy between Staff, Providers and Coordinators
  • Comes with a suite of auditor designed Compliance Registers important for your Audit
  • Includes NDIS rates and codes for Support Items and Plan/Self/Agency Funding Methods
  • Budget for F2F, Admin, Travel, Reports & Cancellation and view remaining hours
  • Track Participant’s Goals plus their Core, Capital and Capacity Service Budgets
  • One holistic view of all correspondence including notes, emails and timesheet comments
  • Process your daily to-do tasks by adding notes, updating due dates, reassigning staff and ticking ‘done’
  • Capture pre-planning time so can bill after Participants signs up
  • Powerful search and clever navigation to Participants via Status, LGAs, LACs, Providers, Referrals etc.
  • Never lose access to your data even if you stop paying
  • Many Reports and Dashboards such as Staff loading with built in report writer
  • Australian made and supported with your cloud data guaranteed to be in Australia
  • We build close relationships with all our clients and act on your feedback and ideas
  • Lots of free advice on how to be a great support coordinator and on running a company

Prepare for your Audit

Are you worried about the NDIS Audit?

eTrack will help reduce the preparation costs and the auditors will clearly see you are proactively implementing your quality processes that is key to passing the audit.

This is done using centralised Registers for Continuous Improvements, WHS, Compliance, Risks, Incidents, Complaints, Maintenance, Training and Screening checks. Each can be searched, grouped, filtered and graphed and is cross-referenced to the CI Register.

Powerful Dashboards tailored to your Role

Compare revenue verses costs by Case, Client, Staff, Location or other groupings.
View trend graphs over time and a pipeline of Cases and Tasks showing throughout.
View your staff’s performance and efficiency and know where they spend their time.
Compare your staff’s costs against your NDIS claims by month.
Monitor holiday and sick leave.

caretrack staff statistics screenshot


Monitor your Tasks

Logon to see your tasks for today, their priority, allocated and actual hours.
Action by adding a Case Note and a follow-up date. Tick Done or reassign to another colleague.
View Tasks by Case, Participant, Provider or any other cross section you wish.
Click to book time to the Task and track your teams remaining hours.

Easy Navigation & Powerful Search

Fast and easy to navigate.
Instantly filter lists as you type.
Create and save powerful searches for detailed reporting.

View Cases or Participants Details

Customise your Case home screen for fast input.
Add key reports as tabs for one click access.
Subscribe to things so as to be alerted of changes.

Track Time & Expenses

Record time directly from Tasks and Case Notes.
View remaining hours for Tasks and Claim Types .
Add comments and Expenses and manage reimbursements.

Repository of All Your Contacts

Track details of Participants, Providers, Staff, Coordinators, LGAs, LACs and Schools with many to many relationships.
Add other fields as you wish and include them in reports.

Keep a Holistic View of all Correspondence

Record all communication by all staff.
Search a holistic view of all correspondence.
Type as you go, cut and paste from emails and add pictures.

Manage Documents

Index, organise and search millions of documents across your existing file system.
Create Documents from Templates with mail merge such as your NDIS Plan or 3 & 9 month reports.
Convert files to PDF and Email with auto filing.

Auto File and Quickly Find Emails

Synchronise with your email system such as Outlook or Gmail.
Automatically file incoming emails based on numbers in the subject such as the NDIS number.
In a few clicks convert a document to PDF and send in an Email with automatic filing.
File emails against a Case, a Staff member, a Contact and a Document all at the same time.
One click view of all emails related to any selected item in eTrack.

Build a Knowledge Base of Quality Checklists & Templates

Capture knowledge as quality checklists for staff to follow.
Tick off progress for client reporting.
Help with audits and becoming accredited.

Track Support Coordinator Budgets

Enter annual planned hours for Support Coordinators and track actual and remaining hours.
Manage different Rate Sets and track Charge $ and Cost $.
Monitor start and end dates of NDIS plans and have separate budgets for each year.

Track Participant’s Service Budgets

Record Participant’s Service budgets for Capital, Core and Capacity Services.
Track actual services provided.