License Model

For a practice management tool to be successful in a company it needs to be used by all staff all of the time.

eTrack encourages use by giving staff their own Licence so they can log on from anywhere at any time and we use Registers to track any information important to them.   After a few months a tipping point occurs where eTrack becomes the source of truth for all staff to find information.

Licence Types

Each staff member using eTrack has their own Licence. The price of each user licence depends on the Licence Type plus Additional Modules.

Licence Types

  • User – all features used by core staff.
  • Manager – all User features plus create and manage projects and budgets.
  • Administrator – all Manager features plus security and setup.

Additional Modules

Benefits of eTrack’s Licencing Model

  • There is no contract, you can stop paying at any time.
  • Only pay for the Licences and Modules you are using so can downsize as needed.
  • We will NEVER stop you retrieving your data as feel passionately that YOU own your data.
  • All staff have their own Licence.
  • Purchase Licences and Modules at any time, one at a time by return of email.
  • Setup and swap Licences between staff members yourself.
  • Includes many upgrades per year with all module development.
  • All enhancements paid for by other clients in the modules you are using.
  • Control security and access with almost unlimited security groups and permutations.

We are proud of our prices and believe them to be extremely competitive and flexible.  Please contact [email protected]  for a discussion how we can tailor the best price for you.