Business Case

Why use a Practice Management System

Are you wondering if you need a new practice management solution?   Here are some justifications to think about.

  • To be efficient. Are you busy with great turnover but feel staff could be more efficient to raise profits?
  • Significantly reduce audit and certification preparation costs and minimise the risk of failure by having proof that staff are using your quality processes.
  • Invoice accurately and comprehensively to avoid disputes and to get paid quickly.
  • Aspire to be a best practice company that your employees will be proud of. All staff benefit from good systems that reduce the stress of wasting time correcting and retrieving information.
  • Have an edge on competition when bidding for work by saying you use a world class quality management system as used by Australian government Audit Offices. It makes a big difference.
  • Quickly research metrics of all past projects, clients and contractors to better quote and manage risks.
  • Analyse the effects of project and staff changes on revenue, resources and cash flow.
  • Build a knowledge base of everything so staff can learn from experiences and not dependent on senior managers.
  • Be able to sleep at night not having to remember things or wondering what you don’t know!

Evaluation Checklist

To help you identify and collate requirements for a practice management solution you are welcome to download the Evaluation Checklist and edit it to match what is important to your company.

How to decide / Non- feature Requirements

You have diligently researched practice management systems and have a shortlist of solutions that feature wise look like they’ll do most of the job.  However, what about the ‘non-feature’ requirements…. do you trust the sales pitch?

Here are 8 important considerations you must be completely comfortable with.

  1. Will my staff enthusiastically use it every day?
    Thousands of users use eTrack, some for 18 years!  Since eTrack is the source of truth of so much relevant information staff have it open all day.
  2. Will it do everything we need?
    With 20 years of continuous development the depth and breadth of functionality is comparable with multi-million dollar systems…. and if it was lacking a feature it is very likely eTrack can build it.
  3. Is it likely to be future proof?
    Thanks to a unique object layer you can configure eTrack to track anything you think of using any business structure, terminology and granularity, without code changes.
  4. Do I only pay for staff and features I use?
    Increase or decrease licences and modules by return of email following a Software as a Service (SaaS) model
  5. Can I get local support in Australian by senior exerts who truly understand the system inside out and my business?
    All of Track has been developed and supported in Australia by the same core team who have been with eTrack for more than a decade and have experienced many diverse industries.
  6. Can I guarantee that I’ll never lose my data?
    eTrack uses Microsoft Azure servers with triple backups plus optionally to your local server. We will never stop you accessing your data even if you stop paying.
  7. Are the whole of life costs crystal clear with no hidden costs?
    Your deployment and licence costs are all agreed up front and even data migration can be fixed price so you always know where you stand.
  8. If it doesn’t work out can I limit my risk?
    At any time during deployment if you feel eTrack will not fit your business for whatever reason we will not charge Licence Fees.  You can stop paying at any time.