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Stuart Hood – Director Park Hood Architects – Ireland

“Many thanks and all performing very well and so far very very pleased. We got a huge amount out of the first 1 hour session and are adding content and detail as we go.”

Terence Keswick SVT Engineering Consultants

“Thanks for all your hard efforts in maintaining our insatiable appetite for pushing the boundaries of the possibilities of eTrack development. This year we have done 69,120 timesheet entries and we hit our 3000th invoice. With your help and our passion for increasing useability we have made eTrack the foundation of our operations.”

DDC Architects – Geoff Ferris-Smith (Director)

“I have and will continue to market etrack on your behalf and thank you for your exemplary customer service.”

Nelson Architects – John Nelson (Director)

“I think it more than fits the bill, it’s going to be fantastic.”

“We’ve had a remarkable turnaround in increasing the number of hours we have invoiced since using eTrack. Although we have had electronic timesheets before, having the timesheets so well integrated with the projects and the accountability to balance invoices against the hours has made a huge difference to not letting hours slip through the cracks.”

Site Image – Landscape Architects – Andrew Leuchars

“We are delighted with the product and do not see the need for you to run a full demo in the office before purchasing. This is the first time we have seen a product that has been so thoughtfully put together from a company that understands the basic business principles of our business. This is very exciting.”

Syscorp Pty Ltd – Chris Liddell (Managing Director)

“Over the last year we used eTrack to generate complicated weekly invoices to multiple profit centres in millions of dollars. eTrack is a mission critical system for us…”

SNSI – Dr Michael Warner

“What a marvellous tool it is that you have put together. You must be proud of it! It really is amazing to have a single project management tool that does financials and non-financials, allows Cost-benefit analysis that splits out financial from non-financials, is nicely presented with traffic lights, does real time and projected line graphs, handles very complex partnerships as well as normal projects, and does portfolio management as well. Quite AMAZING.

GIO – Kris Spudic

“Always happy to help, and as eTrack is a good product it’s been easy to sell its virtues to potential users. Both Carol & I have been vocal in our support of it to our guys here. In addition, if you feel I can help with other potential customers please send them through, it’s not a problem.”

Financial IQ – Sophia

“It’s really user friendly isn’t it…”

AON – Prince Soundararajan

“The evaluation copy of eTrack is fantastic, I just love it…. “

Hothouse Pty Ltd – Kylie Barrett

“It’s really simple.”

Sungard – Colin Russell

“We have used eTrack since version 1.1. Initially, it helped us with Issue Tracking and Timesheets. More recently, with the expanded functionality, we’re using eTrack for Project Planning and Management, and for Invoicing clients. The next step looks like a review of our software development methodology in conjunction with eTrack’s template facility, and I’m sure it won’t end there …..”

ING Helen Patterson

“I would also like to thank you and your team for all the effort they put in, in terms of getting all of our changes and amendments done. We had a very tight deadline and I appreciate how quickly you were able to respond. Thanks again.”

Buckerfield Architects – Robert Buckerfield

“Fundamental to all Architectural Practices is the allocation of work to staff, the programming of that work to be completed in a timely manner with the correct allocation of resources, the overlay of checklists for quality assurance and the capturing of hours and costs for work completed. eTrack has allowed us to draw these disparate and often neglected duties into one refined management system and advance them to new levels. It is self policing and the user friendly nature means staff enjoy implementing the system.”

Roc Oil Mining – Clare Mills

“The ease of operation of eTrack was one of the many attributes that I would recommend to all would be buyers. I did just a short 10 minute presentation using a projector to staff and the majority just went to their computers logged in and did it – no major training required! ….and yes I did have FUN whilst I was setting up the system for Roc’s use. eTrack itself is a dream to set up and maintain from the Administrators desk and the reports are brilliant – easy to download to a medium so that the data can be manipulated into just about any form. The local technical support was uppermost in Roc’s mind when deciding to purchase eTrack and this is and has been one of the greatest features – Roc has specific requirements because of the industry in which we operate. eTrack has been willing to write and adjust their system so that we can get the optimum value in the use of eTrack as a Time-recording and Time-Costing system.”

Grant Maggs Architects

“Our main use of eTrack is in the staff time sheets. The figures extracted from these time sheets were extremely efficient in creating reports, on all project stages which then enabled us to prepare accurate design estimates for future jobs, based on past similar projects. The support staff are always extremely helpful and ready to modify the program to suit our company as the need arose”.

“The Architect Institute only recommended two products – eTrack and some other one that I can’t remember. eTrack is definitely the easiest to use and best looking from the products we have looked at.”

Caldis Cook Group Architects – Stephen Caldis

“As an Architect Director I manage my office that has in excess of 60 building projects running at any one time from concept to completion. We use eTrack to do this. We selected eTrack after studying in depth many other time management packages. At the time E-track was the only affordable package that provided reports on a time basis to our staff. From a manager’s viewpoint, hours budgeted are the currency that staff understand, fees expressed in dollars terms are not understood by staff as they do not know or appreciated the high overheads that a large office generates. Time management is essential to running a business profitably and we found eTrack does the task for us in an efficient way. There is a lot in the software to assist an office in improvement. We also use it in assessing the productivity of staff in our regular reviews.”

Matovic Architects – Matthew Clements

“Being able to visually administer and track projects in real time has become a very valuable tool for our office.”

