IT / Software

eTrack started out as a system for software companies (like eTrack) and IT departments of banks and insurance companies such as GIO, Perpetual, Suncorp, ING Bank etc.

It replaced the traditional product silos of issue and defect tracking, project tracking, CRM and scheduling using Microsoft Project and combined it all into one holistic product.

Over the years so many features have been added but the core functionality supporting the IT industry is very much core to what eTrack is.

It should go without saying that we at eTrack are the most avid uses of the product and have a record of every communication in our 20 year history.


  • Satisfy ISO9001 compliance and quality assurance.
  • Portfolios, Projects, Issues and Benefit Realisation etc. all in one system.
  • Manage all Documents and auto file with eTrack’s Built in Email.
  • Rich depth and breadth of functionality.
  • Modern, clean, intuitive user interface.
  • Cloud based using fast, secure Microsoft Azure servers.
  • Or install locally with remote access from any device.
  • Licensed so all staff use at once so quickly becomes the source of truth.
  • Seamless interface with your accounting package.
  • Experts in fast and accurate data migration of existing data.
  • Uniquely flexible thanks to eTrack’s ‘object’ software architecture.
  • Only pay for what you use: a Software as a Service model with no contract.
  • 100% Australian with direct support from experts with 12+ years of experience.