Professional Services

eTrack is your complete Portfolio, Project and Resource Management system for all Professional Service companies wishing to track and invoice time, fees and expenses.

If you have multiple projects assigned to different teams and staff then eTrack will make everything visible and give you control of the end to end process.

Rich in features eTrack is designed to cope with changing requirements and assigned staff as priorities and client needs change.

Why eTrack?

  • Satisfy ISO900* compliance, audits and quality assurance.
  • Portfolios, Projects, Issues and Benefit Realisation etc. all in one system.
  • Manage all Documents and auto file with eTrack’s Built in Email.
  • Rich depth and breadth of functionality.
  • Modern, clean, intuitive user interface.
  • Cloud based using fast, secure Microsoft Azure servers.
  • Or install locally with remote access from any device.
  • Licensed so all staff use at once so quickly becomes the source of truth.
  • Seamless interface with your accounting package.
  • Experts in fast and accurate data migration of existing data.
  • Uniquely flexible thanks to eTrack’s ‘object’ software architecture.
  • Only pay for what you use: a Software as a Service model with no contract.
  • 100% Australian with direct support from experts with 12+ years of experience.

Industries that have used eTrack

  • Government Audit Offices and related government departments
  • Building Professionals including Architects, Landscape, Drafters, Builders, Town Planners
  • Quantity Surveyors
  • Engineers and Engineering Consultants of all types
  • NDIS Providers + Support Coordinators + Aged Care
  • Auditors, Compliance and Regulatory bodies
  • Councils and Local Authorities
  • Lawyers and Accountants
  • Mining, Oil and Utility companies
  • Banks and Insurance companies
  • Universities and TAFEs
  • Telecommunications
  • Crop Trials
  • Public Relations Firms
  • Medical Practitioners
  • Hardware Resellers
  • Environmental Consultants
  • Training Companies
  • IT and Software Companies
  • Recruitment

How is eTrack different?

We asked our clients what makes eTrack stand out and here are some replies…

  • The only PM system we found that has the flexibility in structure and granularity we needed while still controlling its use so as to standardise for ISO compliance.
  • John gave us invaluable insight as to the importance of tracking project benefits against our company’s strategic outcomes and set up a simple, effective mechanism in eTrack for us.
  • We were able to create our own powerful Invoice Templates different for specific clients.
  •  Saved so much time with the “two-click” conversion of Invoices into PDFs and emailing them from within eTrack.
  • The seamless interface to Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks etc prevented us double keying.
  •  We no longer needed a separate Document Management system as eTracks is so comprehensive, and we can re-use all our existing MS Office Quality documents.
  • eTrack indexes our existing Project Files so there is no duplication and the speed of searching millions of files is amazing.
  •  The way the timesheets update the Gantt Charts in real time and having these update the staff allocation view saves us heaps of time and means low administrative overhead.
  • The Dashboards are fantastic providing me instant peace of mind (or not!) and all in real time.

How eTrack Helps

Central Repository of Everything!

Track a vast amount of information using eTracks simple to navigate user interface.
Search the whole database for projects, contacts, staff, documents, emails, invoices.
Add your own Registers to track Compliance, Training, Assets, Libraries or absolutely anything else.

Customised Views of Projects

Quickly view everything associated with whatever you search for. For example:

  • A Project and see contacts, budgets, schedules, documents, emails and invoices.
  • A Staff member and see assigned work, managed projects, utilisation and efficiency.
  • A Client and see contacts, past projects, profits and statuses.

Maintain compliance such as ISO900*

Maintain ISO compliance by ticking many of the boxes required in an audit.
Easily prove that your quality processes are alive and being followed by all staff.
Grow a knowledge base of quality checklists, standardised document and project templates.

Easy for staff to record Time and Expenses

Is it painful to get staff to complete their timesheets?
eTrack makes completing timesheets a breeze and staff are encouraged since reimbursable expenses are entered on the same screen!
Because eTrack is the source of truth of so much relevant information such as work lists, contacts and budgets, all staff have it open all day making entry so much less painful.