Marian Graham Architect – Marian Graham

(Non computer literate) at 4pm of the day she remotely downloaded after a half hour training said “it’s a breeze”.

Health Care of Australia – Nick Kovari

“If it does all you say it does that’s a good price.”

Hothouse – Greg Hughes

“Isn’t that nifty! I am a very satisfied happy customer”!

Serve-Ag – Donna Anderson

“Guys I appreciate and applaud your commitment and service to us to date.”

Methods Consulting – Stephan Meyn

“Congratulations on a fine product.”

David Sims – 10 year anniversary (Developer)

“10 years! Hard to believe, isn’t it? It has been a fun and worthwhile experience. Working on eTrack has allowed me to have a lot of flexibility in how I work. It has been great to watch eTrack grow and evolve into a fantastic product. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with eTrack. It is amazing to see how far we have come.”

Cunnington Grinham Architects – Glenn Cunnington

“I’m really impressed with the system so far. And the virtual session with Michael was very successful and helpful!”

IEA Newsletter

“Last week PTW Architects, formerly Peddle Thorp and Walker, one of the largest and oldest architect company in Australia, made a decision to consolidate their software systems that track work, time, money and resources by purchasing the all-in-one software product eTrack. Many building professionals, from a one person company upwards, need to track everything accurately in one place, systemize processes through the use of templates and QA checklists, and to provide detailed reports and client invoices is no longer a nice-to-have but a necessity. The AIA NSW and IEA Sydney Division both recommend eTrack. It is designed to run on everyone’s desk and feed into your accounting package. It is very reasonably priced and built in Australia with excellent support and active ongoing development.”

Dominion Architects – Tim Blackall

“The primary reason we purchased eTrack was the Gantt Sheet Scheduling and Resource Management. With a press of a button I can graphically see who is available and what deadlines are looming, all integrated with the timesheets. You can’t do that from a list of numbers as in other architects practice management software.”

MacCallum & Partners Architects – Roger MacCallum

“We are looking at your main competitor but find them difficult to deal with as they seem keener to sell on-site installation costs than their software they say it can’t be set up without their installer and that they want the earth to set one up. Not an option for a small firm like us.”

Collard Clarke Jackson – Andrew Moore

“I stumbled upon your site and was blown away with your resource planning module.”

Style Council – Public Relations – Adel Peterson

“We just didn’t have any problems, and if we had a question someone was always there to help. The difference between the old timesheet system and eTrack was 100%. eTrack is a great benefit to PR companies. “

SVT Engineering ConsultantsStewart Wharton, Managing Director,

“eTrack has provided exemplary support for the phased implementation. Already we are making changes in the way we operate with improvements in the way we schedule our workload and allocate resources. More importantly we now have the ability to track projects in real time against the scope. Having better access to more information on our own screens has been extremely helpful to managing our business.”

“eTrack provides us with greater insight into our business,” says Stewart Wharton, managing director of SVT. “Now our project teams can see exactly what is happening in a ‘live’ way and take more control of projects. eTrack is an influencer of today’s projects and tomorrow’s decision-making instead of simply a record of what we have done in the past.”

SVT Engineering Consultants – Sue Jacobs Financial Controler,

“We had too many spreadsheets with overlapping data and complex relationships. eTrack provides the ideal platform for centralised, standardised data management. Having easy access to our data resources has been a major benefit. eTrack makes most of our everyday tasks more efficient and provides for improved governance. In essence, eTrack allows us to ‘lead instead of lag’ for improved performance at every level.”

SVT Engineering Consultants – Stuart Gicquel Project Manager,

“Increased visibility into our current projects has been the biggest benefit. Before eTrack, for weekly project review meetings, individual consultants would spend time collating data, comparing numbers and then creating new documents which took valuable time. Now, with eTrack, the team can prepare the summaries with a few clicks. This gives us tighter control of our business and gives our project managers more time to manage the projects instead of managing the process.”

Flow Connect – Andrew Mann Program Manager

“The report layout capabilities of the new eTrack version are awesome. I can’t wait to show them to the board.”

Digital Content Networks – Jomar Reyes MD

“The new training video’s being developed are just what I need to help me get more out of eTrack without having to sit through training sessions. I’ll be able to work at my own pace and in the evenings and go over parts if needed.”

Arena Business Technology – Steve Arena

“I have always had great respect for what you have achieved with eTrack. eTrack is one of those stand out achievements that bring life to Arena Business Technology’s tagline ‘Our customer do the most amazing things with information technology’”.

MacCallum & Partners Architects – Roger MacCallum

“And I would like to say we are very happy with eTrack – and we have only touched the surface – just the time keeping compared to budget is worth a lot.”

Beat Architects – Annita McDonald

“Thanks Harrie, you are a legend.”

Kann Finch – David Bruce FC

“John you are fantastic – many thanks for this commitment.”

Planners North Rebecca

“Thanks for your support, which is truly appreciated; and I have to say I am loving the application and it’s functionality. It has already become an integral and useful tool for our office.”

eTrack Developer – Harrie Pearce

“I have just installed the plugin tonight on my iMac .. and my goodness it’s fast! Feels like I’m running eTrack from the Desktop. The tree expands out in a snap and when loading a new item like an Issue or selecting a Timesheet, it just loads so much faster and more cleanly…. no pauses or flashing controls as data loads. Plus I’m all the way out in Sassafras Australia. In Europe that would be like being in another country! … seriously gobsmacked!

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