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To provide the best practice management system in the world at prices everyone can afford.

We strive to keep your ongoing eTrack costs low, provide outstanding support and to continually develop a feature rich product that is one step ahead of your business requirements.


eTrack Products Pty. Ltd. is an Australian private company founded in February 1999 dedicated to develop, distribute and support the eTrack all-in-one practice management application.

The company started in 1999 as a project management system selling to software companies and IT departments of large corporates such as banks and insurance companies like GIO, ING, Skandia and Perpetual Trustees. It included timesheets, job costing, scheduling and resource management as core functionality. It was an exciting time with much recognition including being an ASX pitch fest finalist (top 6 from 360 companies).

In 2003 eTrack was enhanced to cover core aspects of practice management (a superset of project management) that included account management, contact management, invoicing and QA/Governance. Building professionals such as architects and engineers became the main focus of the company which grew significantly.

In 2006, in addition to architects, the government Audit Offices of New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia started to use eTrack, with 300 staff managing 1000 projects a year from many offices and invoicing $millions. Three years of testing and polishing has resulted in a vast increase in performance and outstanding robustness, data integrity and reporting. Full financial transactions were added meaning that there is an audit trail of every deletion, a feature normally only associated with very large financial packages. All this is available to architects however small as eTrack own all the intellectual property. Combining this level of maturity with full financial transactions and world class scheduling and resource management is believed to be unique for this class of product.

During the relatively quiet GFC of 2009 eTrack’s features were significantly extended to cover new demands of building professionals such as document management, file/directory management, transmittals, email integration and contract administration. The eTrack code base was also upgraded to the latest technology giving it longevity and enabling integration with the newest applications.

Today, eTrack the product is mature, complete, robust and fast! eTrack Products the company is growing rapidly and is committed to fulfilling the ever demanding needs of a practice management system.

The Future

eTrack is proud that its core developers are the same as when it was founded in 1999. We have all put a large part of our life into eTrack and are committed and excited to see it grow and strive towards becoming the defacto standard around the world!