Holistic view of all Contacts and Correspondence

Do you tear your hair out trying to collate your staff’s separate Contact lists, update duplicate information, or link your CRM package with your practice management system?
Do you wish you had one click access to everything a client, sub-contractor, supplier or staff member had ever been involved with?

eTracks built in CRM is powerful, complete and can be accessed from anywhere. There is one source of truth of information used in contact lists, project contacts, documents, transmittals, invoices, emails and Xero/Myob/Quickbooks.
The is also now no excuse for staff not to add a quick note of all correspondence.

Separately Structure and Budget each Project

You may have simple projects that take just a few days or weeks, large complex projects taking years to complete and everything in-between. Projects may be part of Portfolios and relate to Strategies and Benefits and have clients, teams and departments. Whatever the structure and complexity, each Project can be tailored differently and yet still rolled up to provide a holistic view across your company.

Within a Project you may have a mixture of fixed fee tasks, time based work and expenses. There may be core project phases mixed with ad hoc small tasks and issues that all need to be allocated, tracked, budgeted and rolled up together.

Schedule Projects and know Staff availability

The scheduling and resource management module has the ease of use of a spreadsheet but with the power of a Gantt Chart. Slice and dice your projects in any way such as a Portfolio view, a Departments view or a Project Managers view of their projects, or simply view one project.

The administrative overhead has been kept to a minimal by timesheets updating the schedules and schedules updating the resource views, all in real time. A popular feature used to keep schedules accurate with minimal updates is to allow all staff to book time but force them to use up the time of someone who is assigned.

Knowing the allocation and availability of your staff by day, week, hours or dollars is paramount to maximizing efficiency and profit. As the MD of SVT Engineering “Stuart Walton” once said: “If an invoice is delayed you might have a cash flow issue, but if a staff member is unallocated or allocated to the wrong work those hours are lost forever.

Prepare Invoices using WIP, Write-offs and %Complete

Everything is clearly displayed on one screen: Revenue Forecasts, Fees, Actual work done, WIP (Work not invoiced), To Bill (Fee Fixed part not invoiced), Writeoffs and Adjustments. Previous Invoices are listed, staff and every timesheet entry viewed plus all disbursements and sub-contractors.

This makes it easy to determine the % or $ to invoice and many of our clients empower their project managers to prepare invoices while maintaining security for the finance team to send them.

Email PDF Invoices & export to Xero/MYOB/Quickbooks/Sage Intacct

Invoice Entries on Stages and Variations are combined onto one Invoice and a tailored template selected.
Invoices can be edited, saved, printed and, in two clicks, a batch of invoices can be converted to PDF and template emails prepared ready for final review and sending.
General Ledger information is seamlessly exported to your accounting system such as Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks, Recon (and Sage Intacct coming soon) and payments tracked in eTrack.
Insightful dashboards of cashflow and profit flow from all the information.

Manage Documents & Transmittals and Index your File Server

Document Management is integral to eTrack but can be used stand alone as well.
Create documents using your existing Quality MS Office files and populate fields from eTrack.
Index your whole project file server so you have a holistic view of all files without any duplication.
Search millions of documents in seconds and view meta data, status, revisions and images.
Create Transmittals and Email in one click.

Built in Emails with auto filing

Is one of your biggest headaches the filing of emails and ensuring all staff file theirs?
In the background eTrack will import emails from your existing email system following rules and auto-file them plus attachments. Emails created in eTrack are also filed as you go.

Instead of having three copies of your project structure: in your PM system; on your file server and public folders in your email system, using the Email Module means you only maintain one. Emails are “filed” by referencing eTrack’s project structure that synchronises with your file server.


Powerful Dashboards tailored to your Role

Dashboards these days are a given but given the large extend of the data tracked, eTrack dashboards provide extensive, invaluable information. They are fast and all run in real time so up-to-date.

eTrack comes with a built-in report and dashboard writer allowing easy editing and creation to meet your business needs. Dashboards can be role based so each staff member has access only to what is appropriate and you can choose the security levels.