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Thanks for all your hard efforts in maintaining our insatiable appetite for pushing the boundaries of the possibilities of eTrack development. This year alone we have done 69,120 timesheet entries and we hit our 3000th invoice.  With your help and our passion for increasing useability we have made eTrack the foundation of our operations.

Terence Keswick - SVT Engineering Consultants

“We have found eTrack very helpful in tracking individuals and staying on top of project financials, and very user friendly.”

David Hatherly (Director) - Vee Design

“The eTrack team provided exemplary support for the phased implementation. eTrack provides us with greater insight into our business. Now our project teams can see exactly what is happening in real time, take more control of projects and make improvements in the way workload is scheduled and resources allocated. eTrack is an influencer of today's projects and tomorrow's decision-making instead of simply a record of what we have done in the past.”

Stewart Wharton (Managing Director) - SVT Engineering Consultants

"My architect office has in excess of 60 building projects running concurrently from concept to completion.  We selected eTrack after studying in depth many other packages. There is a lot in eTrack to assist an office in improvement and gaining certification."

Stephen Caldis (Director) - Caldis Cook Group Architects

"We had too many spreadsheets with overlapping data and complex relationships. eTrack provides the ideal platform for centralised, standardised data management. eTrack makes everyday tasks efficient and provides for improved governance. In essence, eTrack allows us to 'lead instead of lag' for improved performance at every level."

Sue Jacobs (Financial Controller) - SVT Engineering Consultants

We are delighted with the product and do not see the need for you to run a full demo in the office before purchasing. This is the first time we have seen a product that has been so thoughtfully put together from a company that understands the core principles of our business. This is very exciting.

Andrew Leuchars – Landscape Architects